Thomas Dixie Elliot takes a look at Sinn Fein's latest move.

Sinn Féin Ireland - Press Release:

In order to overcome the problems which might exist within the party in regards to taking seats at Westminster we convened a meeting of our most special advisers and along with ourselves, the leadership, we developed an entirely new strategy to achieve our objectives of a United Ireland.

We have to thank our leader Gerry Adams for it was he who put forward the absolutely brilliant idea for our new strategy.

We drew a line on a map of Ireland and Britain between Stormont and Westminster. Then we drew another line between Westminster and Leinster House, then back to Stormont. This left us with a triangle. And we will base our future strategy along the lines of this triangle.

We call this new strategy:


We will Triangulate them when they lest expect it.

Gerry Adams Leader

Martin McGuinness Co-joint First Minster

Mary Lou McDonald Vice President

And ...

Other lesser leaders like Gerry Kelly.


  1. Right up there with Victory 72-3-4-5 and The Long War and ... what a glorious TACTIC lol

    The sooner the Italians and French detonate the bejaysus out of that EU pantomime in the coming months the better. There is going to be a right wing 'ring of fire' globally from the Philippines to the EU-GB-USA and a serious fault line is right across the EU. The Spaghetti grease-ball Italians are up next followed by Le Penn and the Frogs .. (preferably nude on her big white horse..) NOT to be confused with that beardy bastard in S. Africa 'tarrastench' uuurgh. Enough beards already.

    I always said there was only one King Arthur and his name was-eth Skargill. But fuckit, if a right wing mini nationalist backlash is what it takes to sort things out, count me in. Where did I leave my wee green poncho? 32 county Ireland, own currency, out of Europe, tied to UK/USA...Them Irish Army bhoys might even finally get some BIG toys to play with, who knows?? Socialist Republic me hole. lol

  2. In 1998 I met up with a old friend who had been released under The Good Friday Agreement, we had many a long chat about what was down the road for his beloved Sinn Fein, on one occasion we were sitting in a pub when in came 3 well known activists they preceded to sit with us and they opened up about what lay ahead , after many varied views I decided to throw in my tuppence worth , when I described my thoughts , they being about accepting RUC , Decommission taking seats in Westminster there was howls of laughter and general sneering , how on earth could I even have such thoughts was the general theme , while attending a sporting occasion recently I spotted one of these guys deep in conversation with PSNI officers who were on traffic duty , as I walked past I couldn’t resist and asked him was he discussing security for the to be Sinn Fein MP ‘s who will be taking their seats in Westminster , the look on his face was priceless ,he then replied listen here that wont be happening anytime soon to which I answered not a bullet not an once I often wonder how many others would give me the same answer , surely they still don’t believe that everything Gerry and Martin say is the truth