Apology Required

Daniel Bradley writes an open letter to Arlene Foster's deputy minister at Stormont, Martin McGuinness.

Deputy First Minister,

As you are part of the new Northern Ireland which is run by the Queen and hold the position of deputy first minister and communicate with the Secretary of state I therefore seek an apology from yourself.

You would be very aware of two British soldiers making statements that Vol. Seamus Bradley was up a tree when he was shot. On the 24th August 2016, this was proved beyond doubt as lies in the ballistics report that I received on  that date.

What it confirms is that Vol. Seamus Bradley was shot twice in the back while running away, then stripped naked and shot again three times at close range and also tortured. It also confirms that the strap of a rifle was put around his neck and possibly he sustained a broken neck.

You also would be aware that the inquest of Vol. Seamus Bradley was held on the 16th October 1973 where an MoD barrister produced two B/W photographs claiming that Seamus Bradley was not tortured, withholding  coloured photographs that would have shown clearly that he had in fact been viciously tortured.

Due to a secret meeting that took place on July the 10th 1972 the state at that time along with the then secretary of state William Whitelaw, drew up a document in which "article J" gave soldiers permission to do as they willed with no fear of repercussions.

You would agree that at that time the state was totally wrong and therefore the state must apologise. And as you are a member of the state at this present time I call on you to accept and acknowledge that Vol. Seamus Bradley was murdered by the state and its laws.

You talk of truth and reconcilliation, you are well aware that the evidence i have is the truth, so it would not be wrong of me to ask you to apologise on behalf of the state for its wrongdoing in 1972 regarding the unlawful killing of Vol. Seamus Bradley.

I am very aware that you have stepped out in many ways including shaking the queens hand and posing at the side of the queens portrait as a gesture of "moving on". So to apologise for the murder of Vol. Seamus Bradley on behalf of the state would be a gesture of truth and reconcilliation. I would be grateful if you could make this apology in Stormont and through the media just as you did for the Queen.

Daniel Bradley

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