Exaggerated Or Just Not True

Alfie Gallagher lampoons Ruth Dudley Edwards for bias and hyperbole in a recent Belfast Telegraph piece on the history of Palestine. Alfie Gallagher describes himself as a "left-libertarian raindog from Sligo" who blogs @ Left From The West.

"How many of Celtic’s politically-activist flag-waving Green Brigade have a clue about any of this?" asks Ruth Dudley Edwards at the end of her recent Belfast Telegraph article, referring to the "history of Palestine" she outlines therein.

Well, I would hope that the correct answer to Ruth's question is zero for the simple reason that the vast bulk of what she wrote is either exaggerated or just not true.

Of course, I could now once again wearily take up the baton, and ask Ruth, for example, how she can make such intellectually dishonest claims as that Palestinian and other Arab forces made "an attempt to exterminate Jews" in 1948.

I could also ask -- with genuine curiosity -- how she can worry so much about the consequences of immigration in 21st-century Britain but see no practical problem whatsoever with according one particular oppressed people the right to settle in lands from which their ancestors left or were expelled more than a thousand years before.

But really, would there be any point?

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  1. She does prattle on a bit doesn't she? But I like to think that she reminds us all that we're not nuts after all!