Ebullient Celebration Of Sectarianism And Bigotry

Tyrone republican Sean Mallory is ill disposed towards the Northern political class amongst other things.

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone" – Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

After the passing of the annual ‘Unionist protestant marching season’ which, while usually basking in the heat of their 11th night bonfires, the Nationalist public can almost rest assured that one of the loyal brethren, consumed in the fire of their ebullient celebration of sectarianism and bigotry, will always lead one public figure among them, inebriated or not, to commit a political faux pas and to publicly state their true feelings towards Catholics and Irish people in general.

Shortly afterwards, to be followed with the usual Party backing and individual stance dressed as an apology. Which often tends to run along the lines that they never meant to say what they said and to apologise profusely if they offended anyone (except Taigs) but without actually apologising for what they did say. All closely entwined with the understanding and support of their party and wrapped up with a few references about their good community work and a fact or two about how they have Taig friends or work with Taigs, etc, etc, etc.....

And such was the run of the mill response to Jenny Palmer’s failed attempt at humour involving her own household and immigrants. The jest had the implication of ‘no room at the inn’ for immigrants at Jenny’s house. ‘House’ possibly being a pretence for ‘norn iron’. She excused her comment as not reflecting her own views and how the miss-understanding quite possibly came down to bad grammar ... especially from immigrants who can’t speak English Jenny.

A UUP spokesperson said: "Jenny Palmer MLA has apologised for her comments and accepts that they were wholly inappropriate."

The spokesperson added: "We should respond to human tragedy with compassion."

Which is what Ms Palmer was doing at the time as she was visiting the Somme to express compassion for those who died on that fateful day, specifically and probably exclusively the Ulster Division. Obviously excluding the thousands of those dead soldiers of the British Empire whose relatives today are classed as immigrants and refugees! There just isn’t enough compassion available to go around everyone!

“I’m sick of hearing how Alan Hawe was a fantastic father, loving husband and all round pillar of society. For God’s sake, he used a hatchet and knives to murder his wife and family” - Belfast Telegraph 06/09/2016.

Suzanne Breen vents her anger at Alan Hawe and his portrayal in the media as an upstanding member of the community when in fact the reality is that he hacked his wife and family to death. A sentiment echoed by Allison Morris in the Irish News 08/09/2016. Breen equates this to general stereotypical perception of a domestic abuser and the hidden prevalent actions of misogynists throughout Irish society and how portraying Hawe in such a sympathetic manner is dangerous as it gives these men with the potential to commit such violence the chance of being ‘forgiven’ and ‘understood’. 

The same public outpouring of praise and eulogising was heaped upon one George Best but to date, unlike Alan Hawe’s case with the exception of his final act of murderous brutality, Best left a trail of evidence of alcohol induced domestic violence behind him yet the public in East Belfast lined the streets for his cortege as it passed by. No airport for Alan though!

But Suzanne and Allison can rest easy with the news that not all misogynists are forgiven and understood by the public.

Convicted sex offender, Brock Turner, convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, Guardian, 06/09/2016, on release from prison and returning to his parent’s house, found the home under surveillance by armed ‘peaceful’ anarchists whose blunt warning to Brock, 'Try this again, we'll shoot you', seemed to go unnoticed by the local authorities! But hey, he got the message! 

Brian Feeney in the Irish News, 14/09/2016, has re-ignited the Unification of Ireland debate with his article concerning Fianna Fáil’s election intentions in the North and Fine Gael’s current Taoiseach’s speech to the British-Irish Association in Oxford the weekend before. With particular emphasis on the Taoiseach’s reference to:

The possibility of unity by consent must be maintained as a valid democratic option into the future. That means that, if there were democratic consent to Irish unity at some time in the future, there must be a mechanism to ensure that democratic decision can be implemented within the European Union, as was the case in Germany.

And Fianna Fáil's  Micheál Martin’s working party to produce a document in twelve months on the practicalities of a united Ireland.

Feeney goes on to conclude that “....with Fianna Fáil planning to put up candidates here in the 2019 council elections and a nationalist voting majority predicted by 2023 the constitutional question is dynamic.” 

Poor Arlene and her idiotic, self-harming decision to choose Brexit!

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