The Fear of St. Augustine(s)

With the school summer holidays at an end Beano Niblock offers a poem recalling his schoolboy trepidation about a possible confrontation with pupils from another Belfast school. Beano Niblock is a loyalist writer.

Feet dragging-distracted-slothful manner
Unhurriedly flagging-remiss and dismissing of present circumstances
Disinclined to descend the last remaining yards
Hesitant-less than willing to confront oppressive cowards
Even so I press ahead albeit it at a crippled snails measure
Gaining no pleasure
And assess the gabshites in my sight
Cohorts clothed in grey and red and black
Primed for my appearance and ready to attack
Me-alone struggling to present some face
Not wanting to present my feeble side
I hide my fears and proceed to an indefinite fate.


  1. Beano,

    I was hardly amongst the crowd you feared, frequently being on the beak!