White Helmets

Alex McCrory shares some thoughts on the Syrian White Helmets who were recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Watched Crosstalk on RT last night. It is one of the best programmes for political discussion and analysis to be found on the news networks. On this occasion, it lifted the lid on a self styled Syrian NGO known as the White Helmets that operates ostensibly as a civil defence group in the rebel held parts of Aleppo. Funded by the Sunni Gulf states and America to the tune of one hundred million, it purports to be in the business of saving lives and supporting the civilian population from the onslaught unleashed by the SAA and the Russians.

The organisation has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and this has caused consternation in many quarters. The reason for the concern is the well documented involvement of the White Helmets in brazen and brutal acts of violence and torture against captured Syrian soldiers and civilians.

Three investigative journalists who went to Aleppo to monitor the activities of this group exposed its real role as a actor in the war on the side of the anti-government forces. Their accounts of subterfuge and gross misrepresentation revealed the propaganda that surrounds the organisation.

Footage supplied by the White Helmets of alleged attacks carried out by the government were often shown to have been manufactured for mass public consumption. The western cable news networks carry these images without question as to their accuracy and/or veracity.

Simply put, the White Helmets are a proxy group supported by the Americans and it's regional allies. It is being used to create the impression that the humanitarian crisis is the sole responsibility of the government and the Russians.

The truth is that the White Helmets work hand in glove with the Islamist insurgents and many of its members are armed. For this reason, it can only be found to be operating in the rebel held parts of Aleppo and nowhere else. It calls for the overthrow of the government and opposes Russia.


  1. Thought provoking piece Alec. More of this type needed

  2. any link to this discussion? While not surprised, we also have to be skeptical of Pro-Russian propaganda generally. Two sides of the same coin

  3. Kissinger and Obama were given the peace prize too, their record is patchy at best. Isn't it primarily a jolly for Scando aristocrats?

  4. In any conflict, when the West promotes a particular group or person you nearly always bet that they, the West, are doing so for propaganda reasons....the humanitarian side is the least of their concerns. If it was they wouldn't be at war in the first place!

  5. I agree with everything so far. Interestingly I was watching AlJazeera tonight and a lot of it was promoting the 'White Helmets'

  6. Don't forget the founder of the 'white helmets' was an English individual James le mesurier. A 'former' British soldier as well. So you can bet your bottom dollar that this white helmet malarkey is a mi6 proxy, simply there to undermine the Syrian govt. Standard practice of the British when they want to further their interests in other countries, ffs they've been doing it in Ireland for years. Btw, millions of UK money has been pumped into this 'white helmet' group. Strangely enough the daughter of a former British ambassador/official went to Syria and did a lot of work in exposing this fraud. Vanessa beeley. Check out her Facebook/Twitter.

  7. James quigley

    Aljazeera promoting the 'white helmets' is self explanatory. That network is owned by Qatar which is a strong ally of Saudi Arabia which in turn is actively trying to overthrow Assad and the pro Iranian govt of Syria.