The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

TPQ regular Larry Hughes casts a critical eye over the track record with regard to the Russian hacking allegations.

The political scene not just locally but globally, is bordering on the insane these days. Things have deteriorated to such an all time historical low. The western political establishment and its media in particular seem unable to see the truth for the lies they deliberately attempt to impose upon the world as our collective reality. Although there is a case to be made that it was never actually any different.

Perhaps some of us are just older and less inclined to be sucked in by the media and the endless hype and spin. For all we know the younger generations may just as easily believe the lies and deliberate deceit of the political establishments as we did back in the day. Although social media has definitely dealt a blow to the MSM which is now refusing to even look at itself in the mirror after being exposed repeatedly as nothing but a propaganda outlet on a par with the Nazis. Lazy journalists and government agents of influence are being increasingly sidelined by a public who are no longer interested in being told what to think and prefer social media to the Goebbels model of state media broadcasters. Even USA President elect Trump refuses to accept his own CIA assessments. Somewhat ironic then, that this disenchantment has seen a swing to the right globally as a 'warning' to the so-called Liberals and their austerity.

So where did it all go wrong? That question is difficult to answer but the pattern in more recent times is fairly plain for all to see. The West has had pretty much a free run post WW2. Or at least that is how it is seen by us not living in a tyrannical Soviet Union, China, North Korea or other despotic nation with a state controlled media. Lucky us. We have grown up experiencing a victorious, free and truthful life in the free world of the West. Or have we? Are the people slowly realising that for the last 70+ years and no doubt much longer than that, they have been played for absolute suckers? Lets examine some facts.

Lets begin by taking a look at the big-one. The USA entered WW2 after the unprovoked attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour. This attack happened on 7th December 1941. The reality was that the USA had not only aided the British with fifty ships at a time when the U-Boats were close to inflicting defeat upon Britain but they were also preparing to enter the war on Britain's side with the deployment of personnel and equipment to Derry in June 1941.

They had already been in Fermanagh for a time before that. Supply depots and a wharf were built in Derry and spotter planes had been based on Lough Erne in Fermanagh since before the sighting of the Bismark on 26th May 1941. The reconnaissance flight which spotted the Bismark had taken off from Lough Erne and was a joint British USA mission.

26 May 1941 0345

A Catalina PBY aircraft Z (Flying Officer Dennis Briggs) from 209 Squadron Costal Command took off from Loch Erne. When he reached the west coast of Ireland, Briggs turned southwest and descended to his assigned search altitude of 500 feet. Another PBY took off that morning, aircraft M of 240 Squadron (US Navy Lieutenant (j.g.) J. E. Johnson), and was assigned to patrol an area due north and adjacent to the one Briggs was patrolling. Briggs reached his assigned search area at 0945 and began to fly a crossover search pattern.

26 May 1941 / Around 1000

Briggs climbed out of his seat and co-pilot (US Navy Ensign Leonard B. ‘Tuck’ Smith) took over the controls. At 1010, Smith saw something. It was eight miles away off to port and at the very limit of his visibility. He called Briggs who returned to his seat. Aboard the Bismarck, spotters immediately observed the Catalina and opened fire driving the aircraft away. Briggs soon lost sight of the ship due to the heavy overcast.

The full report on the incident can be seen here including a photo of Briggs himself.

The reality is that all the drama by President Roosevelt after the Pearl Harbour event was nothing more than Hollywood at its finest. Like Churchill after Dunkirk, when the British had effectively dived into the sea to escape the Germans it was a case of 'if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one'. So Dunkirk became a victory and Pearl Harbour was presented as an unprovoked attack bringing a neutral USA into the Second World War. This practice has continued to be deployed unabated.

Lets now look at another iconic piece of American military history, Vietnam. This all kicked off with The Gulf of Tonkin 'incidents' on 2nd August 1964 and 4th August 1964 with USS Maddox having allegedly come under attack by North Vietnam torpedo boats and a naval exchange having been engaged in. The first event is heavily disputed and the second is accepted today as a totally fictional event. This was simply fantasy and a pretext for the passing of Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by the US Congress which gave Lyndon B Johnson the 'authority' to assist any Asian country under threat from Communist aggression. What is clear is that the USA was already assisting S. Vietnam in Commando raids against N. Vietnam and the USA military wanted an increased assault upon N. Vietnam.

Some commentators insist no attacks upon US Navy ships occurred either on the 2nd nor the 4th of August. Others suggest some sort of aggression occurred on the 2nd but the account of the 4th August attacks are pure fantasy/lies. Whatever the truth in an age of TV and photography it seems if you cannot get newsreel footage or pictorial evidence of the attacks then revert to medieval tactics and produce an oil painting as proof, as can be seen here, warts and all.

Interestingly the operation by Johnson to carpet bomb the N. Vietnamese into submission was named Operation Rolling Thunder. That leads us nicely into Shock and Awe and WMDs.

Iraq. Dear oh dear oh dear. Tony Blair and George W Bush. What remains to be said about this little duet? Falsified intelligence documents, 'evidence' of a 45 minute threat to British forces in Cyrus. The dodgy dossier. Dr Kelly. The list of scandal is endless in the rush to an illegal war which has to this day left Iraq and the wider Middle East, North Africa and now Syria in a pile of rubble and misery. 'Barney Rubble' is the only candidate running for the office of Lord Mayor in any of those regions.

With the endless use of false flag events to fuel the USA program of endless war it is little wonder that the President elect has so little faith in his own intelligence services, even citing the WMDs failure as reason for caution. Not to mention distrust in his own state media outlets. Indeed such was the hostility of the media towards Trump that he won the election in spite of that same media and insists upon tweeting to the nation directly, preferring social media to professional state propagandists.

It is perhaps also indicative of the general sense of fatigue and a rejection of endless war, lies and austerity that the Western MSM is finding itself so detached and rejected by the populations. Either people are not engaging with the MSM polls and analysis or the MSM are simply making them up as they go along. Or possibly a combination of both. Either way, they say every cloud has a silver lining and maybe the silver lining in the austerity cloud is a long over due rejection of the political elite, the charade of the two party system and the military industrial complex economy. Lets hope so. When no one believes you, who will fight your wars for you?

Whilst this link below is not detailed it does provide enough material for further reflection. Knowing what we do now who would expect to find anything but further corroboration if the allegations here were to be expanded upon with more detailed research?

Further false flag incidents are briefly outlined here.


  1. ...and Seth Rich was a victim of a simple robbery where they took nothing, it wasnt him who leaked the emails because Russia did it. The legacy media are trying hard to shut down the places that actually question these things, expect we will hear more and more about fake news until the public demand it be shut down. (The Pakistan/Israel 'fake' fake news incident recently is what I imagine we will see more of)

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  3. Hi Lorenzo, Hoppie New Year to you and the Hughes' up there, and young Anthony and clan.
    Trump is really no surprise, I've said before, I lost all trust in MSM on May 8th 1981 when BBC reported on your comrades funeral, and the 1000 in attendance at it, they were out by only x100, fake news is normally called lies but, like my notion of why 'Eastender's' was introduced, and coronation street/emmerdale was beefed up is, if you're inside watching TV, you're not outside talking about what's wrong in your country, the bollox the government get up to and the lack of return you get for your tax dollars, pound sterling and yo yo's.
    If we sit for twenty minutes and think about it we realise how short changed we are, if we listen to the crap spewed out daily by MSM then we are happy with it, the rest of us don't bhotail SF nor stoop nor them others but for PBP and parties which, as in the Saor Stat, can make some change, in time.
    I was abroad a couple of weeks past and saw the same thing there, even in a completly different place, what my wee lad calls 'sheeple' are happy to be herded into pen's and, like the cow's and sheep in Clougher or Allams of year's ago, taken to slaughter while they moo and bleat.
    As long though as this new social media lasts, we have some chance, CIA/MI5 came up with the idea of the arab spring to get rid of opponents and their hands on oil, the same method has been used to spread truth, like the EU is crap, should carry a health warning and even Donald Trump might do some good for where he was born if not where he's from, Germany and Scotland.
    I say, all the best to him and them who voted out of EU, that way, please God, your new, and older wanes will not be sent forth to serve Germany's imperialistic agenda in east europe in the coming year's.
    Take care lad's.

  4. Dunkirk did not "become a victory". Churchill described the BEF campaign as "a colossal military disaster". He expected 30,000 troops to be saved at Dunkirk in the end it was 338,000 which he described as "the miracle of deliverance". It is widely seen within the military as a phyrric victory for the Germans not a victory for the British. The Germans had the chance to destroy the BEF at the outset of the war but failed.

  5. Well written entertaining piece Larry though you'll hardly be surprised if I say I can't endorse your world view!

    An aside on the Catalina and Sunderland Flying Boats:Local knowledge had it that some were scuttled in the lough at the end of WW2. In the mid seventies some local republicans went in search of them. They managed to salvage a some .30 ammunition. I'm told it was tested in a Garand and found to be viable.

    Although some had hopes that there might be some weaponry to be salvaged also, the project quickly was knocked on the head. The Garand was a big and cumbersome weapon as compared to the by this time more readily available choices like the Armalite coming in from the States. The operations where use of the Garands might be appropriate required armoured piercing ammunition. So even though the rounds were viable they were obsolete for most practical purposes.

  6. As for the Russian hacking angle this could be worth a look.

  7. Another point about WWII, when gearing up for war the US opened their War Department requirements to private enterprises thus allowing the capitalist a taste of War profits.

    They did this as they had not the same level of military infrastructure as Britain, nor the experience of fighting in theatres globally as Britain did.

    The result was that the US constantly sought conflicts globally after 1945 to assert US hegemony, with a primary driving factor that was the burgeoning Military-Industrial complex at home, feeding the profits of the owners and employing the people.

    It still goes on today, with Syria targeted by vested interests namely Cheney's Halliburton, Murdoch's Oil conglomerate and the Zionist lobby campaigning for a 'Greater Israel'. No surprise regarding the nature of 'reporting' by Western media on this.