Life's A Gas

Tyrone republican and TPQ stalwart Sean Mallory sums up what he thinks is both wrong and hypocritical in the world we live in.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me —— old adage

Unconventional behaviour while holding presidential office and discourteous by nature, Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte has alluded to Barack Obama’s parentage. Specifically, it is Obama's mother’s past occupation which is apparent to Rodrigo alone. As was evident when he steadfastly dictated the terms of his up-coming meeting and discussion with Obama as a 'son of a whore' if he (Obama) were to mention Duterte’s extrajudicial killings against perceived drug users and dealers.

All fully sanctioned and acknowledged by Duterte himself. To date, from June, his security forces have killed almost 2500 people.

A sanctioned government policy denounced by the UN as “illegal and a breach of fundamental rights and freedoms”. Duterte’s response was to call the UN stupid.

After little thought, Barack cancelled the meeting. But it could have been worse, for Rodrigo has previously attacked the masculinity of those who have upset him. He labelled the US Ambassador to Manila as a ‘gay son of a whore’. He has warned the Catholic Church ‘don’t fuck with me’ and rounded on the UN for issuing ‘shitting’ statements about his anti-drug policies.

Asked about the possible consequences of his comments and never one to mince his words, he said: “What is ... repercussions? I don’t give a shit to them.”....yes quite!

In a leaked draft report by a group of MPs, Britain is now indirectly complicit in war crimes in the Yemen and committed by Saudi Arabia, through its arms sales to the Sauds. This is in turn damaging the reputation of Britain’s arms licensing regime.

In response, British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnston, insisted that the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia would continue as there was not a clear risk that weapons were being used to violate IHL. (International Humanitarian Law).

Obviously Boris and the cabinet will express the same sentiment in the not too distant future when dishing out Col Gaddafi’s billions to the victims of IRA violence using arms supplied to them by the now deceased Colonel. Hopefully those Yemenis fortunate enough to survive will return the same clear risk analysis as that used by Boris and draw the same conclusion as those who demand Gaddafi’s billions with regards to Britain’s billion pound arms industry!

A little closer to home and with a relationship on the brink of collapse, Britain is informed who will be heading the EU delegation sitting across the negotiating table from May. None other than a man who most likely is the greatest EU zealot of all time and was once known as ‘Baby Thatcher’. A term I should point out that was given based on his political will and fortitude rather than any biological link to Margaret. She may very well have been many things but she certainly was no slut!

The choice of Guy Verhofstadt to lead Europe’s negotiating team is a clear signal from Europe that they are in no way prepared to pamper Britain’s ‘rats leaving the sinking ship’ and in doing so, making Kenny and Co also aware that the North’s special relationship with the South will be negotiated on an EU block basis and not within or by individual states. Arlene’s promises are beginning to ring hollow!

Farage on hearing of Verhofstadt’s appointment, and who Verhofstadt once described as the ‘biggest waste in the EU budget’, described his appointment as the EU declaring war on Britain.

Verhofstadt, an avid tweeter, on the morning Tuesday 13th September, reiterated the EU’s position that Britain must accept the four principles of the EU, inclusive of freedom of movement when he tweeted: “If the UK wants access to #SingleMarket, it must also accept the free movement of citizens. Our four freedoms are inseparable.”

Well at least we know what’s on the table now Arlene ... just as we did months if not years ago!

In a positive and accommodating response - in acknowledging Verhofstadt’s and the EU’s position
the UK is going to build a 13ft high, one kilometre long wall in Calais in an attempt to prevent refugees from crossing the channel. Although unlike Trump’s wall along the Mexican border, they’re going to pay for it too! 
Building walls is something that the British are expert at: what with the number of ‘peace walls’ they have built in Belfast!

Charlie Hebdo returned to the international public domain for taking a satirical look at the recent Italian earthquake. Portraying victims as pasta dishes Hebdo was severely criticised for such a tasteless and inhumane cartoon to the point that the French embassy in Rome was forced to distance Hebdo from France’s national attitude to the disaster. Hebdo’s response was to issue another satirical cartoon that focused on the collapse of the housing due to having been built by the Mafia and of course which no doubt circumvented building regulations.

All this while the public continue to wait with bated breath on the publication of their satirical take on the attack on their own offices!

Roald Dahl, the man who gave us Willy Wonka, Matilda, and the BFG (James and The Giant Peach being a personal favourite), would have been 100 years old this week if, well, if he hadn’t have gone and died in 1990 ... selfish bastard! The lack of presence of the celebrant is always sure to put a dampener on any birthday celebrations. Strange that no-one missed him at the other previous 25 birthday parties!

Nonetheless, let’s not quibble with insignificant minor details. To celebrate his centenary birthday, in his absence, loads of assorted programmes, readings and events were arranged by various groups throughout the UK. But as usual, the ever watchful anti-Semitic guardians of Israel were alert to inform the public of Dahl’s dark past of anti-Semitism: all mixed with a little mentioned sprinkling of his less than child friendly side. A side that they forgot to elaborate on.

Dahl answered his accusers of anti-Semitism with this statement:

I'm certainly anti-Israel and I've become anti-Semitic inasmuch as that you get a Jewish person in another country like England strongly supporting Zionism.

Some have surmised that Dahl’s dubious ‘dark’ past may have been deliberately hidden or a deliberate historical amnesia was adopted about his more controversial views which actually wouldn’t be out of place today when we consider what is happening in Gaza.

And lastly just while we’re on the topic of historically hiding a person’s dark and dubious past, the British Exchequer, releasing its new plastic £5, has chosen to adorn it with Winston Churchill’s portrait, on the reverse side that is. A person of a very dark and controversial past to say the least!

In 2013, Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, commenting on Winnie as choice, said:

Our banknotes acknowledge the life and work of great Britons. Sir Winston Churchill was a truly great British leader, orator and writer. Above that, he remains a hero of the entire free world. His energy, courage, eloquence, wit and public service are an inspiration to us all. I am proud to announce that he will appear on our next banknote.

Churchill’s inglorious, racist and inhumane past can best be summed with his own words:

"I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against the uncivilized tribes … it would spread a lively terror" – Churchill on the use of gas in the Middle East and India.


  1. Great stuff Sean enjoyed that and its got me thinking , when article 50 is instigated and we go brexit,does that in effect tear up the GFA as the E.U have/had an oversight in this ,well they certainly bolstered the coffers of those community workers who in turn are inextricably intertwined with the paramilitaries, and if so will Martybroy and his quisling $inn £eind cronies who are on the Brit side of the border wake up some morning to a cold house run by unrepentant flat earth bigots ,we are well on the way there ,interesting times indeed,

  2. i wouldnt be so sure about thatcher not being a slut.