Opposition Me Arse

Michael Doherty casts a critical eye over the Great Money Spinner known as the RHI Scandal that has embroiled the North's corrupt political class in the exhibitionist controversy it loves to wallow in.

A few details seem to have been lost in all the "will she, won't she" Arlene RHI scandal.

Why was there a Massive Spike in applications just prior to controls being put in place in November 2015?

This can't be error or incompetence, can it?...

When controls were put in place for new applicants (Again, November 2015, I think) Was the relevant Stormont Committee informed of this? If it was.....then All Political Parties knew of this scandal Over A Year Before The Public?

It would appear to me that, rather than incompetence or error....the whole scheme was Designed From The Beginning as a great money spinner for those in the know, all paid by London. It was only when the Treasury (Our Overlords) said they wouldn't foot the bill that Stormont started to worry.

While the "Opposition" are right to say they voted to extend the Amended scheme in February 2016....The implication is they Knew, at this stage if not earlier, the original scheme had no controls and had been massively subscribed immediately Prior to controls being put in place. Why all the self righteous indignation now?

It would seem that, if Spotlight and Nolan hadn't kicked up a fuss......there wouldn't be any fuss at all. To paraphrase Fr Jack ..."Opposition, me arse"

And, by the way, was there a confidentiality clause in the contracts whereby Private Companies received Public money? If so, why? If not, Name Them.


  1. All a scam along the lines of the bankers. Fraudulent and criminal and designed to enrich the few while hurting the many at the end of which pleadings of we never realised and we did no wrong would be heard. The 'Bell - tolled' early and the scheme hit the skids. A pantomime intended for years down the line is being performed now instead. Politics is all about thieving public funds for self gain. That much is beyond doubt a long time ago. Those who signed up have organised a committee/group aimed at keeping their identity secret. What does that tell you? Question is has the DUP and its cohorts been caught in another scam, or has SF as much to fear from an investigation? If not they need to finally stand up to the DUP and continue to do so going forward. Enough is enough.

  2. AM, did your predictions end at Stormonts innevitable collapse? What happens after this?