Politics Is War Without The Smell Of Cordite

Mick Hall is proudly tone deaf to the Eton school bell as it tolls for the political demise of Jeremy Corbyn. 

Carl von Clausewitz once wrote; "political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and the means can never be considered in isolation from their purposes."

Anyone who has witnessed the heartless, vicious and unrelenting attacks against Jeremy Corbyn over the last 17 months must question whether a form of psychological warfare against the Labour leader is taking place.

When Corbyn first became leader his opponents within the parliamentary party were in a state of turmoil. They could not believe it: that they brought this upon themselves never entered their heads for having gutted the party of its democracy. They had no idea what made the membership tick.

At first they believed removing him would be a walk in the park, so they flattered him, stroked his ego and poured some honey, or as one leading right winger put it, "Jeremy is a very nice man with strong principles which I respect, a good and decent man, but not prime minister material." You could almost hear the Eton school bell chiming in the background.

This was music to the ears of the overwhelming majority of newspaper editors and columnists who went to the same public schools and Oxbridge universities. And they acted in unison by parroting endlessly the nonsensical mantra Corbyn is not prime minister material, and still do today.

So what is PM material and who possessed it? Did the alleged Paedophile Ted Heath have it? How about Neil Kinnock? The Labour benches thought so, even though he turned out to be the most unsuccessful Labour leader in history. How about Margaret Thatcher who climbed the greasy pole to the Tory party leadership on the back of corrupt money, having used former security service officers to smear her main rivals?

What about John Major? Tony Blair was said to have been just that, and with charisma too, or so we're continuously told. Politically I saw him as an empty vessel if not an agent of influence, over-ambitious, egotistic, greedy -  with a penchant to bend the knee to those more powerful than himself. If that makes him prime minister material I beg to disagree.

Ian Duncan Smith perhaps? Or Michael Howard who was once accused by a fellow Tory of having something of the night about him, but prime minister material? William Hague? Well surely David Cameron was prime minister material - the newspaper editors and columnists certainly thought so. Yet he failed the most simplest of tests when he called a referendum without having the faintest idea what the result would be.

As to Mrs May, none of those hate filled scribes who attack Corbyn daily considered her to be prime minister material before she was anointed PM as if she were some sort of hereditary monarch. When her newest best friend, President Trump, refused access to the BBC to attend a White House briefing, one would have thought she would have protested if only through diplomatic channels. But she uttered not a word, following in Blair and Cameron's poodle like footprints.

Yet not a single one of the above faced the type of media onslaught Jeremy is facing today. One can only conclude it's a definition of prime minister material is to act like a poodle, kowtowing to US presidents, media oligarchs like the Murdoch crime family, and the City of London Banksters while conducting a campaign to inflict despair and penury on the British people.

Why should any of this matter? Because the ongoing campaign against Corbyn has little if anything to do with him not being prime minister material, and all to do with the politics he and his shadow cabinet advocate.

These endless attacks on Corbyn are clearly coordinated and unprecedented. Even Arthur Scargill during the miners strike of 1984-5 didn’t face such an unrelenting attack, although we shouldn't forget the role a security service tout played in an attempt to destroy his reputation.

I have never seen anything like it in my lifetime,. The whole state apparatus has been brought into play along with those who benefit from its largess,. Whether it's the media, politics or multinational corporations, they're united in their determination to abort the Corbyn project, no matter how.

The odious Peter Mandelson, due to his boastful nature, has all but admitted this when he said not a day goes by when he is not trying to bring Corbyn down. Mandelson is just one of the many elitist toadies who feel their lucrative lifestyles are threatened by Corbyn Labour's modest proposals. Their campaign goes way beyond one man. We know this because not a single day goes by without the mainstream media pouring excreta on Jeremy. From the Guardian to the Sun, from Sky News to Channel Four, it is an endless daily litany of hate for what the Labour leader represents.

Quietly behind the scenes, Psy-ops: first developed by the military are at work hovering up vast quantities of online data, which is then analysed electronically and combined with black operations or false flag tactics designed to influence a target audience's value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, and behaviour.

If you look at those who are attacking Corbyn, and the forces of darkness behind them, we ignore them at our own peril for this is not just an attack on one man but the democratic system as we know it.


  1. It would be great if Corbyn hangs in there and the massive influx of party membership translated into votes come the next election. My good friend from England now living in Donegal has threatened/promised we will got to a Leeds game should they win promotion for next season. I hope to experience a few ex miners clubs and get an insight to things there now amongst the salt of the earth while there. After me roast beef and Yorkshire pud dinner of course!

  2. It's not only the apparatus of the brits that are attacking Corbyn. In the Irish banana republic, arguably one of the staunchest defenders of neo-liberalism, a former so called irish labour party leader, pat, run with the hare pull with the hound, rabbitte also was/is a viscous attacker of Corbyn.

    Maybe he is in fear of Corbyn's leadership of British Labour showing up his leadership of irish labour or indeed his participation in both parliamentary and non parliamentary politics for what it was.

    Below please find link to podcast of irish radio 1 drivetime interview in which the rabid rabbitte, attacks Corbyn.


    Yours Sincerely,

    Nicholas Byrne