Once Upon A Time, God Made Bananas

Atheist Republic goes bananas.

One of the most devastating blows to atheism in the modern age is The Banana Apologetic.

Christians worldwide use this convincing illustration as proof of the existence of God and evidence that he created humans. Just look at the form and function of the banana. Clearly, it was created to be peeled by hominids with opposable thumbs and a natural lust for its delicious flesh. How can atheists even continue to deny the obvious existence of God after this brilliant exposition by the likes of fundamentalist personalities like Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

...or not.

Banana God

The Banana Fallacy (as it has come to be known), has actually become the target of mockery, even by Christians due to its obvious absurdity and how it illustrates a clear misunderstanding of atheists’ reasoning for a lack of belief in gods.

I mean, the fact that bananas get brown and mushy after two seconds out of the peel is proof enough that there is a serious flaw in its “design.” Never mind that while it has been intelligently designed, it’s been by humans, not a divine being. Wild bananas are gross and unable to even survive naturally because they’re sterile. Also, I don’t really like bananas very much, so if God made them for humans, he excluded me from enjoying them – what a jerk.

Have you ever had a Christian use this illustration as a “gotcha?” How did you respond?

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