An Insult To The Dead

Thomas Dixie Elliot feels the deferential demeanour of Martin McGuinness towards British royalty is contemptuous of the Irish who died at the hands of the British establishment.

I'll Just Leave that there for all to see

Arise ye dead of Skibereen
and watch Sinn Fein Honour the Queen

Every picture tells its own story, they say.

I'd like to see the desperately deluded SFers try and find an excuse for this.

McGuinness is posing beside a painting of the British Queen ... and enjoying it.

He just isn't posing beside a painting of the British Queen.

He is insulting the Dead.

The Dead who were gunned down in Ballymurphy.

The Dead who were slaughtered on the streets of Derry during Bloody Sunday.

The Dead who gave their lives in the H Blocks of Long Kesh.

The Dead who were ambushed at Loughgall or were summary executed in Gibraltar.

Instead of Commenting let us just post the names of the dead he is insulting.

That'll say a lot more than words will do.

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