Light Flickers In The Darkness

A short poem from Melbourne writer and activist, Steven Katsineris.  

Light Flickers In The Darkness.

Grief from close death lingers for a long time,

Plunging you downward into the darkness of a vast sorrow. 

Grasping, spinning and holding on 

A minute, an hour, a day, a month at a time, 

Wayward and looking for answers, 

Awkward silences, isolation and 

Social estrangement from the world. 

Struggling now to fit into an ordinary life,

Caught up in a tempest of emotions and impulses, 

Little by little slow steps onwards. 

A child’s death leaves little joy in life, 

But one day the distant light of love and wonder will flicker again.

Ever so slowly the still heart will stir, 

And once more find pleasure in small delights. 

So never stop searching for the light, it may be dim at first, but it’s always there,

Beyond the immense hurt, in time a tolerable and revived life awaits, 

Never ever forgetting, but living on with a profound loss.

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