Increasing Repression In Maghaberry

Via the IRPWA a statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 26/07/16.

Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 Maghaberry 26/07/16
Imprisoned In Maghaberry
Over recent weeks Republican Prisoners have noted increasing repression towards Republican Prisoners by the Jail Administration. During this time we have also witnessed the appointment of another Unionist Stormont Justice Minister, with DUP fundamentalists obtaining key positions also on the Justice Committee. Similarly, we have witnessed the appointment of a British Secretary of State with a background in security under a Thatcher style British Prime Minister.

It is against this backdrop that a new panel is being established under the Fresh Start Agreement to review the operation of the Republican Wing.
We have sufficient experience of the British State and its puppets to know that such a panel would provide a convenient cover for those seeking to continue, and indeed intensify, the oppression of Republican Prisoners and also to provide cover for those seeking to push for an end to political segregation. We would therefore like to make clear that any retrograde or regressive manoeuvres undertaken, under the cover of this panel, will be met with resistance of the utmost intensity by Republican Prisoners.
Irish women and men have a proud history of resistance in sites of British captivity those who believe that Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry differ in this regard today will find themselves sadly mistaken. We do not need to peddle rhetoric to emphasis this point, we are simply making it clear that there are no conceivable lengths to which we will not go to defend our integrity as Republican Political Prisoners.
Republican Prisoners
Roe 4


  1. I something could be done to free the innocent, Republican prisoners from british infested Maghaberry. Peace will not free them. War is the only alternative. Bloodshed is required which is hard to say. Freedom has never come without it.

  2. Ronnie,
    Are you trying to trick others into incriminating themselves by saying something similar?
    Anyway, victory to the prisoners.

  3. Ronnie,

    Because that worked SO well in the past.

  4. I desire no one to incriminate him or herself, DaithiD. Evidently, you know I.'m telling the truth. In America, we have some freedom of speech. If I lived where you do, I may not be so careless to say what I believe. The beloved prisoners are unafraid to speak out.

  5. Ronnie,

    apart from some perverse militaristic satisfaction that war advocates might derive from their bellicosity, why would people want the societal dysfunction that war brings?

  6. Militaristic satisfaction? That's a good question to ask the 5,000 British soldiers still in your country.

    As long as the Queen's soldiers remain in the Six Counties, and British Unionists control Stormont, there will be Republican Armies to resist them.

  7. Ronnie,

    feel free to ask them.

    But you could still answer the question what other reason than militaristic satisfaction can come from futile armed activities? The young men and women you wish to see kill others will go to jail for it and for what? So that cheerleaders and the like can gain a perverse satisfaction from the activities of others.

    What sensible person calls for war in circumstances whereby the repression of war will be infinitely more oppressive than non war?

  8. AM,
    Your negative comment "futile armed activities" directed toward the courageous, Republican Armies is an insult to their stand against British imperialism in YOUR country. The only military satisfaction derived will be when the RAs win.

  9. Ronnie,

    that will be around the same time Donald Trump sets up the Caliphate and performs Friday Prayers in the White House.

  10. Ronnie, you must recognise these statements are more dangerous to those making them, than their targets.

  11. Anthony,
    You write against the RAs valiant fight, and you broke away from the Republican Movement at their adherence to the Stormont Agreement. I must assume you are against both. No matter, you are one of my heroes.

  12. I must say the two statements you have written to me, you live in a different world than I. I have never resided in a country dominated by an imperialist nation. I have always been free, but my ancestors fought the redcoats with guns to establish sovereignty.

  13. The leprechaun is more extreme the farther removed from Ireland. Except in the Commonwealth where they prosper unhindered and rarely return 'home' from.

    One section of a divided community imprisoning the other is not a good recipe for a successful prison regime. But the unionist/loyalist community has depended upon and benefited from the conflict 'industries' for so long it is standard procedure for them to get paid for their bigotry.

    From the prisoners angle it is just mind blowing for me that they saw any sense in continuing a failed struggle and set about getting arrested employing otherwise unemployable scum to incarcerate them.

  14. Ronnie the one thing you are guaranteed from heroes is that they will always disappoint.