Duffily Bags For The Homeless

Antoin O Hara who knows a thing or two about sleeping in cold, damp conditions, from his days as a H-Block blanketman, appeals for support towards the purchase of custom designed sleeping bag for the homeless. 

Duffily, Life Saving Sleeping bags

Please help us raise money to purchase 100 life saving Sleeping bags for the Homeless of Ireland.

The bags are made in the Mendicity Institute in Dublin, a charity that offers poverty relief, started a program in which homeless people are paid 20 euros (roughly $22) for two hours of work to make the bags, and will be distributed to the needy in Dublin and Belfast to start as they are the most critical area's.

The bag invented by 15 year old Emily Duffy replaces cloth with with metallic bubble wrap. The material is lightweight, waterproof and the trapped air bubbles help increase warmth throughout bag. A fire resistant coating was added to the bubble wrap and waterproof metallic tape seals the seams. The exterior of the bag also boasts reflective strips that increase visibility at night. Velcro openings throughout the bag allow the user to quickly enter and leave the bag if necessary, and an added pouch meant to keep clothing dry turns into a pillow once filled.

Bags cost 40 Euros each, so the more money raised the more bags we can purchase.

Please donate and help save lives and bring some comfort to those that are forced to sleep on Street

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  2. Remember when you would sound like bastard for questioning the Roundabout PlayPump idea so nobody said anything? I get the same feeling with this.

  3. Antoin O Hara

    Great idea reposted it on my facebook page.