Double Standards, Biases And Perspectives

Frank O'Brien with a critique of US Foreign Policy. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

The recent naval maneuvers of the US Navy, countering the reclamation, some would say, of parts of the South China Sea by Communist China, has been an exercise in what is politically correct for the US government, though not from all the world's nations' perspectives.

This new paradigm came about right after 9/11, when the world supposedly changed forever, at least according to the unofficial war propaganda machine, which is used so skillfully and deliberately to prop up the increasingly beleaguered American empire.

This whole latest move against China's designs on the South China Sea is a true double standard, considering the massive American presence in most parts of the world, specifically in key militarily strategic locations, yet we hear nothing about this brand of neo-imperialism, or hegemony from the ever so idle American corporate mainstream press.

Uncle Sam's engineered coup d'etat in the Ukraine, which touched off a mini-crisis between the Red, White and Blue and Russia, culminated in Russia's invasion of the Crimea, fearing that their naval base there would be the next domino to fall from the deliberate provocation by the USA, and also George Soros's NGO [Non-Governmental Organization], the latter active in the Kiev coup. Pro-Russian forces that held out in the Eastern Ukraine were then blamed ahead of judgment by the Western press of being responsible for the downing of the commercial airliner MH17, which to this day is an uncertain event, given the biased bents in both American, Russian and other world press outlets.

Never mind hard hitting journalism coming from American news networks, since they are too darn busy endlessly covering an altogether already decided US presidential election, which has had the intelligence quotient equal to that of a gnat. Even if we were to hearken back to the almost quaint days of the old Cold War, when the US press was less stream line, and made mute by corporations, there was still a heavy propensity to annunciate that which best put America in a sterling light, rather than criticize its extreme short comings, especially regarding foreign policy.

Only in America is America thought to be a country that can do no wrong, which hasn't been and isn't the viewpoint of a lot of the rest of the world. As much sympathy as I have for the basic grunt soldiers, and now veterans, of the Vietnam War, I have to balance that with the full knowledge now, that it has been admitted by then US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used to justify US military intervention was a load of made-up malarkey, likely to pacify war hawks in the armed forces. In their zeal to combat a communist takeover of South Vietnam, US military leaders conducted the now infamous Phoenix Program, working with the CIA, which officially and deliberately is said to have caused the deaths of some 20,857 Vietnamese, sometimes in the most gruesome ways, like throwing captives from planes, likely after torturing them, which those who weren't murdered by extra-judicial means, were also certainly tortured too.

Since 9/11 many, many innocent Muslim men were sent to the sickening Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where they were tortured, had their faith made fun of, or even maligned in the most base of ways. Then there have been renditions of Muslim men to undisclosed CIA prisons all over the world, where similar techniques have been used to break down morale, and dignity, using even harsher methods than have been openly admitted to, likely involving terminal interrogations, where those tortured during interrogations wound up dying from their severe ordeals.

These secret CIA prisons are usually located in countries with extremely poor human rights records, naturally the much vaunted American legal right to due process, and humane treatment not being any kind of priority of the American spooks, or their US military colleagues.

In Afghanistan, people have been paid sums of money to rat out others, supposedly suspected of being Taliban insurgents, when in fact those accused could just as easily be innocent, being wrongly pegged guilty by enemies, and unfriendly neighbors. If there is plenty of money to be made, then naturally it will turn into a free-for-all as to who actually gets accused, picked up and then suffers from guilt though they might be innocent of the charges.

All the while, certain unnamed, but no doubt known quantities, both in Afghanistan, the US, the UK and other NATO countries make a huge profit off of the opium plants that have reached record heights in their production in Afghanistan, poisoning both the Afghan civilian population, besides citizens in the West, Russia and all over the world.

Who you ask are the secret string pullers of this drug trade? The usual alphabet soup names, like the CIA, MI6 and their protected drug baron buddies, who come and go depending on their usefulness, all while American, British and other intelligence agencies throw these ill-gotten gains into extra-judicial, off-the-books slush funds for unofficial black operations, and to line their own pockets, and those of their 1% counterparts, who call almost all the shots.

Next you have the highly illegal invasion, and occupation of Iraq on not just "faulty" intelligence, but deliberately false intelligence, since the real objective was geopolitical control, and securing the oil there. A sectarian regime set up, and propped up by Uncle Sam, has been responsible for ethnic cleansing, through death squads given special training by US military advisors, who gave the same training originally to dictatorships in Latin and South America. The estimate that pretty much stands, all told, in deaths of people in Iraq since the illegal invasion, and occupation is an astonishing 1,000,000.

Then you have Libya where though run by a dictator like Iraq was, was in fact fairly stable until the US deliberately destabilized the regime, causing the country to break up into fiefdoms, shattering any unity, or even hope for any so-called democracy. The number of deaths likely are in the tens of thousands, making it a blood bath that falls directly at the feet of former US Secretary of State, Hillary "Robber Baron" Clinton, and her boss, Barack Obama, the latter having out distanced his predecessor, George W. Bush, in sheer war mongering, and war crimes.

Then you have the destabilization of Syria, orchestrated by Western intelligence, in person and vis-a-vis their Gulf lackies, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan, the latter being where future Daesh/ISIS/ISIL fighters were trained to be guerrilla forces, meant to help overthrow Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. The twin strategy now can be seen in building up these Sunni extremists as a bogeyman that could be used as an excuse to continue the endless War on Terrorism, even though the real string-pullers are in the Western governments.

The so-called terrorists are nothing more than dupes or patsies. even as incredibly brutal and inhuman as their actions have been in places like France and now Belgium. They will continue to remain alive as long as it is useful to their ultimate masters in the make believe democracies we in the West live in, serving only to whip up Islamophobia, and hate crimes, with maybe even the eventual detention of innocent Muslims in FEMA, or military camps, if say Donald Trump gets in the Oval Office, and or a world war erupts from the current military tensions.

As I've commented on elsewhere, it is my concerted and educated opinion that the real terrorists are the 1%, their political henchmen, and the military brass, especially in NATO, which has been conducting this supposed Islamic terrorism through what has been dubbed GLADIO B. This covert and sometimes overt state sponsored terrorism, which has also been aimed at Russia and China, besides the meddling that has gone in places like Pakistan, the ultimate target being the acquirement of control of Eurasia, made up mainly of former Soviet republics. This region is rich in minerals, oil and other natural resources that the Western oligarchs would love to get their hands on. This fake war on terror serves a multitude of hidden agendas, but there of course has to be some ridiculously scary enemy, so the scapegoats this time, just as the Jews were in Nazi Germany, are now the Muslims around the world, whether Shiite or Sunni. Distortions, ruses and out and out propaganda litter the Western Press, with only outlets like RT, Al Jazeera and PressTV offering a counter argument to the inane, and simplistic justifications that mark the comic book like good guy, bad guy false paradigm.

The East from all the information I've gathered is seeing all of this as being a crossroads, where they may have to go to war with the US empire unless some real sanity is brought back to the disastrous US foreign policy. Those of us in the West who strongly speak out, and resist the mechanizations of the war mongers, and imperialists are in a minority, but a growing minority nonetheless, and as its been said, if good men[and women!] don't speak out, the bad around us will overtake us.

So resist we must, Left and Right joining hands, with Left Social Justice advocates/activists coming together with the Patriot movement, the Truth movement, and whomever else is against the current Western regimes, that dare to call themselves "democratically" elected administrations and parliamentarians. Resistance isn't futile, and it is a moral imperative to resist this march towards world wide conflict. I do it for the 60 million refugees in the world, but you can do it for whatever reason you like, so long as you resist. United we stand, divided we fall.


  1. Just another mindless rant. America is wrong no matter what,Russia and China are right no matter what human rights abuses they commit. You are just a closed minded bigoted ideologue who cannot think outside the box you have kept your mind in. Also,sickening of you to talk of poor innocent muslims after the latest muslim mass murder in France.The US didnt carry out the attack in Nice so you wont condemn it will you,Frank O'Brien?

  2. A good detailed read. That first post in response would appear to be the successful product of FOX/SKY/BBC 'news-feed' indoctrination and serves little purpose other than to reassure those of us blessed with at least a second brain cell. The West /USA/UK global terror machine reassured the Russians that with the fall of the Berlin wall no effort would be made to encroach into former Soviet buffer states. Another big lie. USA bases globally act as a permanent threat to nations that pose no danger to the much vaunted Western way of life. That very term is a sick offensive nothing of a statement. Global mass murder for profit. That is their way of life. If any nation wishes to remove itself from the USA hit list, they need to acquire the atom bomb, period. Then the land of the free home of the brave simply moves on in search of a helpless, defenceless victim elsewhere. I have gotten to the stage I believe the USA is careering towards an attempt at a recovery (make our nation great again) in the only manner it knows, WAR. WW3 will be the world against Nazi fascism again, but this time the Nazis will be in USA military uniform. In the knowledge they cannot handle / tolerate casualties, I hope the Russians and Chinese sock it to the bastards sooner rather than later.

  3. Larry Hughes,good luck living in a world run by Russia and China. You will need it.for one thing say goodbye to openly expressing your opinions like you just did.

  4. Have you expressed yours in mainstream media? We are both on the Quill are we not? Your confidence in western media does the power of the 15 minute saturation 'news' technique proud. All that propaganda about savage Reds and uncouth society kind of melted away for me when the wall came down and E. Europe was brimming with beautiful cities and culture that had not been bulldozed for 5 year agricultural plans. Go figure. But maybe a wee gaff in Flint Michigan or Detroit watching FOX news is the DREAM? I would like to see the USA get the never ending global vandalism it calls a way of life booted right out of it, nothing more.