PSNI At War With Working Class Republican Communities

IRPWA spokesperson Damhnaic Mac Eochaidh read out the following statement yesterday in front of Féile an Phobail Offices on Belfast's Falls Road.

Can I first of all thank you all for attending today’s protest against British policing in Ireland. It is important that we use these methods in the heart of our communities to demonstrate our continued opposition to the PSNI as one armed wing of Britain in our country.

Police forces are, by their very nature, not there to serve the interest of the working class, and underclass – but to protect the few, the rich, wealthy and the powerful. In the six counties, the PSNI as a force is also there to enforce an occupation alongside the British army, and directed by MI5. The PSNI implements British law, and those who challenge them are the victims of harassment and intimidation using supposed anti-terror powers that are again legislated for in a foreign parliament and draconian in nature.

The PSNI is at war with working class Republican communities. This is an indisputable fact when anyone objectively challenges the state on statistics. One Belfast community has 3500 stop and searches in a five year period, not including stop and searches of residents when outside the area. There were over 250 raids over the same period and over 20 malicious charges brought. There was NOT ONE conviction. This pattern is replicated across the six counties, from Newry to Derry, Strabane to Rasharkin.

There are others within our community who claim that things have changed, that we all need to move on, that those who oppose British policing are backward thinking, that we are stuck in the past. Their attitude, and words are similar to those of the Peace People, the SDLP, the Workers Party and others who had achieved relevance simply down to their opposition to core Republican objectives. In Sinn Féin, those who once upon a time advocated burning Gerry Fitt out, attacked the home of Pat Ramsey for supporting the RUC and PSNI, are now the staunchest supporters of the same force. Their hypocrisy reeks.

In an attempt to normalise armed British policing in our communities, Sinn Féin uses community organisations and private enterprise to do their work for them. When Republicans challenge or expose this they run to the compliant media claiming they have been threatened. Where are these threats? Can anyone give the text of any threat? NO, because the supposed threats don’t and never did exist.

They point to crime in these areas and say that a police force is needed, yet fail to acknowledge that drug dealing, death driving, and criminality continue. In some cases it has got worse, while their own members are involved in criminality such as smuggling, landlordism, fraud, extortion and robbery.
They say they have achieved accountability via the policing board. Since Sinn Féin and the SDLP`s participation in this sham, the chief constable has continued to disrupt and hinder any inquiries into any shoot to kill or collusion murders. He has stockpiled lethal plastic bullets. He has deployed the British Army’s special reconnaissance regiment. The sectarian facade of 50/50 recruitment has ended. Objections were raised by both parties, but the reality is that they powerless in interfere in any of the chief constables decisions. They were effectively told to shut up and sit down. Who has put the manners on whom?

While the forces of the state and her minions enjoy tea and biscuits, harassment, intimidation and threats continue. The malicious prosecutions and imprisonment go on. The abuse of activists' children continues. The sectarian policing continues and the glorification of sectarian murdering MI5 agents is unimpeded.

The facilitation of loyalist sectarian displays, hate crimes and unwanted parades is permitted. The croppies are told to lie down. We will not lie down we will challenge the state through radical campaigns within communities. We will challenge those who attempt to normalise an armed militia within our communities. We will refuse to be intimidated by either of Sinn Féin’s armed wing, namely the PSNI or the armed criminal gang they have in the background masquerading as Republicans.

As we leave here I want to give you a direct quote from the deputy first minister of Stormont, a man who stands alongside various chief constables and British secretaries of state in joint displays of opposition to republicanism.

The RUC as we all know, those of us who have faced them are the military wing of unionism in this state. And they have been unacceptable in the past, they are unacceptable now and they will be unacceptable in the future! - Martin McGuinness speaking to a rally at Pomeroy, Co Tyrone.

Martin and other collaborators now find them acceptable; Republicans do not and will not accept British policing in Ireland, regardless.

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh
Damhnaic Mac Eochaidh,
Belfast IRPWA

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''PSNI At War With Working Class Republican Communities"

  1. Does anybody know if these raids are targeted? I mean, is it orchestrated? And if so, who is doing the targeting?

  2. McGuinness said at the 1986 Provisional Sinn Fein Ard Fheis that their war would "never, never, never," change until victory is achieved against British tyranny in the Six Counties. He is a liar.


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