Expressing The Truth

Daniel Bradley writes his experience of seeking cooperation from Sinn Fein in relation to his brother's death, an IRA volunteer killed by the British Army in 1972.

I sometimes talk of Sinn Fein selling their soul to the devil. Just over 5 years ago I approached Martin McGuinness and told him that I needed help to get witnesses who were along with my brother Seamus on the night he died. His words were "let me make a phone call."

The next day I got a phone call and was told to go up to the Sinn Fein office, which I did at 11o'clock. Now let me remind you that the IRA were on ceasefire, communicating with the British government. I was met by Andrew and Gills. The joke was Andrew came towards me in a bullying manner and shared these words: "you know the IRA haven't gone away." In anger I challenged him to come outside, but he declined. Gills then came said "Danny lets talk".

Well its not surprising that 3 months later, so called intelligence officers of the IRA contacted me to inform me that "there are no witnesses. Today they all should hang their heads in shame. First of all Vol. Seamus Bradley was one of their volunteers. After being shot twice and then captured, he was taken to St Johns school and tortured by the MRF. He was brutally beaten and hit with the butt of a rifle. Then at close range he was shot a further 3 times. He was stripped naked while this was all happening in a bid to cover up evidence and their actions, which has all been confirmed.

But wait for it - Seamus was then hung with the belt of a rifle belonging to one of the soldiers and possibly his neck was broken. These bastards who contacted me after three months call themselves volunteers. But that didn't stop me. I kept struggling on with my brother's case and I have eventually got it up and running with no help from Martin McGuinness or any volunteers.

On the 18th August I received the preliminary ballistic report, it was four weeks later I then received the completed official ballistics report. which vindicated me for all the years that I struggled to get the truth. Just past on Thursday 13th October I had an interview with Gareth a Derry reporter who works for ITV. That interview was shown yesterday, Monday.

And I can share with you is that Martin Mc Guinness is further angry that I called on him to appear in court. When I arrived at his house he called his son and he then left in his son's car. He got in contact with his solicitor and threatened me with the police. What more can I say?

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