Kim Jong-nam And Other Iniquitous Miscreants

Having sufficiently turned the heat up for Arlene Foster, Tyrone republican Sean Mallory casts his sceptical eye first to the Alliance Party then further afield.

Away from Arlene, the Alliance party has finally been outed as a syndicate of iniquitous miscreants hell bent on world domination ....well, East Belfast anyway! 

Eillis O’Hanlon – 22/02/2017 – Took the ‘holier than thou’ Alliance party to account over their devious and deceitful plot to highjack a BBC radio talk show, namely Talk Back. As the story unfolded it turns out our ‘tea and scones’ party were no less than Gangster Grannies in disguise. 

Their cold calculated plot was to have their members inundate the studio with crocheted handkerchiefs of children holding hands and dancing in circles of merriment, and calendars made up of tasteful and artful nude images (porn to me and you) of their elder statesmen and women ..... nah, they didn’t really, I just made that up ... what they did attempt was to inundate the radio shows telecommunications with calls pretending to be members of the public (loads of sniggering heard in the background on these calls) and ask relatively innocent questions of Ms Long .... questions that she could easily answer such as where do you buy your clothes, what’s your favourite colour or do like Labrador puppies.

Apparently this is an election tactic that is widely spread among all parties and a tactic that they have used before under David Ford and worked quite well for them especially if their surreptitious agents got through.

Enda Kenny having rebuked Gerry Adams impertinence over his call of no confidence in the government in the Dáil over the Garda McCabe affair, felt his resignation as leader of Fianna Gael and a national election draw a lot closer than before the weekend began. Fianna Gael now in total disarray and directly calling on him to publicly state when he would step down as leader is looking him to go sooner rather than later. An indictment of his popularity within his own party and a political in house fight that is reminiscent of Blair and Brown.

And finally, it is with great sadness that the world learned the fate of Kim Jong-nam, Disney lands number one fan and the half-brother of North Korea's slightly erratic nutjob leader Kim Jong-un. Apparently Kim Jong-un is not a person who takes disappointment and being told untruths very well and ordered Kim Jong-nam assassinated after learning that Micky Mouse was a fictional cartoon character and not a real person as alluded to by his half-brother. While waiting to catch a flight at Kuala Lumpur airport, Kim was allegedly poisoned by two female agents in the pay of Dr No, the assassins made their getaway in an airport taxi ....

Of course they could have just simply been two passengers leaving the airport ... the plot thickens!

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