The New Ottomans With Their Would-Be Sultan

Frank O'Brien on the attempted coup in Turkey. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

The stage managed attempted coup d'etat against Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan, was given more walking feet by the reports that many of the implicated soldiers merely thought they were conducting military exercises.

It is not beyond the pale though that it may have been a CIA inspired coup attempt given that Erdogan has placed responsibility upon the followers of CIA backed Fethullah Gulen, who had originally aided in Erdogan's rise to power. Erdogan did actually try to gain asylum in Germany when the coup attempt first became known of, but was denied this by Germany, and his plane was escorted back by military planes, after which he held a news conference which "miraculously" defused the whole debacle by getting crowds in the streets to overwhelm the "renegade" military troops.

In her recent Eyeopener Reports for BoilingFrogsPost, Sibel Edmonds had predicted something along the lines of this, coming from Erdogan being in the displeasure of his NATO puppet masters, although my gut seems to point to it having been nothing but a grand public relations ploy meant to discourage the real thing from actually happening. Erdogan's continued and boiling hot opposition to the Kurdish movement for sovereignty, besides their desire, those who are Turkish citizens, for a secular and worker's rights oriented country, have seen streams of violence from both sides, Erdogan specifically using Daesh/ISIS against the Kurds, and the sympathetic Turks who support secularism, and worker's rights.

The MIT[National Intelligence Organization] and MAH[National Secret Servive] have in the past played a game of pretending to be against terrorism, when in fact they were the key NATO supporters of the original Gladio right wing terrorist attacks all over Europe and elsewhere. Today these Turkish intelligence organizations are still under NATO control, helping to spread terrorism that is selective, that involves extremist Sunni sects like Daesh, so recent attacks in Turkey can be seen clearer after one gains knowledge of the new Gladio B operation, meant to destabilize certain regions to redraw the Middle Eastern map.

Erdogan came in with the support of Gulen's network, but there has been friction between Erdogan and them, besides Erdogan's battle with journalists, Russia and even the West. This coup attempt could serve as a cautionary tale to Erdogan that he is not invincible, with his own government being vulnerable to the mechanizations of outside forces, such as the CIA. Once Erdogan made the deal with the CIA backed devil Gulen, he was expected to follow the party line, and not be such an upstart. The Kurdish Question is the wild card, as is the state sponsored support of Daesh in Turkey, and in war torn Syria.

Will Erdogan continue to crack down on Kurdish activists, and bomb and kill those in Kurdish areas of Turkey, trying to quell their legitimate desire for autonomy and sovereignty? Only time will tell, but it looks like however one cuts it that Erdogan understands how precarious his position is by way of his recent apology to Russia for shooting down their military plane months back, and offering reparations. His maneuverings seem to be pointed towards his walking a fine line between the West and East, with his interest in partnering with China on several business deals. My feeling is that Erdogan might make it through these troubles, but there is as much of a good chance that he will be either overthrown or assassinated. His vision, and that of his followers is of a more Islamic Turkey, with a mandate to extend its influence over the region.

Aka the New Ottomans as they are called are violently fought against by the Leftist forces within Turkey, which at least have the sympathy of about 50% of the population. The military and intelligence cohorts, who stepped in to overthrow the elected government back in the early 1980s are biding their time, waiting to hear from their US/NATO masters as to what they should do. If this hadn't been a make believe coup attempt, Erdogan would have been dead or under arrest. Time will tell but it doesn't look too good for Edogan the way things are going.

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