The Bloom Is Off The Rose Or Sub Rosa

More from Frank O'Brien on how he sees the world. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

In my calculated opinion, the likelihood for a World War III scenario being in our future is more than likely given the geopolitical divisions that exist, many of them manufactured on purpose by the major Western powers, with East having merely playing it as best as they can, trying hard not to give into Western provocations.

In the perennial question of, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg," it was the orchestrations of the West in first raping Russia at the beginning of its throwing the old Soviet model, and then its slow methodical way of demonizing Vladimir Putin after he came into power, that best sums up the several international military incidents that one might have heard about on the American news in the past year.

The deliberate orchestrating of shifting the pivot of who are our new enemies to this wholly manufactured pysop of our most dangerous enemy being the extremist Sunni Islamic terrorists might well exist, but totally created and managed by the US intelligence community. Now if one would just get their head out of the sand and listen to The Corbett Report's spectacular breakdown of US collusion in creating Daesh/ISIS, they realize that we have all been lied to through a US corporate run media that now is completely riddled with psyops and disinformation, besides propaganda and PR stunts.

Your only alternative to being a stooge caused by letting yourself be manipulated, is to do your own research, sticking with people like James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds [of BoilingFrongsPost], RT [Russia Today] to an extent, watching online shows like Sean Stone's Enter the Buzzsaw, and a slew of other alternative sources that I've mentioned many times before, my newswest discovery being the intellectual New Left giant, Tariq Ali.

As regards Daesh/ISIS, or which ever bull hockey name that they have been dubbed, they will continue to be doing spectaculars to further the strategy of tension which the West has used in its deliberate creation of them, and manipulation of them in the many outrages visited upon Europeans in the last two years. The utilization of extra-judicial actions, such as having had the US military in Iraq leave behind a bevvy of guns, ammunition, and varying other kinds of weapons and equipment upon their withdrawal from Iraq, aided deliberately in the Al Qaeda of Iraq to have enough weapons to keeping fighting, eventually morphing into the Daesh/ISIS caliphate it claims to have become, this on top of their getting training as well in Jordan in the nascent days, just prior and into the Western created Syrian civil war, waged I might add not by native populations, but purely created outside forces, created out of whole cloth by Western military and intelligence elements.

After it already became known that Turkey's Erdogan's son was aiding and abetting Daesh/ISIS forces, by helping to buy and sell it's illegal oil wells that it had captured, there was the planned failed
coup d'etat against Erdogan to build him up as a bigger, better strongman in his own people's eyes, helping him cement control over the previously difficult to control Turkish military, judiciary system and educational system, all the while as the CIA had been using the accused master mind, Fethullah G├╝len as a well paid pawn to spread a radical if somewhat secular interpretation of Islam to many Eurasian countries, the coveted desired possession that the West aims to control by whatever means is necessary, both militarily, and through soft power mechanisms like fomenting Islamic national pride, juxtaposed to incursion of influence by the Chinese Communists on the one hand, and Russia on the other.

Kazakhstan stands as a place where with no doubt CIA, and maybe MI6, and other NATO country intelligence services, have been helping to foment anti-Chinese sentiment through various terrorist acts, helped and encouraged by these Western intelligence services. The Syrian conflict has been fully implemented by not only Western intelligence, but through its proxies like Istrael's MOSSAD, Saudi Intelligence and elements in Turkish intelligence, besides no doubt independent operatives or cut out agents employed by both proxy and Western entities. The "Octopus" made legendary by suicided journalist Danny Casolaro, and authors like Cheri Seymour, Kenn Thomas and the late Jim Keith[death under mysterious circumstance like Casolaro!], no doubt has it's fingers in this pie, and might well be connected to NATO through its new Gladio B operation, which uses Islamic extremism of both Sunni[mainly!] and some Shiite adherents. Casolaro had come to understand through his contacts in America's Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex that all of the major scandals, assassinations of key social/political figures, along with both political and financial scandals were evidence of this deeper extra-judicial entity that does the bidding of the criminal element within our own government, ruling elite and parts of the criminal underworld.

Both the Bush family, and Clinton families figure big time in this criminal underground, having both been knee deep in the drug and arms smuggling business, besides their ties to unelected power organizations like Bohemian Grove, Yale's Skull & Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, and others, besides the European [Nazi International connected] Bilderberg Group, the latter which gets as much protection for it's attendees as if they were all heads of state, which not all of them are.

Now as much as I differ politically with the Larouche Political Party, they have actually documented over many decades some of the same things that have filtered out from the nascent alternative news media and commentary community, best represented by James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds [and Newsbud!], Tragedy and Hope[headed up by Richard Grove, a famous 9/11 whistleblower], Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization, F. William Engdahl, Tariq Ali, Abby Martin's The Empire Files, Chris Hedges' On Contact, Tyrel Ventura's and Tabitha Wallace's Watching the Hawks, and some other good programs on RT, besides Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, teleSur and PressTV to an extent, besides others too numerous to list.

The deliberate CIA, and other Uncle Sam alphabet soup intelligence agencies, were and are the ones orchestrating the Islamic Sunni extremists called Daesh/ISIS, besides the still existent Al Qaeda, and their supposed offshoots that are the so-called opposition groups fighting the Assad Syrian government forces.

Like say, if you are reading this, and saying, "I never heard about this on MSNBC, CNN or Fox News," that's because they are all completely in the pockets of the American government, and the corporate fascists who literally own both the Republicans and Democrats. The only way you will find the truth out about any of the real geopolitical mechanizations, and grand board chess playing, which is really what is behind our world's many troubled regions and their severe problems, including the economic troubles of Greece, all can only be found out about by making yourself into your home made geopolitical analyst. This is what I've had to do in order to have the deeper understandings that I do, luckily having been at least partially having done home work on it on my own, but never really putting the pieces together until a few years ago. For years I did research on Iran-Contra Scandal, the October Surprise, the mysterious string of political assassinations that started with JFK's still unresolved shooting, and the now obvious official cover-up. There was Watergate, and then there was the Franklin Scandal during the mid to late 1980s, that was directly related to the White House. It was the 1980s that was when there was the scare about pedophile child day care centers, with overwhelming Satanic cult activity that was undeniably related to it. There was the Presidio Day Care Scandal that involved a now infamous character who shouldn't be allowed to have been in the armed forces, given his sympathy to Nazis and his overtly Satanic beliefs, his name being Col. Michael Aquino, a man that held sway in the upper military command through his specialty of psychological operations, aka propaganda and disinformation. He was implicated in both the Franklin Scandal and the Presidio scandals, yet went on to have none of it ruin his military career.

In this underground world that Aquino was a part of, truth became hard to tell from lies, now with author, researcher David McGowan having done a thorough job of showing subtle and not so subtle connections to the emerging counter culture of the 50s, 60s and 70s, with the Military/ Industrial/ Intelligence Complex. Perhaps what David McGowan, Maury Terry and Nick Bryant found out is but the tip of an iceberg concerning extra-judicial criminal acts covered up even by parts of the FBI, obviously implicating the Director in particular, which ever one was in charge at the time of these decades long crimes.

FBI agents deliberately intimidated young adult survivors of the Franklin Scandal, much as justice was perverted by officials an ocean away during the Marc Dutroux serial murder and pedophile trial in Belgium. Pedophilia not surprisingly has cropped in many scandals of late, including US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, and the prosecution of former US House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert. Of course there had been during the Reagan era the now infamous Franklin Scandal, and The Finders of the mid 1980s that was hushed up, but not before it became headline news, since there were ties to the CIA, which former CIA director William Colby warned the lawyer of the Franklin Scandal victims, a former state representative, and Vietnam vet, who was John DeCamp, that to not be knocked off, he ought to write what he knew in a book, which he did, as did years later, award winning author Nick Bryant.

Blackmail is indicated as a goal by military men like Aquino, or what used to be called during the Cold War, sexpionage. The Franklin Scandal lined up with what was accused of during the Presidio Pedophile Scandal, mixing in Satanic overtones that strangely have been shown by a few authors to connect with serial murderers, and this being something that cropped up in Belgium, France and the UK. These things connect to research done by Danny Casolaro, and later on by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith, besides Peter Levenda and Maury Terry and Dave McGowan. The so-called Illuminati are actually long interconnected families, and celebrities and nouveau riche, and secret societies that I doubted at first, until I read enough about history we weren't taught in school.

As per 9/11, Richard Grove and Indira Singh [about the little known Ptech], besides the masterful jobs done on it by James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds, and Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research encapsulates the money and technology trail which isn't a rabbit hole, but is a case where prosecution has been postponed it seems forever, while the corporate lapdog media obeys its masters, and doesn't give you truthful or accurate information.

The 15th anniversary of the terrible events of 9/11 demands a renewal at the efforts of raising questions that the official commission ignored. The same criminals are talked about in "Manhunt" by Peter Maas, "The Crimes of Patriots" by Jonathan Kwitny, "Dark Victory" by Dan E. Moldea, "Barry & 'the boys' by Daniel Hopsicker and "The Mafia, CIA & George Bush" by Pete Brewton. Given the preponderance of the evidence, Danny Casolaro, Jim Keith, Gary Webb and Prof. Alfred W. McCoy prove that a travesty of justice concerning Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons and now Obamas has gone on so long that it is obvious that this perversion of justice will only go on so long as you let it.

Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange represent the future, where information really is power, but we must force prosecution of the real guilty, as opposed to the small fry ones, like the ridiculously inept Osama bin Laden, who couldn't have pulled off 9/11 without real help from above. Even then real pilots said few men could pull off aiming a jet dead center into the middle of a skyscraper, though remote control had been perfected by the Pentagon by then.

Kid yourself not, since the Constitution is in tatters, with only a bunch of nation wide sheriffs who agree the government is going to far in its War on the People, rather like it's supposed War on Terror. Taking away gun rights is as anti-American as pissing on George Washington's grave, so we must first get educated, then react in political ways to rectify the wrongs done to us by Wall Street and Danny Casolaro's Octopus. The time is near.

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  1. With a supposed treaty of some type pending in Syria in which the USA will have to show control over its 'moderate' terrorists which it has been supplying with all sorts of hardware, the USA in its ever decreasing wisdom has chosen to bomb Syrian forces. Russia believes the reason is the USA cannot deliver on the controlling of the nut jobs it has fostered and armed and who are now running the USA special forces out of their ranks in fear of their lives. Highly probable the USA bombing and killing of 62 Syrian troops and wounding of 100 others was deliberate. Once again everyone else must play the diplomat while the USA behaves like the lunatic killer on the rampage that it has always been.

    The world can surely only ever have a hope of peace when the USA receives a serious enough bloody nose, regardless of the cost to others initially, that puts the notion of global vandalism as a way of life once and for all out of its collective head. Get Trump elected and BRING IT ON. We are all fed up enough with the dishonest, war mongering USA.