Something About Arlene...

Tyrone republican Sean Mallory with his thoughts on Arlene Foster's political acumen post-Brexit.

Initially lost in its shock and subdued euphoria of victory, the impact of the result of the British referendum on retaining its EU membership, quickly receded in to serious doubt on what the British public had actually voted for.

On the economic benefits, as the Brexit leaders had promised would arise if ‘leave’ were victorious, the public soon discovered that these were as real and tangible as the pot of gold at the end of the Brexit rainbow. 

Denounced as lairs and charlatans, the ever self-effacing Gove, Johnson and Farage avoided the deluge of disbelief at the fraud they had committed by their bullish attitude in demanding that people get on with it, and what is done is done. A similar disposition expressed also by May.

A sentiment oft repeated here by our illustrious First Minister and her political band of myopic and parochial followers.

To the parochial eye, the EU majority here, 56%, the result to leave was perceived to be catastrophic. To the minority, it was hailed as a great opportunity for Britain to take back control of its own affairs. 

Foster, as yet, has failed to explain to the public what ‘own affairs’ references or the false positive spin of the Brexit campaigners with regards to extra monies becoming available. The EU has been adamant that there will be no talks prior to the invocation of article 50. So none of the Brexit supporters (Foster et al) will be able to develop any feasible economic plan prior to invoking the article or even have any idea what is on the table until after.

She continues to duck and dive questions as to the contents / details of any plan she has for going forward and averts the embarrassing reality ‘of having no idea’ by repetitive clichés of re-assurances of continuing monetary levels of support to her DUP farming community while her Agricultural minister McIlveen, demands more funding from Europe to ease the plight of her aveuglément.

Foster, even though she doesn’t represent the majority of voters who wanted to remain, is determined to have her cake and eat it, is seeking inclusion at the EU negotiating table where she will fight for the ‘whole’ people of Norn Iron by demanding the unique relationship between the South and the North be retained irrespective of what the EU may decide. 

She may bully Kenny but attempting to bully almost an entire continent is folly, even by her standards. Plus, Boris and Teresa have other matters more important at hand to deal with and may not wish to have the petulant and disrupting DUP leader chirping in. 

Nationalist/Republican parties, both North and South of the British border have been quick of the mark to call and in some cases rescind their initial call, for a border poll to retain the majority’s EU membership that will in turn, they hope but not all of them, lead to a United Ireland. 

A call in fact to retain EU membership that, tenuous as it may seem, a united Ireland is actually an inadvertent consequence of such.

Those opposed to this suggestion have based their call on various articles of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). Some have suggested that Nationalists/Republicans have thrown a curve ball to test the waters ... maybe so. 

A ball vigorously slapped back by Foster, Villiers, Brokenshire and May with Kenny obediently in tow, of course for ulterior political reasons. 

Their refusal based on a British interpretation of the political will of Unionism on the ground in Norn Iron having not changed and has yet to be explained how that view is determined or what figures it is based on....certainly not the 56% EU remain voters!

But here is the thing after article 50:

The Good Friday Agreement (GFA) is based on Britain’s membership of the EU
When article 50 is invoked, not when Britain eventually leaves, is the GFA null and void
The Stormont Assembly, based on the GFA, is also by proxy null and void 
The GFA can no longer be used as a terms of reference as it is null and void 
Foster is no longer First Minister 
She has no mandate and no right to claim that she speaks for the majority
Why should Foster be perceived as the lead politician when she holds no public office?
The DUP, a minority Brexit party, has no veto on any aspect of North/South EU negotiations for they hold no mandate to do so
At this point, what would warrant the British government to grant Fosters inclusion at the EU negotiating table when she no longer holds any public office post at all?
If they include Foster then they must also include all local party leaders
As the GFA is null and void, would articles 2 and 3 not automatically be re-instated back into the Republic’s constitution?
And why even attempt to re-negotiate a null and void agreement?

As Juncker (President of European Commission), Tusk (President of European Council) and Schulz (President of the European Parliament) prepare Britain’s P45, as Arlene clears her throat to continue shouting in through the EU letterbox having been responsible for closing the EU door in her own face the first place, as Martin continues to contradict his coalition partners on an new forum for the way ahead inclusive or exclusive of unionism, and as a majority it seems, is only a majority when Unionism says so, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the not the possibility of a united Ireland but more importantly who is going to tell Big Jackie and the boys on the Newtonards Road that their EU peace funding is kaput!


  1. The wee six should be made to go it alone for five years. Without funding from anywhere. I would like to see the attitude of unionists after a wee spell without being economically pampered for their toxic anti-Irish attitudes.

  2. The Law of unintended consequences; '' A call in fact to retain EU membership that, tenuous as it may seem, a united Ireland is actually an inadvertent consequence of such.'' Spot on Larry.The Unionists would have nobody left to hate, they will starve to death - their hatred of all that is Irish is all that unites

  3. Larry,

    What would happen if the wee 6 found lots of oil off the coast?

  4. It would probably be as criminal in their handling of it as the free state were

  5. Steve Ricardos

    The English would thieve and squander it like that of Scotland. But good to see you still require delusion to see the wee six as a solvent entity.

  6. You'll need a bigger rod to bait me than that Larry!!