Sinn Féin-Dup Austerity Policies Impacting Our Children In The Classroom

Via the 1916 Societies the Thomas Ashe Society hits out at the Northern two party state's austerity policies.

Earlier this evening, members of the Thomas Ashe Society Omagh joined protesting teachers at Holy Family Primary School in the town, supporting their just demand for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Commenting afterwards, Sean Bresnahan, Chair of the Society, described the shredding of education provision by the Sinn Féin-DUP Stormont Coalition as:

an attack not only on the working people their policies impact upon but the children in our classrooms themselves, on their right to a decent and fulfilling education.

He went on to say that 'children must be afforded the best opportunities in life, which should be theirs automatic and without the need for protest action’, arguing that education is ‘an obvious and essential component of that and thus requires a fair wage deal for our teachers, without whom none of this can be possible.'

Thanking the teaching community for the work that they do, he offered further support for their right to a fair wage, ‘should increased action become required in the face of this onslaught by the hired lackeys of capitalism’.
Working people across society must defend our teachers’, he continued, warning that those who sit at Stormont imposing neoliberal austerity for their paymasters ‘would best soon realise their attacks on the community will one day come back to bite them, that ordinary people should be taken for granted at their peril.

In conclusion and in an appeal for progressives sections of society to back opposition to the ongoing cuts, he described it:

no longer enough that we sit at meetings, theorising about perfect revolution. We must build instead the process of change – the democratic republic it is that we seek – through direct action on the streets of our towns – through our own revolutionary endeavour, proffering direct support for those who practice the same.

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