London - Who Benefits?

Michael Doherty looks at who stands to gain most from the London attack.

There's an old Latin phrase "Cui Bono?" It literally means "Who benefits?"

When an individual, through mental illness, warped Religion/ideology, or sheer evil, decides to take his own life by first killing as many others as possible – Is that “terrorism”?

ISIS have claimed him as one of their “soldiers”, would a warped Organisation such as this, fighting for it’s own survival in Syria and Iraq, be able to plan and organise an act in London? It didn’t.

It did, however, regularly put out videos on YouTube asking anyone crazy enough to grab a van, a car, a knife … and do as much damage as possible against the infidels before being greeted in Heaven by whatever number of virgins.

“Intelligence” Services around the World constantly tell us that they can track ISIS, but they can’t track everybody (yet) and so “Lone Wolf” attacks are impossible to predict, as there is no prior organisation or command structure or anything they can link a “Terrorist” Organisation to.

Yet, by calling what happened in London an “Act of Terrorism” who benefits?

Simply put, the “Security Services” – that’s MI5 and MI6 to you and me, will be allocated ££Billions More on top of the ££Billions they have been given already. All to defeat a form of “Terrorism” they have already told us they can neither predict nor plan for!

So, those in the shadows, who preach of “Protecting Democracy ” while flouting any semblance of Rule of Law or Human Rights here and around the World, are rubbing their hands in glee at increased budgets.

They will eulogise the victims, including the Police Officer who died, while slashing police/health/Mental Health/social care and disability/poverty eradication funding. All these initiatives, if funded properly, could lead to a Society where the events in London will never happen again. But no, let’s pump ££Billions into MI5/MI6, Trident, and tax cuts for off-shore Corporate Entities.

All this will be cold comfort to the injured and the families of those who died, my sympathies and sorrow for a Society that, even if it does now, will forget your names as the news cycle moves onto the next big thing.

Cui Bono….Who Benefits?


  1. The security services can track everybody, but its not as shown in films , unless the person is specifically targetted, this method is largely brought into effect in retrospect,a random person saying 'derka,derka,derka jihad' doesnt automatically train CCTV cameras on a person yet-information is gathered not interpretted in realtime.Purchasing flagged materials and/or an informer in a group is still the most common way they would be alerted beforehand, given this AQ/ISIS tactics were always going to modify themselves to this reality.
    What if not every motivation is not material, but spiritual in some cases? Who benefits from only examining a small range of possible factors afterwards, like excluding the role of Islamic doctrine for example (which is automatically discounted in the MSM)? The authorities might be using the same denunciations as used with Republican groups in the North, does than mean the perpetrators are equivalent too?

  2. Vladimir Illich said 'the purpose of terrorism is to terrorise' the english are frightened, so am I, my youngest, and my sister & family are there but, who win's? Those who indoctrinate, on both sides.

  3. The security apparatus/machine benefits. They likely already have an individual or two who they will elevate to 'Prophet' like status among the Islamic ranks and then wrap it up by making them heroic statesmen when they move on to a new target of interest.

  4. The merchants of war. Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world selling 2/3 to Middle Eastern countries

  5. Only during ONE year since WW2 has GB NOT been in a conflict somewhere. That was 1968 and probably why they inflamed things here when the opportunity arose again. Lady Di was against land mines and UK was biggest exporter of them. She really had to go lol