Corbyn Labour's Policies Are Behind The Most Vicious Attacks On The LP Leader

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage writes that:

The media never ask why LP members like me give our loyalty to Mr Corbyn. We're not fans, Trotskyist, entryists, or pliable fools, we come from all classes, ages and races and we certainly are not people who make rape threats, death threats, smash up cars, or throw bricks through windows to make a political point.

Journalists examine the damage done by the most fabled brick since Mrs Pankhurst said the broken window pane is the most valuable argument in modern politics

The media and some rebel Labour Party MPs have talked up the likelihood of the party splitting if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership contest. This is more in hope than reality because if and when Jeremy is re-elected leader for the second time in a year, in my judgement one of two things will occur.

A smallish group of Blairite and neoliberal Labour MP's, and the odd MEP will leave the party, at best they may take a 20% of the membership with them, but I doubt they will achieve even that. They might attempt to form a new party although as they will be going cap in hand to any takers, I cannot see it getting off the ground. They in all probability came to believe with Brexit, Boris Johnson would have become leader of the Tory party and thus they could have hooked up with the left of the Tory party and Orange book LibDems. 

The election of Mrs May put paid to that. If Corbyn wins, the only place these neoliberal right wing Labour MP's are going, is home. Yes they may hang around in parliament until 2020 as a mischief making independent opposition faction, but they will have no core support in the nation at large. Not least because all they are offering is more of the same. 

It's hardly surprising a majority of MP's, whatever their political affiliation, support maintaining the status quo, as they are part of the small minority of the population who have gained from neoliberalism.

Outside of this core group of dissidents, the majority of the rest of the ant- Corbyn MP's will hopefully remain in the party, accepting the will of the party membership.

As Lycurgus wrote "when the gods are angry with men, they make them lose their reason." This is exactly what has happened to this rebellious group of LP MP's. Believing as they do it's the neoliberal way or no way, they snapped and turned on the party leader with a viciousness that can only be compared with the way the establishment, including members of the Kinnock leadership, treated the miners in 1984. 

With the mainstream media putting the wind in their sails, they truly believed if they huff, puff, and kick up enough dust they would drown Corbyn in a howl of lies smears and abuse. They came to believe their own propaganda when they portrayed him as a weak leader. Jeremy has proven them wrong. By facing down this onslaught he has displayed the characteristic a future prime minister needs most when the nation is facing difficulties: he has remained calm, solid and has led from the front.

The media

Hardly a day goes by without newspaper columnists and so called opinion formers attacking Jeremy, never mind they are not fit to tie his bootlaces. Only very rarely do they challenge the policies he is advocating: an end to austerity, re-nationalisation of rail, adequately funding the NHS and an end to its internal market, an end to unnecessary wars overseas, defence of the welfare state, etc.

Why don't they report this? Because they understand perfectly well these are old Labour values, which the overwhelming majority of party members have held on to throughout the years of the New Labour aberration. They must also know these are policies which are increasingly popular in the country at large.

They never bother to ask why LP members like me give our loyalty to Corbyn. We're not fans, Trotskyist's, entryists, or pliable fools, we come from all classes, ages and races and we certainly are not people who make rape threats, death threats, smash up cars, or throw bricks through windows to make a political point.

I personally take great offense when senior party members attempt to blanket me, a 67 year old working class man with such foolish, reckless and nasty behaviour. Why would they think I would behave like that, when supposedly they wouldn't?

We are men and women who are heart sick of voting for a Labour leader who promises us one thing, but then implements policies which are against our best interest. Whether it was Ed Miliband's austerity lite, Angela Eagle refusing to oppose benefit cuts, Hilary Benn voting for an air war in Syria, Gordon Brown giving the Banksters a blank cheque, or Blair's illegal war in Iraq.


As serious an issue as bullying is, it's difficult to take serious the claims of bullying by some Labour MP's. I found the claim by former Labour whip Conor McGinn infantile, when he said Jeremy bullied him by telling him he would phone his dad about his behavior. Perhaps Corbyn should have sat Conor on the naughty step or threatened to take away his pocket money.

That a grown man would make such a fuss about an issue like this must question if he's in the right profession. Jeremy denies saying this to Connor, but if he had it would not have been bullying but taking the piss. These folk seem to live in a cocoon where they do not have to face the bric backs of ordinary life.

I will tell you what real bullying is; when you are sick or disabled and told you must travel many miles to be interrogated by a complete stranger about your medical condition on threat of sanction. You're told to touch your toes as if you’re a performing seal in a Sea World dolphinarium and then made to worry for the next few months whether the benefit which makes life just about bearable will be snatched off you by a heartless Tory government.

As to the fabled brick we have heard so much about, its alleged recipient Angel Eagle seemed certain who was responsible indeed she spent day's telling the media just that without a shred of evidence to back up her claim:
They are being carried out in his (Corbyn) name and he needs to get control of people supporting him and make certain that this behaviour stops and stops now. It is bullying. It has absolutely no place in politics in the UK and it needs to end.

Whoever lobbed the brick I doubt is was a Corbyn supporter, nor a local scally, more likely it was the secret state. Len McCluskey put this succinctly in a recent interview when he said he thinks much of the alleged online abuse of Corbyn’s critics is posted by the security services trying to discredit his supporters:
Do people believe for one second that the security forces are not involved in dark practices? I have been around long enough … the type of stuff that we ultimately find out about, under the 30-year rule. I tell you what, anybody who thinks that that isn’t happening doesn’t live in the same world that I live in.

Next up the Mail ran a story claiming a hotel in Luton was forced to cancel a planned campaign event at which Ms Eagle who was due to speak after she received death threats. Total nonsense it was cancelled by the hotel as the room booked would not hold the numbers expected by the organisers.

Last weekend we had an open letter signed by 45 female Labour MP's all of whom oppose Corbyn's leadership. They claim Corbyn has failed to stop the "disgusting and totally unacceptable abuse of women by his supporters." The also demand he signs a three-part pledge to do more to stop the “rape threats, death threats, smashed cars and bricks through the windows seen in recent weeks."

Yet again no evidence of Corbyn supporters throwing a single brick, smashing up cars or threatening rape is included in the letter. Never mind Jeremy has already made a clear statement against bullying by all party members including his supporters.

We have even had a silly season tale turned into a nasty plot when a member of John McDonnell's shadow treasury team entered a former shadow minister's grace and favour office which should have been vacated soon after she resigned. Why Seema Malhotra who made the complaint has been hanging on to the trappings of office she was not entitled to no one from the mainstream media bothered to ask her. *

As Mick Lake wrote in a letter to the Guardian, "Next I predict Corbyn ate my hamster.”

There is a line which runs through all these unsubstantiated accusations about bullying; over and again the same accusations are being made, it's the drip, drip, of poison theory if you splash enough about some of it's bound to stick.

A real victim of actual Bullying

Although he would not mention it himself as he believes it's part of the leader's job to face down such attacks, its Jeremy Corbyn who has been under a constant stream of hate, smears and bullying as anyone will know who has read the LSE report From Watch Dogs to Attack Dogs: The British Media and Jeremy Corbyn.

The fact is as a US president Harry Truman once said, in politics, "If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen." I'm tempted to write many of those who are making these allegations need to grow some cojones, but then I would be accused of condoning bullying so I won't.

What I will say to those Labour MPs who oppose Jeremy, let's debate the issues and policy differences in a comradely manner. If the Brexit campaign taught us one thing, surely it's using lies, smears, and blanket accusations to the detriment of actual policies is the road to disaster.

* An update on Labour MP Seema Malhotra allegations, this short piece was tucked away at the bottom of a page in today's Guardian:

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said it would be right if Labour MP Seema Malhotra apologised after the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled that her office had not been broken into after her resignation from the shadow cabinet. John Bercow told the former shadow chief secretary to the Treasury that alleged unauthorised entry into her office was not a breach of rules.
By Lisa O’Carroll

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''Corbyn Labour's Policies Are Behind The Most Vicious Attacks On The LP Leader"

  1. Enjoyed that. It is an exciting time for Labour. A real opportunity to get rid of a load of Tory impostors and Blair scoundrels. Just hope that is how it works out. Although not since the miners strike have we seen the media in a concerted attack on a section of the UK public akin to that wielded against Irish Nationalists in the north of Ireland for 30 odd years. Fingers and toes crossed til almost fainting that Corbyn does the business here.

  2. "Although not since the miners strike have we seen the media in a concerted attack on a section of the UK public akin to that wielded against Irish Nationalists in the north of Ireland for 30 odd years".
    You've nailed it larry.
    Here's why
    The absolute authority of Westminster derives ultimately from the Monarch.The Monarchy is central to the mythology of the Houses of Commons and Lords. Its patronage bestows grace and favours on those whose actions they approve and who do their bidding.

    Since Westminster MPs swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen and her heirs, parliament will never concede that the people are sovereign, because that would place a body above it and the monarchy. The parliamentary BLP is holding the line

  3. Good article. I personally like Corbyn especially when he is outdoors talking with the people at rallies or whatever! Just a genuine nice bloke! The anit-Corbyn antics of the media is quite scary at times and shows how much a threat that he poses to the establishment....great to see the British people in their hundreds of thousands getting behind him. There will be no split for there isn't anyone out there who would vote for them!!!!

  4. "Not since the miners strike have we seen the media in a concerted attack on a section of the UK public akin to that wielded against Irish Nationalists in the north of Ireland for 30 odd years."


    The above is spot on and I wish I had thought of it to include in the piece, i will tuck it away in my quotes folder.


    You last sentence is very pertinent.


    Used you quote about Betsy in header of blog

    Cheers to you all


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