Global War Turned Around As Peace

Frank O'Brien writes about US wars. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

Though they won't come out and say it plainly, the American Empire has since, the Sept. 11th attacks been waging a war of aggression under the guise of their stepping in to provide "humanitarian" aid in the ridiculous form of either military occupation, after invading, or waging a slightly open yet covert war through drones, monetary aid, and so on. After installing a pro-USA government in Afghanistan, which is reported by most as a truly corrupt government, it began steadily increasing open warfare in neighboring Pakistan vis-a-vis drones, killing and maiming thousands of men, women and children.

Through what has been the filtered news broadcast back home, it has set up the scenario that they can do no wrong, even though untold numbers of children have been killed or maimed, calling them the usual collateral damage. Much like the extra-judicial killing of a black man or woman, or child, it elicits little from the government except empty platitudes. The over million dead Iraqis that have died since the 2003 Iraq invasion hasn't even garnered any air time on the three usual suspects, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Preventive war is not what the military reality is when you look at all the facts, as presented for instance on the Corbett Report, the Empire Files, Chris Hedge's RT program On Contact, besides his Days of Revolt on teleSur, RT's Watching the Hawks and Global Empire with Tariq Ali.

Not enough people question the militarization of American police, since these ever so convenient mass shootings knock out such a debate from headlines, and its ever reaching the public, except of course through these shows mentioned above, and there has to certainly be more to the mass shootings than what we are presented with, as if any of it was serious investigative journalism, since you have to go to the ALT press for anything approaching that.

All while America has been destroying the societal infrastructure of Syria. It was the one behind the creation of Daesh, through it's proxies in the region, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, directed covertly through NATO, much like NATO's Gladio operations, which though exposed, again got little attention back in the USA, most of that coverage having been done in Europe and the now falling apart Perfidious Albion[UK for short!].

Al Qaeda hadn't been in Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion, yet conveniently, because we naturally freed them from Saddam Hussein, but thanks to CIA lead efforts, they acquired a standing there, wrecking chaos, causing religious strife that hadn't much existed, then morphed into the group now called Daesh/ISIS. There is ample documentation of this covert war of chess, basically destabilization by way of arming and supplying Daesh, then going, "OH look at these guys, where did they come from, and guess we'll have to go after them now," all while it was our left over $500,000 worth of guns, trucks and so on, that made them a viable force. Then once the intelligence goofs destabilize the given region, the US comes in to slightly clean up a mess that they perpetrated. Global Research TV with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, besides the Global Research news articles and essays are one place a person can go to get the truth about the behind the scenes shenanigans of Uncle Sam, NATO and the Western banks, think tanks and the US military/industrial/intelligence complex.

It was the US and some NGOs[non-governmental organizations] that were behind the pro-Western coup d'etat in the Ukraine not that long ago, yet it was Russia's seizure of the Crimea that grabbed all the headlines back here. Typical propaganda by way of selective reporting, and denying certain glaring realities that aren't convenient to the trumpeted official narrative. It was retired General Wesley Clark who first spoke of there being a 7 country plan, Libya and Syria being on that imperialist table, meant to redraw the Middle East into manageable countries for the USA and NATO.

It has been exasperating drawing people's attention to the aggression waged by Uncle Sam against both Russia, and China, when nobody even seems to care, their still taking mainly what is spoon fed to them by the corporate mainstream press, which is nothing better than a propaganda arm of the US military, and corrupt two party government. Much like the old Soviet Union, the US has elections, giving the veneer of there being democracy, but the candidates are mainly put forth and chosen by the Establishment, and propped up by the useless and complicit media. It is not surprising then that the main audience for many of my columns receive attention in Ireland, Pakistan and other countries outside the American Empire, which many have been predicting is due for a fall. What little sympathy that there was after 9/11 has been spent beyond exhaustion, leaving us naked aggressors, not freedom/democracy angels from above.

War is not a peace making undertaking, as Chossudovsky says, so we must at all cost break the make believe consensus that has come from Americans and Europeans mindlessly taking as gospel truth what their mainstream, controlled media present. For one, we must go after the two mega-jerks that the Establishment has chosen as the only viable presidential candidates, and make damn sure that the orchestrated mass shootings don't result in more and more gun control legislation. These are two points where the Left meets the Right on issues that raise their shackles equally, since both sides of the spectrum seem to be the only sane voices of truth, even though the ALT media isn't given time, or coverage by the corporate press hacks, and cable company monopolies.

Pretext and justifications have been created out of whole cloth by the Western intelligence agencies to then go in and liberate a nation like Libya or Syria, which in the case of Libya saw the brutal, non-humanitarian slaughter, or both Muammar Gaddafi, and the US embassy/consulate staff there, leaving the country in literal tatters. The same is going on in Syria, which thankfully has weathered the storm, and let there be no doubt about it, the USA has been the aggressor, and Evil Empire since it started this perpetual war that they have stage managed.

Ignorance is no defense in these matters, though the responsibility rests mainly with the American and European elite, conveniently protected by the boys in blue, and the so-called volunteer armed forces. Strike out we must in a not harum-scarum way, but in a well thought out calculated way, militarily if called for, which for the first time in 200 years might be another revolutionary war or civil war, God help us! There are, as enumerated here before, other presidential candidates like Jesse Ventura, the Green party and other independent, and libertarian choices besides Wall Street Hillary, and El Douchebag, Donald Trump. All we have to do is vote with our channel selector, turning off the corporate propaganda machine, and turning to real voices of reason, some of whom I list above.

However this grand debacle plays out, I will side both with the Left and the Right, since between the two of them, a sane middle ground exists if you look for it. Except for the moronic born again idiots who are all going to hell whether they know it or not, we have a sizable Latino, and other Spanish speaking population, blacks rightfully fighting for their liberation and equality, and women do the most voting in presidential elections. Those who want a real change need to tune out the BS on network TV and focus on the presidential candidates who haven gotten equal time in this past year. Think of Ralph Nader, who tried his best but was sidelined by the biased corporate media pundits. It takes a good part of your time to look into who's out there, otherwise we're doomed to another 4 to 8 years of the same usual Wall Street run crap. Anonymous is out here, and we haven't been defeated yet, since the Powers That Shouldn't Be are too busy shooting themselves in the foot. We will be at the forefront of the fight to liberate America and Europe, and then those nations that are unfortunately under the thumb of the dwindling American imperialist empire.


  1. This article will drive Noraid supporters crazy.Their kids are doing the invading.

  2. All the US is doing is creating a new nuclear arms race. The North Koreans and Iranians worked out that as soon as you become a nuclear power, the yankees look to bully others instead.

    Still, as a nation the US spends bugger all on maintaining it's infrastructure. Only a matter of time before it's electric grid, sewer system and water supply chain break down beyond repair. Combine this with widespread ethnic disorder and the US Empire falls.

  3. Really enjoyed that read. Spot on.

    Steve Ricardos

    No harm to the many decent people in the States, but wouldn't what you outline be wonderful to behold!?