The 1981 Hunger Strikes Controversy & Ruairí Ó Brádaigh

Dieter Reinisch clarifies the thinking of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh on the 1981 hunger strike. Dieter Reinisch is Researcher at the European University Institute. His analysis initially appeared on his blog.


  1. While quoting Brian Patterson Dieter Reinisch may have missed the fact that I replied to Brian twice on Jude Collins' blog, the 2nd time I wrote....

    "Brian, with due respect to Ruairí O’Brádaigh and I have the greatest respect for the man, but he didn’t see what Adams and McGuinness were doing behind his back on the run up to the 1986 Ard Fheis and their eventual take over of both the Army Council and SF. This was happening in the five years following the Hunger Strikes so it stands to reason that there was a movement within the Movement and that was the Adams’ Kitchen Cabinet, the same group which ran the Hunger Strikes from outside the jail.

    Saying you know Ruairí doesn’t mean you know what he knew…. And more importantly what he didn’t know."

  2. Thanks, Dixie, fully agree with what you wrote!