Death Threats Not Decommissioned

The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective view on the death threat Ballymurphy republican Sean Cahill reported being issued to him.

On Wednesday 8th June, Ballymurphy activist Seán Cahill was made aware that a female Sinn Féin member had told people that he had carried out electrical work: for that they should not employ him as he was a "dissident".

This was the latest example of Sinn Féin members in Belfast attempting to impact on the ability of Republicans to provide for their families, with people actively being discouraged from employing them or availing of their skills, business and/or services.

Seán put a Facebook post on his personal account, detailing this experience and naming the Sinn Féin member responsible. On Wednesday night he was visited at his home by two Sinn Féin members, including a relative of Sinn Féin Policing Board member Gerry Kelly. This man told Seán, in front of his wife, daughters and grandchildren, that he would "get one in the head." Other threats were issued.

Seán, for the purposes of community awareness, informed friends of this threat via Facebook. A female SF member returned to his home and made more threats. Sean's distressed wife subsequently accessed his account and deleted any statuses connected to the incidents.

As a Republican, Seán refused to contact the PSNI regarding this incident, but on Thursday 9th June, he travelled to Holy Cross Monastery and asked to speak to Fr Gary Donegan. He did so as Fr Donegan has publicly stated that he will work with anyone allegedly under threat, will publicly support them and condemn those "in the shadows" that issue such threats. Fr Donegan was not available and Seán left his name and number at the reception.

Seán stressed to the Monastery staff member that he had received two intimidatory visits to his home in 24 hours, a death threat to his face (not from "the shadows") issued by someone purporting to be a Republican. He added that it was issued in front of his distressed family and that he was apprehensive about returning home and putting his family in danger. He stated that he wanted Fr Gary Donegan to assist in ascertaining the validity or legitimacy of this threat, given his public claims in the media that he can assist members of the public in this regard, regardless of where any alleged threat emanates from.

It is now six days later and Seán Cahill has still had no contact from Fr Gary Donegan. Sinn Féin, despite being aware of the incident, have made no effort to contact the Cahill family. Seán remains unclear as to the nature of the threat against him as he works and spends time with his family. This raises serious questions, including:

‣ Do Sinn Féin support and endorse the threat against Sean Cahill, as they see him as a political opponent? If not, will SF take any disciplinary action against those responsible?

‣ Will Sinn Féin issue any public statement supporting Sean Cahill and his family?

‣ Why has Fr Donegan not got in contact with Sean Cahill when his contact details were left at Holy Cross Monastery along with information of a direct threat to his life. A threat that was issued personally and in front of witnesses?

‣ Does Fr Donegan only work to support those supposedly under threat from "dissidents" but ignore those under threat from Sinn Féin members?

‣ How does Fr Donegan ascertain the legitimacy of any alleged threats?

‣ Does Fr Gary Donegan have any knowledge of an armed group aligned to Sinn Féin?

‣ Did he ask Sinn Féin or the PSNI who Sean Cahill was, then decide he wasn't worthy of support?

‣ Will Fr Donegan now belatedly contact Sean Cahill, offer support and publicly call on Sinn Féin to cease their covert campaign of intimidation against activists and their families in communities across Ireland?

The death threat against Seán Cahill should be lifted immediately, and his family should be free to live in peace. The demonisation, intimidation and harassment of activists by Sinn Féin, assisted by the PSNI, is unjust, immoral, anti-republican and demonstrates just how much they have become assimilated into corrupt State institutions.

Priest Donegan


  1. $inn £€in doing the brits dirty work for them again.

  2. Best of luck to Seany in the face of these threats. The Provisional hammer of censorship and marginalisation has always loomed over principled Republicanism in Ballymurphy, but experience shows that it soon hides in the face of transparent opposition.

    As regards Gary Donegan, i predict his response will be directly proportionate to the levels of mainstream media interest in the story, it is clear that he has a political brief fast overtaking any pastoral priorities.

    Yesterday while driving in central Belfast with my five year old daughter my car was stopped and searched by armed PSNI carrying sub machine guns, the fifteenth time my family has endured this treatment in the past year.

    As my daughter whimpered with nerves in my arms the gun men searched through her school bag and the rest of the car, they found nothing of course. Yet during the search a priest approached the machine gun carrying PSNI personnel and oblivious to the harassment occurring before him smiled enthusiastically at those responsible and engaging them in conversation. It is clear where the natural sympathies of the Catholic church lies, and it is not with their so called flock.

  3. Text book example of Fascism in action

  4. A fellow TPQ commenter too I think? As thr articlr states, sunlight is an effective disinfectant. I hope the individual is safe.