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Christopher M. Fogarty's paper read to the Chicago Literary Club on Monday, January 9, 2017 at the Skyline Club, 307 No. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Writers, especially poets, strive for precision. An aspiring novelist guided by Shakespeare’s advice as to brevity, and advised to include sex, religion, royalty and mystery in his work, economically wrote: “’My God!’ said the king, ‘The queen’s pregnant! Who dunnit?’” While this paper contains few of these topics, that of mystery eventually predominates. Here goes:  

My grandfather Fogarty and Britain’s National Archives.

In the mid-1980s I researched for a biography of my grandfather, Kieran Fogarty (1839-1925). At Britain’s National Archives in Kew, Surrey, I found that the British army regiment he joined in 1857 had removed the food crops from So. County Galway in 1847 and 1848. In schools on both sides of the Atlantic I had been taught “famine” and had had no reason to doubt it, so I pursued this line of new information; ultimately finding that it took 67 regiments (more than half of Britain’s empire army of 130 regiments) to wrest Ireland’s agricultural production of meats, livestock, grains, dairy and poultry products away from its producers and to the ports for export. Upon return to the States I published a pamphlet headed “The Mass Graves of Ireland: 1845-1850.” Its map showed the locations of some 170 mass graves, and the deployment locations in Ireland of the regiments (each named) whose deeds had filled those mass graves. In or about 1995 that pamphlet became (The descriptive “Holocaust” is from published reports starting in 1847). When my web site did not complete the job, two years ago I compiled and published Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it “Perfect.” (I hold up a copy for the audience to see). It was printed in the US; its second and third printings were in Dublin in 2015 and 2016 despite governmental disapproval. A review of it in the 16Sept2015 Sunday Independent newspaper referred to it as “the definitive study.’

Which led to…

Irish Holocaust Awareness, and other Campaigns.

Homicide records soon taught me that the main terrorists in Occupied Ireland are British, not Irish as I had previously believed. Taking a first-time interest in Irish human rights issues my wife Mary and I joined the Chicago parts of national campaigns to free the tortured-into-“confessing” Birmingham Six and Guildford Four and to oppose the US/UK Extradition Treaty. Soon thereafter Mary and I led, i.e., performed most of the work through to enactment in Springfield and a Chicago City Council ordinance, of the MacBride Principles for Fair Employment in Northern Ireland (modeled on the Sullivan Principles for So. Africa). MacBride later became federal law. Mary and I similarly led the Illinois part of the campaign to release ex-IRA-volunteer Joe Doherty from federal prison where he had spent eight years without trial. (Despite some 135 congressional signatories, we failed.) 

All of the forgoing led to:

The Warning.

Late in these campaigns and while circulating my Mass Graves pamphlet, on February 18, 1990 an old primary school classmate from Ireland, now FBI Agent Joe Doyle, alarmedly alerted Mary and me that some of his fellow agents had been bribed and subverted by MI5 and were planning crimes to “silence” us. When Joe, despite his Oath of Office, said he couldn’t do anything to stop the crimes, we doubted his story of a criminal FBI agency.

Following that warning about impending crimes by FBI against us:  

The Langert Murders.

Forty-eight days after Doyle’s warning of impending FBI crimes, on 7April90, sixteen-year-old David Biro, using FBI Agent Lewis’s stolen gun, murdered the Langert family in suburban Winnetka. Later that day a police task force met and named David Biro their sole suspect, but MI5/FBI Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley promptly arrived, usurped investigatory authority, prohibited the police from pursuing Biro and, through Carol Marin, got the news media to report “IRA involvement.” On June 5 a Crime Investigation Report signed by Glencoe police officer John Fay, directed by Agent Buckley, framed me for those murders. The report skillfully portrays me as insane. It falsely “quotes” me stating that to avoid detection I would use “different type bullets in my gun.” This is followed by “Note: Different type bullets were found at the murder scene.” I was framed and doomed, but Buckley dared not arrest me yet, as Biro was giving his classmates conducted tours of the murder scene, thus endangering Buckley’s MI5 plans. Agent Buckley kept Biro at large; but on October 4th Biro’s schoolmates notified the police after Biro informed them of his next plan, to burgle the local bank by cutting through the roof, and escape undetected by murdering its staff as they arrived in the morning. The Winnetka police kept the FBI out of case thenceforth and invited one of our attorneys to come and take photocopies of the Buckley/Fay report which had been exposed as criminally fabricated by the arrest of Biro and discovery of his (FBI Agent Lewis’) murder weapon. David Biro thus saved me from Death Row by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole for two first degree murders, one homicide, criminal break-in, etc.

And further confirming the veracity of Agent Doyle’s warning to us:

Case US91CR911.

On 11Nov91 while David Biro was on trial for the crimes for which FBI Agent Buckley and Detective Fay had framed me, Agent Buckley was incarcerating Mary, two others, and me in the Federal Jail at Clark and VanBuren Streets. Were we denied bail, or been poor, we all would have gone straight from jail to trial to prison for many years; but we bonded out on November 13, $50,000 for Mary, $10,000 for one friend, title to his house for the other friend, and $100,000 for me (10% cash but responsibility for the face amounts). Two days later a gang of nineteen FBI agents smashed through our door, pushed Mary and me into a corner, and stopped us for two hours from phoning an attorney. They spent seven hours ransacking our condo, destroying property, threatening us with the IRS, and hauling away cartloads of our possessions (which they carted back to us, angrily, under court order, eighteen months later). 

I assembled four teams of respected attorneys (expensive, but one pro bono team) with the “clout” to demand and, eventually, get Discovery Documents (the basis of the FBI’s case against us). The FBI had a “witness” and an evidentiary audiotape. When US Judge George Lindberg ordered Agent Buckley to produce his witness, Buckley responded; “The last I heard from Witness J.T. was from a Minneapolis lock-up after crashing a car he had stolen in Chicago.” That witness had kept Buckley busy for many months “springing” him from Chicago area lock-ups, mostly for drunk-driving but also for breaking the noses of two women, one in a rent dispute, the other against the windshield of a car he crashed in Chicago. That left the audiotape. Missing from the middle of that tape was nearly all of what it purported to record; a business meeting of our human rights group; Friends of Irish Freedom. The tape contained little but unintelligible, simultaneous pre- and post-meeting chit-chat which the FBI imaginatively “transcribed” to deceive a jury. Omitted from the transcription but recorded onto the beginning of the tape were words cunningly added by the FBI calculated to “prove” that they hadn’t “doctored” the tape. Following our motion regarding the tape, US Judge Lindberg ordered Agent Buckley to have it authenticated by an eminent sound engineering laboratory. The resultant report by Applied Forensics Technologies, Inc. forced US Prosecutor James Fleissner to plea to be allowed to abandon all charges against all of us. This 15-month nightmare was over. We “walked;” but so did the criminal FBI agents.

These double-series of FBI crimes evidently impressed MI5, as soon thereafter:

Agent Buckley sent to Omagh and Dublin.

After a few more failed attempts to entrap us, including an attempt to involve us in guns, MI5 sent Agent Buckley to Ireland.

Agent Buckley’s frame-ups in Chicago failed 1) when Murderer Biro saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into prison, 2) when Buckley’s “witness” couldn’t avoid jail long enough to “testify’ against us, and 3) when the FBI’s evidentiary audiotape proved massively “doctored.”

Excepting a brief departure from Ireland to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site Buckley remained in Ireland with David Rupert (a life-long criminal according to a NY State Police affidavit) until MI5 demobilized them on 15Aug98, hours after the car-bomb murder of 29 in Omagh. It was designed to be blamed, as Buckley did regarding the Langert atrocity, on the IRA. The Omagh bomb did belong to the IRA. The bomb car belonged to Paddy Dixon, an Irish government agent (placing him on the same side as MI5 and FBI). MI5/FBI surveilled the bomb-car; thus giving themselves control of the parking spaces along Omagh’s High Street. Despite knowing the location of the bomb-car at all times, the RUC, with the connivance of MI5/FBI, believed (or pretended to believe) the IRA’s phoned-in warnings that the bomb-car would be at the top of High Street, beside the courthouse. They thus corralled the public, not safely down side streets or into any of the shops along High Street, but along High Street to the bomb-car, while standing back out of the blast themselves. While it is hard to believe that the MI5/FBI surveillers failed to keep the Omagh RUC informed as to the approaching bomb-car, or where it was parked, it is equally hard to believe that an informed RUC would have corralled the public to beside the bomb; but according to published reports those RUC also “lost” their tape-recordings of the IRA’s telephoned warnings, and later “lost” the log book into which the warnings were transcribed. When, soon thereafter, the British government awarded all Omagh RUC its prestigious George Cross, the resultant stench forced Britain to issue a George Cross to all members of the RUC.

That massacre constituted “mission accomplished;” thus the demobilization that evening. By eMail to his MI5 handlers, David Rupert had boasted of his part in rehearsing the bomb delivery; “It was a military operation, and I was part of it.” Nevertheless, atrocity-participant Rupert was practically the sole witness in the frame-up of IRA-Volunteer Michael McKevitt who was not a participant. Mary and I provided the defense with enough records of Rupert’s FBI-protected life of fraud, multiple bankruptcy, and other crime to disqualify him as a witness in most courts. At that 2003 Dublin trial we saw Agent Buckley for the first time since 1993 when we defeated the last of his evidence fabrications against us in federal court in Chicago. We also saw in Dublin the Chicago FBI’s in-house legal counsel; a Polish-named man. It was he who defeated my pro se case for damages by claiming that he might not have been on duty at the time that he received our summonses of nineteen perpetrating FBI agents.

McKevitt’s “trial” was held in the self-same courtroom where, in 1803, British Judge Norbury sentenced Robert Emmet, “the darling of Erin,” to be hanged and beheaded. In his immortal Speech From the Dock (part of which Churchill borrowed) Emmet pointed out that the verdict was decided by the empaneling of the jury, but in 2003 Michael McKevitt was not permitted a jury. The verdict was too important to the Neo-Cons (as you will see later).

While “testifying” Rupert voluntarily recounted how Agent Buckley had once left him alone in Ireland to fly to the Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site. Thus, it was Agent Buckley, yet again, and his colleagues, who got news media to frame someone for murder. In this case the falsely accused was Security Guard Richard Jewell who had actually saved lives there.   

An ethical man’s conscience:

Member David Lehman (R.I.P.).

Three years ago Mr. Lehman, whom I knew, not well, only as a CLC member, phoned to ask me to visit him, giving me his home address near the University of Chicago. Somewhat mystified, I visited him. He told me of his regret for failing to speak up when the CLC “disappeared” my 2005 paper. I assured him that I knew he was not involved, and that, in any case, he ought not have allowed it to bother him. Though I don’t construe it as some sort of atonement, he then showed me his extensive library and urged me to take from it my choice of books. This I did, later carefully logging David Lehman and the date January 15, 2014 into their flyleaves for my occasional contemplation and, perhaps, others’. He died, of leukemia, a few days later.   

Mr. Lehman was referring to my last paper; “Close Enough For Government Work,” delivered in 2005. It was a detailed, documented account of the above series of covered-up official crimes; concealed by law enforcement, a US Judge, the legal establishment, two USAGs, and news media. The crimes, and especially the extent of their organized cover-up should have been confronted by the responsible governmental agencies, and in their failure, by civic-minded individuals. However, at the Monday meeting following my delivery three officers of this club took me aside to hand me back my paper and inform me that so far as the club was concerned my paper had never been delivered. I was shocked and, less they feared law suits, I informed them that my paper’s key facts had already been publicized individually over time in my newspaper column; but they refused to discuss. I pointed out that their deed would violate what I believed were the CLC’s ethical standards that induced me to join the CLC (upon the urging of the beautifully-developed Reverend John Holden and his wife). I decided to postpone further club attendance until the deaths of those officers if I survived them. Though unaware as to their continued existences, (and I don’t even remember all three names), when I received a phone call inviting a paper I responded in the affirmative.

Mystery: What was the Greater Good that Justified These Crimes? 

We knew why the initial MI5/FBI crimes were perpetrated against us – we were told in advance by FBI Agent Doyle. It was to “silence” us; but what was the greater good? We were told that collapse of the Soviet system had reduced the FBI’s budget, and to restore it the FBI needed new enemies. We were also told that Agent Buckley’s superiors considered him “a loose cannon,” a contention refuted by the transatlantic expansion of his crime area. Buckley’s Chicago-area crimes for MI5 are documented, thus his superiors must have approved his abetting of a murderer by prohibiting the local police from pursuing Biro, their sole suspect. Buckley’s superiors must have approved his manipulation of media and police to make Biro’s crimes seem to be IRA crimes. They must have approve his false arrests, his perjuries, his evidence fabrications, etc., also his obstructions of justice in repeatedly “springing” from lock-ups his women-battering, chronic drunk-driving Witness J.T.   

There’s more. Why was FBI Agent Lewis immunized for failure to notify law enforcement as to her missing gun which , consultation with her husband, would have saved the Langerts? 

Why was Lewis’ lawyer-husband John not held criminally liable for covering up Biro’s fraudulently-acquired gun-owner’s license? He was representing murderer Biro in another shooting case; why was he not charged with failure to report Biro’s threat to break into his office from which Biro stole the murder weapon? 

So much crime and wrongdoing - to what end? My Mary and I have reluctantly concluded, based upon direct experience, that entire sections of our government are criminal operations. If any of you hearing me now can claim that law enforcement opposes felony crime please tell me what will be done about the above crimes. Nearly all of our fellow volunteers were terrorized into inaction by FBI crimes; especially by their official concealments of crime.

Civic-minded activists retreated into self-protection and never returned. The contested Six Counties of northeastern Ireland were surrendered to Britain along with its $billions in off-shore hydrocarbons. That was evidently the goal of MI5’s subversion of Chicago’s FBI and its subsequent crimes for MI5. No alternative explanation is offered.   

And What Greater Good Justified the Murder of Twenty-Nine in Omagh?

While securing sole sovereignty over the Six Counties might have provided a crude “justification” for MI5/FBI crimes in Chicago, who or what can justify the mass murder in Omagh? And why didn’t the FBI let MI5 commit its own crimes? Why did the FBI participate; especially in the Omagh massacre?

Here is the only rationale now known:

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Leader David Ervine Visits the Clinton White House.

Ervine has provided the sole answer, so far, as to “Why Omagh?”-And why involvement by the FBI in Britain’s traditional murder policy in Ireland. Assassin Ervine had been invited to the White House in triumph. His UVF was perceived as having “softened up” the Occupied Irish to accept surrender to Britain of their territory and sovereignty. The “softening up” was achieved by murdering 800 to 1,000 of them, mostly in ones and twos, by drive-by shootings in Irish neighborhoods .The UVF also participated with British Intelligence and the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in the murder of the Miami Show Band, the Loughinisland massacre, the bombing of McGurk’s Pub murdering fifteen and maiming seventeen, and the deadliest atrocity of all; the simultaneous car-bombing murders of 33 and maiming of 300 in Dublin and Monaghan.

Later, Ervine participated in the Boston Project in which combatants in the post-1969 phase of the struggle placed oral statements on the record to be released only upon their deaths. Ervine’s statements comprise half of a published book; Voices From the Grave. (I hold up a copy of the book for the audience to see.) The other half contains the statements of Brendan “Darkie” Hughes, an IRA volunteer.

On page 450 Ervine relates his visit to the White House. He describes his meeting at the White House with the “US State Department’s head of the Britain desk” to whom he complained that US government policy favored the “provos” (Irish republicans). Ervine recorded the, to him, surprising response from the “head of the Britain Desk.” Here is Ervine on page 450 of Voices From the Grave, quoted verbatim:

I had never been in America before, I had never been on a flight that length of time, I had never been picked up in a limousine and driven around, and I have no doubt people believed that we were being seduced, but leaving that element of it aside, it was vital. We were able to talk to the State Department, to the United Kingdom desk officer and when we simplistically accused the United States administration of being pro-Provo, he said, “Well you know the Provisional IRA don’t have Buccaneer bombers, they don’t have aircraft carriers, and we need to help sew up the British exchequer so that we can take on the next big battle in the world.” And we all looked at him, and he said, “Islamic fundamentalism” That was November 1994, and I was not alone, there are witnesses. We came away, I think, a little annoyed with ourselves. We went with a view that somehow or other all Irish-Americans were rampant Provos, and came back chastened because that’s not the case, far from it. But I found them…very pro-United Kingdom, even many of the Irish-Americans.
End of quote.

That State Department official’s reply, in brief, is that we, the US, must sew up the British Exchequer (by reducing the costs of its military occupation of the Six Counties), and that this US solicitude toward Britain relates to the US’s (Neo-Cons’) then-planned wars (1994!) in Muslim countries. Here’s what happened:

FBI crimes terrorized Irish-American peace and justice groups into disbandment. In addition to ours (“the Chicago Four”) there were similar FBI frame-ups of the Brooklyn Five, Fort Worth Five, Ft. Lauderdale 3, Boston Two, Enterprise, Alabama one or two, et al. Countless others were threateningly visited by FBI agents. 
Despite available homicide records; an international smear campaign was conducted against the IRA. Excepting photographed massacres perpetrated by uniformed British forces, essentially all were attributed to the IRA for so long as the lie could be sustained against the evidence.

The “Irish” government was a full participant in these Neo-Con plans to the extent that it gutted Articles 2 and 3 of Ireland’s Constitution and actively promoted the surrender to Britain of the till-then contested Six Counties. It was history’s largest transfer of national territory absent catastrophic military defeat (and the IRA were not militarily defeated). In early 1998, prior to the Good Friday Agreement surrender referendum the Irish government hung large banners on lampposts along the highway from Dublin west to Kinnegad promoting a “YES” vote. The referendum passed, an historic manifestation of the power of a complicit news media and a venal government. 
‣ By 1994 MI5 already had FBI Agent Buckley in Ireland. Evidently “mission accomplished” occurred on 15Aug1998. That evening MI5 demobilized him and his accomplice, David Rupert.
‣ With Irish-American support eliminated by FBI criminals, the IRA demonized by all of the institutions, and two of its leaders flipped by British Intelligence Agencies, Britain was enabled to remove its forces from Occupied Ireland and thus be available to the US Neo-Cons. It is important to note here that the Neo-Cons could not have begun their wars without Britain’s freed-up military, and all of the above crimes, including the Omagh atrocity, were indispensable steps toward those wars.

What other rationale can be presented for all of these crimes? Even more alarming is their total cover-up. Our team of eight reputable attorneys had all promised to take our water-tight case for damages against the perpetrators; but all reneged. Scores of other attorneys and law firms, large and small, all initially enthusiastic, excused themselves within a day or two, having suddenly turned fearful. A few explained their fear – of a criminal government. Pervasive fear was expressed by local law enforcement agents. US Judge Lindberg wrote a letter refusing to notify law enforcement of felony crimes (extensive evidence fabrication) perpetrated in front of him in his courtroom. The US Attorney for Northern District of Illinois wrote a letter ordering Langert case Sergeant Kalvaitis to adhere to federal plans for the Langert case (instead of pursuing the murderer).

In light of what Ervine learned in Washington, and in light of the above multi-layered, documented crimes, how much longer can 911 be accepted as our casus belli? Ditto Saddam’s “WMD” and

“Russia’s aggression against Ukraine” (despite the infamous phone conversation between the US Ambassador to Ukraine and the State Department’s Victoria Nuland in which Nuland admits that the US had already spent $7billion to pull down Ukraine’s elected government, and she actually names the puppet that she planned to, and did manage to, make president of Ukraine). A more recent falsehood is “Putin’s hacking of our election.”

The above crimes are not those of a republic; but of an empire. A nation cannot simultaneously be an empire and a republic of, by, and for, the people. The crimes of empire are perpetrated to benefit the most predatory of corporations or groups supported by venal politicians; an arrangement that requires the infantilization of the electorate. The abominations of empire; of the Spanish, British, French, Soviet/Chinese, Belgian Congo, and the Nazi and Japanese empires all required public complicity posing as patriotism. Ireland’s government do not want to know what MI5 and the Chicago FBI were doing in Ireland for four years ending with the murder of twenty-nine innocents, and the people of Ireland are not demanding the required criminal investigation.

Similarly, our fellow Americans are not demanding prosecution of the Neo-Cons whose Project for a New American Century and its Full Spectrum Dominance call for their take-over of all of Earth and Space; the most evil, the most criminal, project in human history. All of the crimes detailed above are part of that vast criminal project. So are the corrupted Intelligence agencies, and news media whose fabricated “evidence of WMD” paved the way for our Supreme Crime against Iraq.

Will we, the people, continue to delegate the making of history, and the recording of it, to the Supreme Criminals of our era? What shall we, America, do? Thank you.

How my paper and I were introduced.

Our club president had asked me to provide an autobiographical introduction for him to use, and expressed happiness with the following:

Chris Fogarty, born Chicago, 1935. At ten moved with his parents and siblings to rural Ireland. Returned to Chicago at eighteen. Became a carpenter; built and sold houses mostly within the City limits. Had many unsold houses in the 1957-58 recession that wiped out two older brothers separately; so got a degree in Civil Engineering. Two years in the US army, served in France. After a stint on Chicago’s Marina City project and the US Gypsum Research Center in Des Plaines, moved to Puerto Rico where he founded and, for six years, operated San Juan Piledriving Corporation. He built marine and subsoil projects in Puerto Rico, Antigua, Trinidad, and then-British Colombia. After rehabbing a few buildings in Uptown, he worked in East Kalimantan, Borneo for two years. Then; for a Chicago engineering company he worked on mostly hydroelectric projects in Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Honduras, and in his most responsible position, that of Resident Engineer on a $300 million project on the Rio Lempa in El Salvador. He later served as superintendent on construction of the SE Services Area of the O’Hare Expansion Program.

Chris is proud of 1) the production records he set as a framing carpenter, 2) that he never failed to pay a debt, and 3) that in all of his years in the notoriously litigious construction industry he never sued nor was sued (in which he grants that luck played a major part).

In retirement, to write his paternal grandfather’s biography he researched at Britain’s National Archives in Kew, Surrey. What he learned there made his life, and that of his wife, Mary, dangerous for the first time. He has been a member since 1985.

The underlined sentence above is to indicate the one that was omitted by my introducer.

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