Doublespeak, Obfuscation & Sleight Of Hand

Frank O'Brien shares his thoughts on official deceit. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

The globalization of war is merely a symptom of the push to bring about an excuse for rendering a world wide government like the United Nations to better control the masses. As you'd find out from the Corbett Report's archive, Al Qaeda was created by the CIA back during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, our having brought together from other countries around the region, and beyond, jihadists anxious to strike out at behemoths that they consider to be sacrilegious to the Koran.

Naturally the CIA followed Frank Kitson's ideas being that it worked so well in the North of Ireland, besides it's use in regular supposed constitutional and parliamentary democracies. Just as Gerry Adams maneuvered Sinn Fein in a certain direction, dismissing those who ran counter to his notions, Tony Blair too brought Labour to a more right wing stance, as did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to the American Democratic party.

This neutering of the Leftist leaners has been answered by millennials and old revolutionary Leftists by the electing of Jeremy Corbyn to head the Labour Party. The same group backed Bernie Sanders, and might answer that debacle by backing one of the independents or libertarians, and rioting in the streets during the institutionalized two party system conventions. To not be just pawns in the game, young people are politically active in many progressive movements like the Occupy movement, and Anonymous.

The flavor of feeling in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the other predominantly Muslim countries in the region is anti-West, anti-NATO and anti-USA. The West pissed off Russia by staging a coup d'etat in Kiev, in the Ukraine, causing Russia to seize the Crimea for national security's sake. China's creation of artificial islands for military reasons, extending it's reach outside normal perimeters, has predictably been met by military posturing by the US by our stationing more aircraft carriers and battle ships near to the Chinese artificial islands. All these incidents can blossom into a major catastrophe at any time, including the very dangerous orchestrated war against the current Syrian government, Libya having already, and deliberately been destabilized by Western/NATO forces.

Ultra-Conservative Wahhabi Sunni Islam is promoted in Saudi Arabia at the behest of the CIA starting way back in the 20th century, so that there was a base from which fanatics could rise to the surface when called upon, like Osama bin Laden, and the mujahideen, and they aren't Frankensteins since they are remotely controlled.

This is part of the counter insurgency theories thought up back in the early to mid-20th century, complimented by PsyOps [or Psychological Operations] in an effort to socially engineer and guide the outcome of how people behave, vote and look at each other. How you think is dependent upon whether you unquestionably follow and trust the corporate mainstream press, or instead consult the alternative, independent press who have been growing stronger from the proliferation of their shows on the Net. People also have crossed over to listening and watching foreign news broadcasts, though one must be careful since they are influenced by the corporate globalists. These are ways the original Nazi fascists used to mold and control their citizens, getting them ready for things like the Final Solution, where Jews, other ethnicities, homosexuals, disabled and retarded people were wholesale slaughtered like cattle.

Now Muslims have been set up as the lambs to the slaughter by the elite's portrayal of them as anti-Christian fanatics bent on world domination. The open secret is that most terrorism is state sponsored, being done through the auspices of the various intelligence agencies, including those Muslim ones in the Far East, besides the Middle East, and those of the West, who principally direct the others in the directions they so desire. This use of power as if one was playing chess, when in fact we are all their pawns, demands our refusal to be manipulated and subjugated by any means necessary. Making sure that nuclear weapons are never used in the current conflicts is a must to keep it from becoming a runaway train.

People's response to the propaganda fed to them by the likes of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, can be answered by simply tuning out altogether, and instead watching ALT news media like that on RT, teleSur and the Corbett Report. A far more educated bunch are the young millennials who were behind Occupy Wall Street, and are in Anonymous. Our future will be decided by these young renegades who are in the mold of the original American revolutionaries, daring to pinch the nose of the securocrats who hijacked the nation after 9/11. The Powers That Shouldn't Be began their campaign of social control and engineering at just before the turn of the 20th century when yellow journalism was perfected by elites like Hearst, with psychology and behavioral psychology being used in propagandist ways, and institutionalized in the educational system.

Our monetary system was hijacked by a few private banks in the legalized form of the Federal Reserve, with war promoted at every single opportunity so as to increase revenue through arms sales, and the expansion of what has become the military/industrial/intelligence complex. Disguised groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group steer the West's agenda as per foreign policy, and the desired outcomes that the elite desire, even down to supposedly democratic national elections. It is through doublespeak like there can only be peace after wars are raised and fought in the name of all that is good, when in fact they only breed more resistance and even that resistance is infiltrated by the elites. One must reach beyond the norm, thinking, questioning and learning about our little known history, which doesn't get taught in schools, and maybe only a little bit in colleges.

The collective pysche can be easily manipulated from the fact that the average IQ is barely above mildly stupid, so it is this advantage that has been used to mold people's perceptions and behavior. People can, once they realize their error in following the marketed truth, can discover the real truth on their own no matter their IQ, if and as long they stay away from trusting the mainstream. Here doublespeak and other Orwellian mechanisms for social control and engineering can be nullified, causing a social uproar that can't be defeated nor ignored by the created Establishment, much like the political turmoil of the 1960s.

Even the counter culture turns out to have been engineered by the likes of Timothy Leary, and Gloria Steinem, who worked for the CIA, and through the protest music of the 60's era, though now it is beyond the reach of influence by these power elites. Conscientious and caring young people not only backed Bernie Sanders, but also form the backbone of the groups like Occupy and Anonymous. There is hope to be found in the likes of independent, and libertarian electoral candidates, and no doubt if a Trump or Hillary gets into the Oval Office, there will be stiff resistance and especially cyberwarfare waged against them. I say damn the torpedoes and lets wage a rebellion that will bring back Uncle Sam, the way that he should be, and not the way he has been before now.

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  1. '' The collective pysche can be easily manipulated from the fact that the average IQ is barely above mildly stupid '' You are far too kind - '' These philosophes consider mankind in their (social?) experiments no more than they do mice in an air pump.They would sacrifice the whole human race to their experiments.'' Edmund Burke writing in 1790 also predicted the Reign Of Terror, the execution of Louis XVI, as well as France ' Returning to Empire.' Cheered me up to see your citation as 'Censor offender'' - you obviously weren't trying hard enough before!