Fighting For Islam & Freedom Of Thought

Frank O'Brien writes on the phenomenon termed Islamophobia. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

Malcolm X's old adage "by any means necessary" resonates when faced with the ever growing Islamophobia that stymies the need to remove such outlandish memes from our garbage based, and blindly patriotic culture in the West. The ethnocentric and greatly reduced intellectual capacity that exists in the whole of the West now, brought to Europe now since the refugee crisis started, backed up by propaganda by the European radical right wing parties, has existed in America exclusively up until now, though now existing in Europe too now.

This Islamophia will only fan the flames of ignorance that brings us all to a point of where we become terrorists much like the Sunni extremists in Daesh. To earn our freedom we all once fought the imperialist, and colonialist regimes, like the old British Empire, and few remember how countries like Pakistan fought for similar freedom, against the very same Perfidious Albion. Now since 9/11 Uncle Sam has used the excuse of its War on Terror to not only to blindly wage war on suspected terrorists, but has been looking to gain political and strategic advantage at the expense of other sovereign nations, going against its supposed desire to bring democracy to the whole of the Middle East, and Afghanistan. Through its CIA, super secret black ops units/groups, and proxy countries like Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and their intelligence services, they built up and created this group, Daesh, then through their mouth piece press acted surprised when this group attacked Brussels, and Paris, even though it is likely they played a secret role in the attacks themselves, to whip up anti-Islamic fervor.

The vastly ignorant public who don't ever bother to look beyond the headlines which are fed to them by the complicit, and compliant Western press, are just as guilty by their stupidity in furthering the hidden geopolitical agenda of their master puppeteers, their all being played and had by this insidiousness. How to get beyond it? Well it will take the eruption of dissatisfaction to the point of where the West's public begins to not trust their regular media outlets, moving them towards looking father afield for their news and information, such as the ALT press provides rather well.

Obviously those of us who are Irish will recognize the old saying that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, which has been turned on it's head so many times, as to have been made to do crazy intellectual somersaults. I'll state it as I once recommended to Alan Ryan of the Real IRA, a great friend I knew since his teenage years, that in order to be a legitimate freedom fighter, one needs to attack hard military targets, or the law and order props set up by the Brits to solidify and justify the occupation of the North of Ireland. Therefore any true Islamic freedom fighters wouldn't go after innocent civilians, but would rather only attack those institutions and apparatuses that represent the occupiers and state criminals that have brought such misery and death to their now war torn countries.

I'm inclined to believe the much talked about connection that there supposedly is between groups like Hamas to the Israeli MOSSAD, which matches up with the idea that the Western powers also control the actions of their creations like Daesh in order to stir up the political pot, causing widespread fear backed up by incredible ignorance, all of which helps to garner greater financial windfall for the various occupying armies and shadowy intelligence services who really are behind the orchestrated, and perpetual shadow war, all of it a created construct. Until and unless the people of the West begin to wake up out of their slumber, this whole load of bullshit will continue to be seen as reality rather than the self generated farce that it truly is, all of it just about totally created by their own governments, it being classic state sponsored terrorism.

If a really genuine freedom fighting group were to want to attack the West, they'd likely wage a concerted cyber attack, or other ingenious technological attack, aimed at the soft white underbelly of the evil Western governments that have committed so, so many war crimes, yet not having been brought up on charges by even the international court at the Hague. It would be justifiable given this new Crusade against the Muslim world, disguised as the perpetual War on Terror, which it most certainly isn't, if it even ever was to begin with.

Our whole understanding in the West of this perpetual War on Terror is based upon the assumption that events like 9/11 were perpetrated wholly by Islamic extremists when in fact it is now certain that it was all an inside job with dupes who wound up being sacrificed like pawns in a chess game. Though a majority of the public still buy the official narrative, a healthy minority, numbering in the millions know better the true story, even if in its skeletal form, put together from the glaring anomalies that speak to there being a state sponsored action behind it all.

Again the Irish Republicans know all too well how the British played this way in their dirty war against the IRA, trying to discredit it and its cause for national liberation, so I needn't remind fellow Republicans about this oldest trick or tricks from the imperialist play book. Since there was no real enemy left for the Establishment to fight after the fall of the Soviet Union, a new one had to be created since the militaries and intelligence services were slowly being sucked dry of their once large budgets.

The magicians did their magic by the usual slight of hand, suckering 100s of millions into supporting the huge expansion in these almost once dried up dinosaurs, and falling for the fear mongering that has greatly furthered the Islamophobia that was caused in turn. With drones having killed and injured countless numbers of children in Pakistan, and Islamic terrorism aimed at the Pakistani stare undoubtedly having been the creation of the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD, it would be completely justified if the ISI and their partners in Russia and china committed cyber attacks on key Western government computer systems as a way of fighting back. After all these are the ones who have become the actual terrorists, even more than their creations like Daesh, and Al Qaeda.

I encourage those in my ANONYMOUS to join in with these agencies to disrupt the West's internal structure, and to steal damning evidence if it can be siphoned off from say the CIA's internal computer system, or the ones used by the Pentagon. This form of jihad is one that doesn't kill innocent civilians but merely serves to shine a light on the criminal activities of my criminal government.

Keeping Trump and or Hillary from reaching the Oval Office is another worth while goal. Know well that our future depends on such legitimate jihads, since we all know full well that the West's armed forces, intelligence services and politicians, and their elite behind the scenes masters are the true terrorists.


  1. "Therefore any true Islamic freedom fighters wouldn't go after innocent civilians"

    By innocent most would assume you include non-Muslim innocents? Please supply some examples then of true Islamic freedom fighters. And show how the innocents were more free after their conquest than before it. It should by easy for a scholar like you, who doesn't get his ideas from right wing headlines.

  2. Frank I think you need to get a bit of cop-on -there is a big difference between National Freedom Fighters and Religious Freedom Fighters. Islamic Freedom Fighters is an oxymoron who want nothing better than to destroy freedoms and human rights values -things like gender equality, freedom of thought and expression or even sexual orientation are the first human rights to go under Islam. Your ignorance about the use of the term Islamophobia as a means of silencing any criticism of Islam is shocking.

    Your failure to understand that Islamic extremism does not start and stop at daesh is of concern -your narrow concept of Islamic extremism excuses the general and more wider barbaric practices like FGM, whipping or stoning people to death for adultery, blasphemy, homosexuality or apostasy. Are you really that messed up in the head that you believe that these practices are reasonable acts of religious moderation?

    You also fail to understand that use of propaganda is not confined to western powers alone -Islamic propaganda is very effective also -you represent a good example of how effective Islamic propaganda can be.

  3. Islamophobia, a word made up by and for cowards.

    Here's another word for you, Islamofascism.

    No minority rights in Muslim dominated countries.

    The Western Governments may be shifty and downright criminal but don't kid yourself that Islam is a religion of peace, it was based on the sayings of an illiterate Persian warlord who put innocents to the sword and co-incidentally had a 'divine' revelation when he fancied another wife...prepubescent children not being a barrier to his wont.

    The other Abrahamic-sky daddy religions are little better but come on Frank.

  4. Abandon any semblance of reasonable logic ye who read this.
    This is hilarious and should not be translated any other way or if you have a better translation please clue me in as to the meaning(s). And the winner is, PHOBIA.
    I should state that I have never been so deeply offended, as one of the ignorant, you are an ignorant a phobic #thatone@ridiculously-sentitive-trendy-tweeter-wankers.

    To bust your balls do you believe every citizen of China or any country are supposed to be knowledgeable or as unknowledgeable as you with your not so convincing false passion dribble. The young fella Ronan displayed in his article a deeper understanding of humanity.
    Then of course I get to read your, pat me on my intellectual superior political awareness back!

    Clan na Gael, the first thing I associate with them is their long standing relationship of defending Islam. You see with a computer anyone can say anything and if one is unaware of its true origins some might actually read that and believe it.

    This article is all over the place, I had to knock back a few whiskies to un-mumbo the jumbo. I will say one decent thing; its comedy value does provide a sympathetic chuckle not for its all over the map content but for the unexceptional wanker who penned it.

    The West is and has been a very understanding place so caring we have held two major world wars to show how united the west is and according to the doomsday clock we are always minutes away from nuclear war. You are forgetful or maybe just shyly bias as the east of Europe is not so squeaky clean and you turn a blind eye to that which you feebly are trying to defend Islamic countries are not immune to corruption and social injustices.

    Reading your crap-o-ganda its clear you are only using what you term as Islam a phobic to promote some other idiot agenda. Odd that you despise the place you live in but take advantage of the liberty it offers you with freedom of speech or in this case freedom to rant.

    “This Islamophia will only fan the flames of ignorance that brings us all to a point of where we become terrorists much like the Sunni extremists in Daesh.”

    What does the above mean? Holy so called wars are nothing new although the trendy wanker term of adding phobia is very recent. I would suggest you read through the histories of the various religions and note they survived and still draw a crowd today. Your absurd future projection of us all becoming terrorists over a misrepresentation backed up with a word “phobia” is irrational thought. I am certain all religions love one and other event if their particular god is better and the only true god. Not much to fight about there?

    The great reduction in western European intellectualism and there is ignorant me thinking the opposite as with most countries now even the poor are educated to one degree or another. It was not that long ago that only the privileged few would have access to an education. Is the only difference between right wing extremism and left wing extremism a choice of what political brand one follows? Would the term, by any means necessary not qualify as cowardly and sneaky as all it really means is kill what you fear and destroy what you do not understand without a doubt a mantra followed throughout human evolution in one form or another. In essence we become what we fear and continue the cycle. Is that not what you are doing claiming to be right and superior and the vastly ignorant are all wrong.

    I don’t have the time right now but will throw up some counters to your unstable view not because I will find any value in it but just for the hell of it.

  5. Does Frank even read these responses AM?

  6. YES I have begun reading these NOW, and as I say to my two closest friends here, who are right wing as hell, you all make excellent points, some I concur with, while others I simply don't believe to be true. Feel free to call me and my writing what you want, cause I relish a good debate, even if I may seem the court jester to some of you. Debate is what gives us freedom, besides blowing the shit out of the occupying British, or the CIA created Daesh. All I can tell you is that there is a learning curve, which you all here are helping me with, for even at 50 I still feel I can learn a lot, especially from the youngings in the RA, or from mere political activists. Now as per the Islamophobia, I have first hand knowledge from a close friend, who just happens to be Sunni Muslim, lives in California, who's family lives in Tunisia, but is here since his mother was dying, and has stuck on since her passing, and he has told me of some truly harrowing experiences, and pointed out to me how peaceful Muslims like himself were recently shot to death in front of mosques in I believe it was Texas, and I don't doubt him for a second, given that he is a truly honest, and good man. True, I agree that Sharia law is many times backward and offensive to our Western sensibilities, but always remember that there is a difference with the Sharia laws, and those who take it to an extreme, like cutting off some poor unfortunate prisoners heads, in say the Daesh occupied fiefdoms. I am very, very close to a friend and brother in Pakistan, who is truly lucky since he grew up with an excellent education, that most in Pakistan don't readily get, or not at all most times. He is an accomplished writer, and intellectual, and he has educated me that there is tolerance over there for gay, bisexual, transgender and lesbian adherents to Islam, and it is only because of ignorance that many of them are targeted by hate crimes. BUT he and those who follow Imran Khan are trying to educate, and bring tolerance, and thereby hopefully acceptance to these minorities, besides in their attempt to squelch the all too conservative mullahs that preach intolerance, and even sanction violence against any who deviate from their strict interpretation of Islam. It is the way too conservative mullahs that take advantage of the underprivileged, filling their heads with hate, and desire for wanton violence against those they don't think adhere to what they particularly think Mohammed, and Allah wanted here on earth. I therefore recommend for your consideration some of the wonderful lectures given by both Tariq Ali, who I am a follower of, and his New Left clic in Britain, and a good man who my Californian/Tunisian brother also recommended, who is a man named Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. I find true wisdom coming out of listening to both Tariq Ali, and this most eloquent mullah, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, and between both these prosaic personalities, there is a middle ground to be found in between both their points of view. I lived in the predominantly black ghetto of South Albany, NY, then becoming homeless, then lived in a shelter in my home of Troy, living in an emergency bed in a group home, and finally living in a slum lord apartment, supposedly properly managed by a local welfare organization. Out of this baptism by fire, my once radical views have been transformed, to where I do see the underbelly of what those in the most need go through, and that includes Muslim immigrants, which there are plenty of here in Troy, the home of Uncle Sam.

  7. A small amount of inputs to derive such a large output Frank.

  8. Christy Walsh,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you! Keep up good work.

  9. Unitedbrotherhood,
    And the egg cracks, aghast, no nourishment falls out.

    Thanks, and no thanks, if you wish to follow Allah, then may he shine fortune and good health upon you. I will stick with looking for the boogey man under my bed every night.

    I will call you Saul as I smell a conversion. I am certain the radical section of Islam would be more up your alley.
    Your own radical thought is convoluted, convincingly unconvincing. You have beef with the vastly ignorant west as we don’t understand a different culture are you implying different cultures have a great understanding of western culture? I believe most are accommodating however discrimination is equal, I doubt I could find amongst the world’s population anyone who does not practice discrimination in one form or another.

    Your own article discriminates against the entire west with what I assume is your recently found new calling more than likely seeded in your own disenchantment. I make no attempt to mask my discrimination against you.
    Catch phrases and clichés wont fill your belly “one man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter.” Then again, one man’s justice, is another man’s injustice. Both terms discriminate against women and just to help you along that includes Muslim women.

    Bread and Circuses has now been replaced with a far wider range of fast food and computers. A handy entertaining wee machine that takes us away from the world by connecting us to the world (well, at least about 58% of the world is connected) it is a magic conundrum have a think about it.

    I could not be arsed but I am sure there is a webpage for everyone and every cause and without a doubt everything is true and factual to someone who wishes it to be so.

    If I was a Muslim I definitely would not want, you to be making a case for me. Just to be clear I will insult and discriminate against the Christian world they are all a bunch of head cases. Right, that is the open door for all Christians to claim I am Christian a phobic. I suppose I should educate myself on the various branches of Christianity and pick a side east or west. Though I do wear a 4th century Coptic Christian cross on certain holy days, so I am a hypocrite. Try and avoid their high holy day mass as that goes on and on.

    Will you admit or acknowledge that they are persecuted alongside the other poor victims of a corrupt movement that uses ancient Islamic laws as a justification. Is it possible people might have a right to be suspicious, us infidels only have to go have gander at some of the videos and statements calling for lone jihadists to kill anyone. Now, explain to me how the average person who knows little or nothing about this particular brand of religious politics is supposed to discern the good from the bad? Certainly there is blatant discrimination but what to hell do we not discriminate against.

    I will refer you back to fast food and computers most people are content just to be alive and yet they all of a sudden are a target of a jihad can you fault most if they feel afraid?

    Not to be an arse about it but I would take a bit of abuse any day rather than be trapped in the rubble as proxy wars are waged as always is it those with no means that are trapped. Being called a dirty fenian bastard did not bother me.

    If you wish to help Islamic folks try and speak about them and not toss in touchy subjects like 9/11 or a war cry for cyber-attacks on a nation and for Jesus sakes leave the Rah out of it. It just sounds funny the Rah defending Islam. It might help you not sound so militant and it contradicts what you are trying to defend and now promoting.

  10. Frank

    There might be no dispute that your friend is a peaceful guy that is not the issue. You started out championing Islamic Freedom Fighters so it is hard to gauge your idea of a reasonable Muslim. Islam is not peaceful. You have not addressed the concerns expressed to you previously but instead you have attempted to rehash the same balderdash you began with. Though you do concede that some concerns (which ones?) are valid so that turns your defense of Islam and its violent adherents on its head.

    Mohammad was a warlord (or to use your terminology an Islamic Freedom Fighter) he was heavily into pillage and barbarism. He believed in killing anyone who stood in his way. Non-Muslims could concede to Islams superiority by paying taxes for the right to practice any other religion they liked as 'protected persons'. This tax, or protection money, is still collected to this day in Muslim countries.

    Mohammad was not only into married women and children but liked the fantasy of a heaven full of virgins. I would call that a brothel and they do exist in this life so no need to commit an act of violence to arrive at that destination.

    You keep pointing up daesh as THE example of the extreme side of Islam and that is disingenuous of you -and daesh are not the only Muslims who mistreat or behead prisoners. Turkey is in many ways more progressive and secular and might best fit your idea of a moderate Islamic country -few would agree with you which is why the EU has balked for so long about allowing them membership.

    Yes, Sharia is applied to various degrees but all models of Sharia would still banish many fundamental human rights.

    Ronnie I appreciate your vote of confidence.