Cops, Catholics And Other Things

Tyrone republican Sean Mallory scans some of the recent news events he found interesting.

Writing in the Belfast Telegraph, 07/09/2016, Malachi O’Doherty tried to answer why there is such a fall in numbers of Catholics joining the PSNI.

In a rather intelligent and informative manner - much to his credit - it was well worth the read.   O’Doherty makes the point that Catholics/Nationalists continue to see the PSNI as the state armed wing of Unionism or that Nationalists by their very nature don’t want to uphold the Law of the British State that is Northern Ireland when by its very nature Nationalism wants rid of it!

Heaping more pressure on the ill-fated NAMA, BBC Spotlight reported on the alleged fixer fees, £40,000 and €10,000 respectfully, given over to Frank Cushnahan by John Miskelly.  Miskelly, who seems to be successfully exonerating himself by playing the victim at every turn, in return was to receive back all his properties under NAMA administration.  This latest bit revelation led one Sammy Wilson, implicated in the squalid affair, to state that he wouldn’t be watching the Spotlight programme as it was produced by a bunch of biased bigots.  Not quite the response expected from a sitting MP but not surprising from one such as Wilson!

Cushnahan and Miskelly were reluctant to comment because of the on-going investigation by British and American authorities but as the curtain comes down you can rest assured that there will be more than one whistle blower left on the stage and that the way the investigation is focusing on one particular miscreant, Miskelly won’t be alone in whistle blowing across the pond in the coming days!

Current Taoiseach Kenny, in light of such revelations and on NAMA’s about face on Cushnahan by reporting him to two separate police forces, has himself taken an about turn and is now in favour of an all Island inquiry in to NAMA.  Well, now that the patsy has been identified where’s the harm?!

Alex Kane writing in the Irish News 09/09/2016 hints that there is more to come as the bubble of intrigue is about to burst and that this story just isn’t going to go away.  A great article that ends with and apology to Jamie Bryson from Kane for having previously portrayed Bryson as an oddity.  No need Alex.

Nelson McCausland writing in the Belfast Telegraph, 08/09/2016, calls the campaign to reverse the UK’s decision to quit the EU an affront to democracy, “people have a democratic right to support the European Union, but not to subvert a nationwide referendum”.  Somewhat rich when we consider how many petitions of concern he and his party have called against the majority democratic wishes of the Assembly! McCausland finished off by stating, “There is a whole big world out there beyond the EU.”  Sort of a Christopher Columbus moment with that one and we all know how he finished up ... impoverished!

The PSNI have admitted a gun was found in an area closely linked to the heavily influenced by British security forces Unionist murder squad – the Glenanne Gang ... two weeks after denying any knowledge of the find.  A report that Malachi O’Doherty would find useful as to why Catholics are not joining the PSNI in the numbers anticipated.

Across the water, not the pond, PR Dave has been damned and denounced by the foreign affairs committee, for his ‘lack of a coherent strategy for the air campaign’ on Libya. It went further to imply that Cameron’s ill-advised and foolish endeavour resulted in a rise in support of Islamic State in North Africa. 

Cameron’s response was through his old pals in Downing Street who in typical British State diplomacy of washing its hands of any dirty affair, claimed that it had been an international decision to intervene and called for by the Arab League and authorised by the UN Security Council. Perhaps this damning report was the reason Dave resigned or was forced to resign his seat as an MP and not over something as minor as a decision on education! 

So, as he joins Blair for lunch. We can think back to Blair’s infamous photograph of shaking hands with Muammar Gaddafi, and should we ask, was Blair welcoming him back in from the cold or was he saying farewell, you silly sausage?

And lastly, the momentous and yet devastating news that gripped Tyrone.  The governors of Tyrone GAA have made the most calamitous decision not to extend Mickey Harte’s managerial contract for another season.   Initial shock and dismay were quickly replaced with anger at such an unwise and inconsiderate decision.  Harte’s detractors cheered while his supporters circled the wagons and swirling their Rosary beads around their heads and saw off the blackguards. 

But one must read what is not in the statement.  For Harte, quarter has been shown that often is not present on the table to managers from other team sports.  Currently he has one season left, one season to go, win Sam next year and you can stay as long as you want!  There can only be One, Micky!

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