Trump Victory A Rejection Of The Neoliberal Order

Kevin Keane
A piece from last month on the 1916 Societies site by Kevin Keane in the wake of the successful Donald Trump election campaign. Kevin Keane is Chair of the Seán Heuston Society in Dublin but writes here in a personal capacity. He has long campaigned for revolutionary transformation away from neoliberalism and towards a resourced-based economy that serves ordinary people, not powerful corporations.

Ignorance did not win the day; it was sheer arrogance that lost it. Like Brexit, Trump wouldn’t have gotten close to the line if it wasn’t for millions casting their vote in protest against the neoliberal system of corporate fascist democracy – a system where the individual vote of a citizen counts far less than the dirty money paid by oligarchs, lobbyists, bankers, industrialists and others who make up the 0.1 percent and who control all our destinies.

Genuinely progressive people were not given a choice in this two horse clown race. When Bernie Sanders gained momentum and held the popular Democratic grassroots vote, they ignored the will of the people and forced him out through the use of smears and the ‘superdelegate’ system of privileged fraud. The targeting of Sanders was not just from the Clinton camp but from the Democratic National Committee – and it was revealed in leaked emails that, regardless his popularity, he must not be their candidate. That position was for Clinton and it was predetermined many years ago, by the people who pay the money for handpicked candidates.

More leaked emails told us that Clinton’s camp and the DNC actively handpicked and elevated the most crazy and unpredictable republican candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, into the position of their main opponents in the two horse race to come, the thought process being that they would wipe the floor with them in debates and on actual policy. But, arrogantly, they showed an absolute recklessness and disregard for the Pandora’s Box they would open in terms of racism, stupidity and the rise of the lowest common denominator – who came out in record numbers to vote this cycle.

Add in that the political landscape has changed forever. Gone are the reliable party loyalists who will vote to a repetitive pattern for any monkey put in front of them wearing red or blue. Neoliberalism and ideological austerity, having devoured the poorest in society, are now devouring the once-middle classes. No-one these days is not effected by debt, reduction in living standards, cutbacks to essential public services and the race to the bottom that is the capitalist paradigm of infinite growth. Infinite growth, or permanent shareholder profits, has to be paid for by someone. And its not the super-rich who ever pay.

Gone also are the once-reliable ‘blue collar’ heartlands, who lost countless jobs and industries to the slavers of industrial China. One lie from Trump that he would get these jobs back won over millions of these once-Democrat voters.

And not content with destroying Bernie Sanders and elevating Trump into the position of a 50/50 choice, they spent the last few weeks campaigning against Jill Stein of the Green Party, a candidate who is more presidential, empathetic, environmentally sound, anti-war and generally more in touch with reality than both Clinton and Trump combined.

At the heart of this election has been lies. Lies from Clinton, lies from Trump, lies from the corporate media. The whole system has made an innocent fool out of you but the lesson in its wake is clear: this system cannot be changed from within. Only wholesale revolution will bring the change required to save this planet from its inevitable self-destruction – which we are all guilty of propping up and of making possible by our refusal to acknowledge reality.

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  1. A decent read. Revolutionary voting rather than bringing the elite to its senses is merely making them more reactionary regarding the media - social media and the little people. How dare they not play along. Things will be getting worse before they ever get better, if they ever do.