World’s No.1 ‘Self-Hating Jew’!

From Rehmat's World, a profile of Stanley Cohen the "self-hating Jew.

Palestine for Palestinians, everyone else apply for a terrorist visa,” Stanley Cohen wrote on his Tweet account on October 16, 2014.

Stanley Cohen: US government will target me until the day I die

American Orthodox Jewish attorney and human rights activist, Stanley L. Cohen, 65, has been a victim of the Organized Jewry for more than past three decades.

On October 5, 2014, Chris Hedge posted a list of Cohen’s crimes, entitled, The Ordeal of Stanley Cohen: Justice or Farce, which included defending several leaders of Palestinian Islamic Resistance Hamas, Hizbullah, Osama Bib Laden, and Native Americans – and demanding Washington to stop all military aid to the Zionist regime – charging that “the Israeli government carried out a program of killing, torture, terror and outright theft against the Palestinians.”

Stanley Cohen was accused of tax evasion by the Zionist-controlled IRS and jailed for 18 months in 2014. Cohen who denies charges against him told Amy Goodman at the Democracy Now! in December 2014 that the judge who sentenced him had a grudge against him since he took Hamas case in the 1990s.

“The judge, who I’ve known for 20 years, and has not like me for 20 years, and who I’ve had problems with for 20 years, turned around and said, “I reject what the probation department is saying. I believe Mr. Cohen is owning up to his responsibility.” I made a decision, after some 17 years, 16 years, whatever it is, of harassment, after spending $600,000, of which $400,000 is owed in legal fees, after another $100,000 in accounting fees, after raids on my office, after intimidation of clients, after harassment of my family, I wanted to bring this to a close. We faced upwards of five more years’ worth of trials and appeals. We faced years’ worth of interfering with work that I’ve been doing in the United States and overseas. And I decided I want to put a close to this, end this chapter and move on, because it’s obvious something that began with my work with Hamas in the mid-1990s moved along with my work with Hizbullah, which generated battles over my refusal to fill out and sign the Office of Financial Assets Control  (meaning that I was representing anti-Israel Muslim terrorist groups),” Cohen said.

The greatest act of un-Jewishness Cohen committed in the eyes of the Jewish Lobby was in September 2012, when instead of seeking G-d’s forgiveness on the Eve of Yom Kippur at home or synagogue, he went to see Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who was in New York to address the UN General Assembly session. When asked why he choose to meet the man who called for Wipe Israel off the Map, Cohen replied that he “wanted to seek Ahmadinejad’s forgiveness for Israel’s crimes against Iranian nation.”

For well over a year now, the American public has been fed a steady diet of fear over a “nuclear” Iran. This intensive campaign – pushed equally by the White House and by Israel, using different rhetoric, but sounding the same note of panic – is not really about nuclear weapons. After all, the Islamic Republic – like the United States (but unlike the non-signatory nuclear-armed states of Israel, Pakistan and India, and the reneged party North Korea) – has signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and has as much right to develop its peaceful nuclear industry as does any other party to the treaty. Furthermore, the West has no credible evidence that a weapons development program exists,” Cohen said.

From ten years of American military campaigns on her western frontier, occupying Iraq, and supplied from Turkey’s NATO bases; to the invasion of her eastern neighbor by U.S. and NATO forces, and drone attacks in Pakistan; to the recent Israeli deal for an airbase in Azerbaijan beyond her northern frontier; to the $200 million American air force “transit center” in nearby Kyrgyzstan; and to the ever-present Fifth Fleet in the waters of the Persian Gulf – who can identify a country more beset on all sides by hostile military power than the Islamic Republic of Iran? No one can, because Iran stands alone in this regard,” Cohen added.

Mr. President. On my way here tonight to speak I was asked by some people how I could do so when on Yom Kippur it is a time to atone for ones sins. I replied that I was giving the speech but to atone for the sins of Israel. I closed by noting that as an American Jew I am one of many thousands of Jews world wide who do not support Israeli Apartheid, Occupation, or an embargo of Palestine. Nor do we support an attack on Iran,” Cohen concluded his address at Iranian Mission in New York City.
American Jewish writer, author and radio talk-show host Stephen Lendman said: Cohen is honorable by any standard. A model citizen. A role model for others (here).

Stanley Cohen has been offered refuge by six countries, four Arabs. However, he said he wanted to live in Gaza, but cannot reach Gaza because his entry is banned by Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.
On January 16, 2015, the Washington-based The New Republic (TNR), an Organized Jewry’s propaganda outlet since 1914 – honored Stanley Cohen the World’s Number One Self-Hating Jew Award.


  1. I hope he accepted his award with pride.

  2. He sounds like an incredibly decent human being.

  3. Good for Stanley - he will not be dissuaded or deterred by whatever he is labelled or called