Tell Us Why You Vetoed That Offer

Statement from the Family of Patsy O'Hara.

We the Family of Hunger Striker Patsy O'Hara condemn in the strongest terms the latest publicity stunt by Sinn Fein, as they unveil a mural in Dáil Éireann, to the Hunger Strikers that died 35 years ago.

Even the choice of location is sickening. That's the place where successive Irish Governments sat back as our men died one by one in that tragic peroid from May to August 1981.

This is the Sinn Fein that now help the British rule the still occupied six counties of our country.

Instead of Murals, we ask again that you come clean into the events leading up to Joe Mc Donnell's death, where the British made an offer that would have been acceptable to the POW's and would have ended the Hunger Strike.

Tell us why you vetoed that offer.


  1. There's no chance of Adams and his Kitchen Cabinet answering that question.

    We all know that the right to wear our own clothes at all times was included in the July 5th offer. Those of us who were there know that getting to wear our own clothes as a right and not a privilege would have been enough to bring the Hunger Strike to an end, saving at least six lives. With our own clothes we could have went into the system and attained the rest of our Five Demands by making the H Blocks ungovernable. In fact this is what eventually happened in the aftermath of the Hunger Strikes and leading to the Great Escape.

    It is beyond doubt that this was foremost in the minds of Bik McFarlane and Richard O'Rawe when they decided to accept that offer. Not only was it vetoed from the outside it's clear that the outside kept the offer from the Brave Men on Hunger Strike. They only ever told them about the ICJP/NIO negotiations. Looking back now I wonder were the ICJP's attempts to get the NIO to send someone in to explain what they were offering hindered by what was going on in the secret Adams/Mountain Climber/ Foreign Office negotiations?

    Further important questions are... Why did Adams tell the ICJP about the Mountain Climber Channel, when the Mountain Climber, Brendan Duddy warned him that disclosure of that channel could well see it being shut down? Why did he tell them they had a better offer than the one on offer to them? Why did he ask them to step aside knowing full well that Thatcher needed the cover of the ICJP in order to keep her negotiations with himself secret. And why did he ask the ICJP to step aside knowing that they had committed themselves to acting as guarantors over any deal which might bring about an end to the hunger strike?

    Could Adams, McGuinness, Morrison, Bik etc answer these questions? I doubt they could without further miring themselves deeper in the lies they've already told.

  2. In regards to the Leinster House mural, despite having sent out invites to the families of all the Hunger Strikers, I noticed on the Sinn Féin Ireland Twitter page that only family members of Kieran Doherty and Frank Stagg turned up.

    This has to be totally embarrassing for Adams and Sinn Féin, as excuses such as was leveled by Morrison that calls from Bobby Sands' family for Sinn Féin to stop using his name came about as result of the signing of the GFA, thus labelling them as 'Dissidents', would be seen as nasty pathetic smears and nothing else.

    It's obvious that the families no longer want to associate themselves with the sell out of all the ideals their loved ones bravely died for.