Satan's Agenda

Damian McShane narrates his experience of meeting somebody in Newry today who stated a belief that the Devil was at work in the education system.

So there I was, enjoying a sandwich and coffee with my partner today in Costa, Buttercrane Newry, when up comes a man I knew so I said "hi." He replied "hi" and walked on but came back: asked us a question about whether we thought it right that kids in school should be taught about transgender people. We of course said yes. He said "so if a child is blind in school does that mean all the children should learn braille?"

As I attempted to reply he said there is an agenda going on, Satan's agenda. And as he walked away he continued to verbally abuse my partner and I very loudly calling us disgusting and evil. As you can imagine, if you know me, my back was up and I shouted back. Thankfully there was a barrier between us and he was moving away.

Just imagine, sitting minding our own business having a bite, being polite, saying hello and this person whom your being polite too launches a torrent of abuse at you.

Well that is what happened today in Buttercrane, Newry.

Let me be clear.... I fully support transgender people whoever or wherever  they are in this world. And I totally agree that all people, young and old should be taught about all of life's experience And reality. I make no apology for it either.


  1. I couldn't care less whether you are anyone of the alphabet groups that get bigger constantly (LGBTQ), or if you are 'CIS' which I'm led to believe means I am what we used to call 'straight'. You shouldn't be subject to that religious sh*te or general abuse from anyone.

    But one thing that makes me ponder, over in the US they are going bananas regarding the use of 'transgender' bathroom stalls. Do the rest of society really have to accommodate for an extremely small percentage of people?

    Besides, I pity ANYONE who has to go the bog next to me the morning after a particularly virulent curry washed down with a heroic intake of lager! And this accompanied by a brown cloud of caustic evil!

  2. Steve,

    ponder it a bit more and I think you'll find they're (the people who've transgendered) are most likely going to choose a cubicle. If you're standing at a urinal as they pass by is that going to bother you?
    If your missus or daughter is washing her hands alongside a transgender person does that present a problem for you?

    In real terms what's the issue? What's the problem with mixed loo's anyway?
    If I remember correctly I have come across mixed loo's in bars and coffee-bars in Belgium and they had minimal screening, two small western-saloon type hinged doors, the bottom almost a foot of the floor and the top coming to about chest height, was the only privacy afforded.

  3. You can only presume gender when you are trying to draw a negative inference ,simple things things like 'mansplaining','manspreading', 'man made global warming' or to talk up the supposed superiority of (presumed)women over (presumed)men indicated by all prison populations over representation of men etc

  4. Henry Joy,

    they sound more like the jail loos in the Crum. There the issue is the lack of privacy. I remember first experiencing one at 16 and thinking WTF.

  5. Damian has done right in bringing this to the fore. Satan's agenda - that religiously deranged mode of thinking should be laughed out of intelligent discourse. Bad enough that some insist on a belief in god without them wanting you to believe in the devil as well.

  6. Satan's agenda...for Christ's sake, they seem to blame that poor creature for everything!

  7. Henry Joy

    Do you go into the ladies in the pub or night club? If not why not? I agree with the point regarding brail though not in the way it was made. Smokers are not permitted to smoke in most places these days, lines do need to be drawn. Bruce Jenner has changed gender 3 times now, if he doesn't know what fucking toilet he prefers to use why should that confusion be my problem? Mens Womens and disabled/confused.... issue sorted.

  8. Henry joy, People in this country don't want mixed toilets as far i know that would be the problem. Don't see how this issue can be resolved, personally I don't care whose in a toilet with me but am childless, if a parent doesn't want their kids in with people of the opposite sex then that should be that, how do you argue against that?

  9. Come on lads

    females and males though different in anatomy are in the loo's to do essentially the same things ... to pee and to poo. Apart from conditioned in expectations is there any real logical reason why they should not share loo's. Screen off the urinal areas to keep the prudes happy and leave cubicles shared. Then there's no problem for transgender either.


    in the round, in the psychological realm, we do have a need for privacy. We do need spaces where we can expand yet we also need private spaces where we can withdraw from the world, its noise and its challenges. That's a real need for good psychological health. How and where we pee and poo isn't much more than cultural conditioning.(That's not withstanding the shock it must have been to meet those toilet facilities in the Crum at sixteen. I was well over twice that age when I came across those toilets in Belgium and my response too was WTF!


    haven't you seen infant girls in the gents bathroom with their Dads? Needs must especially where children are concerned.


    there was a man from Arigna, on the Roscommon/Leitrim border, that I knew well who was fond of saying "God is good ... and the divil ain't half bad either, once you get to know him"! It'd serve people better getting to know their own shadow sides rather than projecting it onto a mythical Satan.

  10. HJ,

    Nope, it doesn't bother me. Each to their own I say.

    But that's not going to stop me feeling like I need to have a silent sh*te because an attractive lady is in the next cubicle! Imagine if you are a young guy on the pull, but get caught short and busting for a keek. Then you find solace in the porcelain throne and shatterblast it with last nights noxious madras? Were this may be greeted with a manly shout of approval by those of the male gender, do you think if the object of that young man's affection happened to be in the next cubicle she would be overly impressed by the guff of Hades wafting from his leavings?

    I thinks not.

  11. Women using men's toilets might result in them becoming a bit cleaner and more hygienic I'll give it that, some of them are hard to breath in. Steve R I really hope I never enter a bogs you are 'performing' in. Way too much info.

  12. Larry,

    "Way too much info."

    Praise from Caesar!

  13. I remember unisex toilets up at Coleraine University...there was just a low wall running up the middle of the toilets, about 3 - 4 ft in height, separating the urinals from the cubicles where the ladies went...the thing is, at the start it was quite a curiosity but as the night wore in you didn't care and many's a man would inadvertently or so they claimed, would turn around with their dicks on show while at the same time the ladies full of alcoholic bravado would end up hanging over the wall cheering. The only other aspect of all this was when a bloke was bursting for a crap you had to join the ladies queue and every bloke in the toilets would start chanting "going for shit" and pointing at you!!!!! After that your babe magnet faded!!!!!!!!

  14. What a fucking thread. Too much information indeed. In the words of the great Monty Python, "stop this it's silly!"

  15. Peter,

    Would ye bare your arse and exorcise the demon knowing that burd you fancied was having a tinkle on the otherside of thin partition walls, would ye?

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  17. Ciaran,

    Is that Newry with the open sewer as a canal still as pluralist? lol