‘Brexit’ Establishes Immediate Imperative That Irish Unity Go Forward

In the wake of today's Brexit result the 1916 Societies call for an all island referendum.

This morning’s ‘Brexit’ result creates an immediate imperative for Irish Unity and a New All-Ireland Republic. For republicans and nationalists at this time, the task at hand is to agree a unity of purpose and an effective strategy to realise that end.

The same requires that the Irish people, freely and without impediment, determine together the ‘New Ireland’ – as is their democratic entitlement. For the 1916 Societies, an All-Ireland Referendum is best placed to speed that process. Likewise, it can best resolve the contradictions thrown up by the result in Britain and its impact here in Ireland, which Britain continues to occupy.

We note immediate moves – already rejected by Britain – on the part of the leadership of New Sinn Fein towards a so-called ‘border poll’. Such a poll is in reality a device to withhold the national rights of the Irish people and to deny Irish sovereignty. Sinn Fein know only too well that an Independent Republic can never be achieved through such a poll, that even were it to be held and won it sets in train ‘Good Friday Mk.II’ and not the Irish Republic.

Furthermore, attempts to equate and link a border poll to the notion of a national referendum are currently underfoot. Despite repeated requests of Sinn Fein to detail what they propose by a ‘Referendum on Irish Unity’, which they again made mention of today, they have offered nothing to the people of Ireland in response.

We submit that they seek to muddy the demand for an All-Ireland Referendum and deliberately sow confusion at this critical time – all to avoid it being exposed that the British Triple Lock they agreed to be bound by represents a permanent barrier to Irish national sovereignty.

No matter. The argument those intent on change need now to bring forward is not that an undemocratic border poll, which denies the rights of our people, should determine the constitutional future of Ireland – whether dressed in the language of a referendum or otherwise. Our argument instead must be that Britain should leave Ireland and allow our people to freely exercise their right to independence.

For the 1916 Societies, the changed circumstance that is ‘Brexit’ reinforces our longstanding belief that the time is now right for Irish self-determination. We assert that an All-Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity should be brought forward with immediate effect, that an Independent and 32-County Republic should proceed forthwith from the same.

We call on all republicans, with other progressive forces in Ireland, to coalesce behind that position. From there, a ‘New Ireland’ can be agreed by our people. It should be a given that Britain has no role in such a process, which is a matter for the Irish people alone. The time for that process is now and the work to realise its object should begin at once.


  1. How soon is immediate?
    Wouldnt it be better, even on this perspectives own terms, to let them erect their border controls before having this vote? It will be unignorable for nationalists or former republicans to pass these controls going to and from the North , thus giving a lie to Danny Morrisons claim the border is effectively gone, he doesnt notice a north/south transition apparently.

    Anyway, Greece and Ireland itself have shown, referenda of an EU nature can have flexible outcomes, id still be surprised if Britian was allowed to leave.

  2. Well PSF are already implementing British policy in the six counties and supporting the PSNI etc. so seeing them have to reinstate border controls with them now part of that enforcement isn't too much of a stretch to envision.

    It is time for a real 32 county referendum not some kind of PSF publicity poll.

  3. Majority in 6 Counties want to part of EU; majority in Scotland want to be part of EU; a united ireland is on the agenda along with the possibility of the emergence of a celtic block?

  4. I totally agree. Brexit is a golden opportunity for a 32 county unity referendum. Unlike the partitionist referendum Martin J118 McGuinness just called for

  5. Where is the justification for a border poll??? At the last assembly election in May, Unionists were returned as a largest grouping, with the shinners losing an MLA. Republicans need to get a reality check and if they can't see through the shinners/provos then the deserve everything they get or not as the case maybe.

    Republicans are being fooled all over the show, the shinners jump up and down demanding this and that and now demand a border poll, when they know full well the qualifications for a border poll have not been met and won't be met for decades or longer if ever.

    When are republicans going to see the shinners for what they are, and that is a group who look after their own interests first and foremost and by their own interests I mean their interests not their electorates.

    The shinners/provos wanted a vote to remain in the EU capitalist club, this was so they could continue to get Euro funding not for their constituents but for them and their prisoners. The shinner/provo bomber MEP, was all over the Greece finance minister when they stuck their two fingers up to the EU and passed a budget against EU directions. The shinner/provo stance to the EU all through the years has been anti at worst and ambivalent at best, before and since the RoI joined with the UK in 1972. ALl their empty rhetoric on how the the EU was destroying the RoI after the credit crash is just more empty shinner/provo rhetoric. They are not concerned with the way the EU treated Greece or other countries who are in financial difficulty like Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The factor driving the shinners/provos is purely selfish, as soon as it affected their pockets they ditched their so called marxist principles. Lastly they signed the GFA and that ties them into Northern Ireland and the UK and in the last election as I mentioned above the Unionists were the strongest grouping, so how can they demand a border poll, border poll what border poll.

    This should act as a warning to republicans who vote for the shinners/provos, the only group or constituency the shinners/provos are concerned or interested in are the shinners/provos their prisoners and their hangers on. In other words their conies.

    As a Unionist I have no fear of the shinners/provos at Stormont, they are having their strings pulled by the Unionists and the establishment. They con their electorate everyday by getting a wee propaganda win on parades, flags or other issues but it is always at street level and involves street politics. But in the big picture politics up on the hill, they are bit part players.

    The biggest con in history must surely be the shinners/provos con, on how they are the largest republican party both here in Northern Ireland and in the south. It reminds me of the quote from Abraham Lincoln, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time". Well it seems the shinners/provos can fool all of the republican electorate all of the time.

    Go figure.

  6. The border poll is just SF posturing, they have accepted the principal of consent for the 6 counties and they can't back away from that now without being seen to be irrational and bloodthirsty.

    The question is, now there is a physical land border between the EU and the UK how to control it? I reckon the Unionists will accept some sort of border checking on mainland ports of entry as a condition of saying turning down the border poll. This would have been nutted out before hand, they knew what the result would likely be. Products stamped NIUK et cetera.

    I'm sure Slab can't wait to get out now!

  7. chchlc2222 chchlc2222,

    how would it be organised and by who? Nobody seems to address the issue of how to make it happen.

    SF has a big advantage in that it can spell out how the partitionist referendum it argues for can be effected. It fails in persuading anybody that the outcome will be any different from what it is now. OIOV in failing to spell out how the all island referendum is to be effected misses an opportunity to insert itself into the discourse form where it can shape the debate and get people to listen.

  8. 36th UD and Steve

    I don't disagree with what you say about SF but here we have the situation where a majority in Norn Iron want to maintain the link with Europe. That is a serious challenge to the unionist mantra of majority rule and wanting to maintain a link with the UK. The link with the UK is no longer secure. Unionists were warned of the conflict that voting to leave the EU would bring upon themselves. This is entirely uncharted territory that unionism cannot put back into the box.

  9. Leaving the Norths situation aside, its quite peverse to watch people bemoan the 'Balkanisation' of the middle east, and yet want to do exactly the same here the first time a vote doesnt go their way. It might be ok for the Scots, but what about the minorities in the rest of the UK if things play out this way, and its all each to their own? If the remains had won, you know damn sure they would of expected the other to honour the result (apart from the North, we arent under occupation, it was a free vote etc). Its a wake up call for me, I always thought denial of democratic will by those in power was an obviously bad thing, even one day after this vote, i can see they knew something I didnt: the people arent to be trusted.

  10. You are all getting ahead of yourselves. I've heard remainers claim doom is a certainty and leavers claim we are heading for utopia. The negotiations haven't started yet and will take years to complete. What if Britain gets a favourable deal with the Germans and with the emerging nations? What if Britain thrives and the EU continues on its mad downward trajectory? What chance of an indie Scotland or UI then? That's not to say that that will happen. Britain may stagnate and the EU thrive but only time will tell, so hol' yer horses.

  11. Christy,

    This was a vote on whether the UK as a whole stayed within the UK, which is quite different from a vote to separate from the Union.

    The union is based on the principal of consent as per the GFA, nothing has changed in the Unionists mind.

    Grasping at straws or posturing for their own communities by SF has not changed that one iota.

  12. Ulster Division,it never ceases to amaze me how unionists always think republicans are PSF supporters. Martin McGuinness is despised by many republicans. A great many,including the owner of this blog got wise to sinn fein many years ago. The 1916 societies have nothing to do with sinn fein and OIOV has nothing to do with the border poll McGuiness wants. You are not likely to find any shinners on this blog.
    The poll you refer to is a partitionist poll no republican supports. The majority in Ireland have always supported unity and independence.

  13. AM,i am not a member of the societies so don't know their plan. It doesn't seem they have one. But i support the idea in theory. Maybe something along the lines of what the Catalan are doing?

  14. Republic of Scooterland coming right up lol

  15. chchlc2222 chchlc2222,

    I think most republicans agree in theory with the idea of a national referendum. I believe you are right in suggesting the Societies have no plan which is a serious impediment at this point in time given the opportunity that exists for spelling out "what is to be done." With this major victory for the English Right austerity crowd, all oppositional currents will find themselves needing to give serious deliberation rather than sloganizing.

  16. Steve

    Yes but it is not clear whether or not a majority in the 6 counties would prefer to be part of the EU rather than part of the UK -we do not know how many from the traditional unionist camp would rather be part of a united ireland under the EU rather than the UK? Being part of a united Ireland may now be more economically appealing that an isolationist UK.

  17. Christy
    You and everybody else seems to be getting ahead of yourself. The negotiations haven't even started yet. What if the UK negotiates good trade deals and thrives after Brexit? What if the EU continues apace on its slide to stagnation? What if TTIP is as bad as some are suggesting? All this is a possibility. Will unionists still want a UI? Will the RoI still want reponsibilty for us? Let's just relax and wait and see.

  18. Peter

    As you say 'what if' ... the border is up for grabs. All anyone is saying here is that this is uncharted water and unionism may have helped score an own goal. Unionism denials or defensiveness only highlights that they are worried. I do not see the EU cutting the UK any lucrative deals that make leaving the union a worthwhile option for the remaining member states.

    The 6 county majority vote, if nothing else, means that a united Ireland bolstered with EU membership now versus maintaining any link with the UK whose economic future is uncertain. In an economically struggling UK the 6 counties is always going to be hardest hit -the Leaves had no plan in place in the event they won -now the UK is aimlessly drifting in the water that surrounds them. And Scotland wants to bail out.

  19. The shinners are bluffing and so is sturgeon. Jim Sillars stated that the SNP has no mandate to call a referendum until a new gen election. Downing Street are under no obligation to grant it because she never included it in her last manifesto. All was on her manifesto was that in the event of a brexit that a new referendum would be 'considered'. Therefore no legal basis for Downing Street to grant her one.
    Having seen that labour working class areas of England voted heavily to brexit is it possible this is more than a vote for racists and bigots? They can't all be bigots. Perhaps this is a working class revolt at the exploitation of them by their rulers and lords. Their rulers have manipulated migrant workers for their own gain and anyone who challenges that is termed a racist. Now if as some are claiming that the EDL and Britain First are Mi5 creations is it beyond the realms of possibility that the rulers devised a strategy to hijack and demonise working class dissatisfaction by allowing these racists groups be the face of EU opposition? And thus discourage genuine folk from being seen on that side of the fence? It seems to me the English are waking up otherwise we are led to believe there are 17 million plus racists in England at the minute?
    Btw the haste in which they are ganging up on Corbyn suggests they really have it in for the working class. Interesting times indeed.

  20. Christy
    "In an economically struggling UK"? Where is your evidence that the world's 5th largest economy will struggle? Do you think the EU is thriving? Have you been to Spain, Portugal or Greece recently? As I said, you and many others are getting ahead of yourselves. Article 50 doesn't have to be triggered until the end of the year and then it will be 2 years before the UK leaves the EU, if that even happens. We will be in the EU for a few years yet and this story has many turns to make. Maybe by 2019 it will be clear that a UI is best for Northern Ireland. In that case I'm sure a good deal will be struck but I don't share your optomism about the strength of the EU economy or the doom forecasts for post brexit UK.

  21. Wolf Tone

    The orchestrated and systematic betrayal of Corbyn by the Blairite New Labour rotten Tories in the Labour colours is because the Chilcot Report/whitewash on Iraq is due out in a fortnight. The Blair rump left in Westminster do NOT want Corbyn as Labour leader when it is debated in Parliament. He has said he will apologise for the war in Iraq and has called for Blair to be charged at the Hague. I hope he sacks them all and that those who voted brexit in labour strongholds elect new casndidates in the upcoming election in 5 or 6 months. They really need sorting out. Bastards.


    I agree with you. There will be deals struck and the UK will remain intact. I think it is a great oportunity for the Labour Party to rid itself of war criminal Blairs remnants and hangers on. Their resignations may be shooting themselves in the foot. I truely hope so. But as I say I think there will be turmoil of some sort in the UK but doubt there'll be a break-up. There could be smuggling oportunities here soon again too, could be worth investing in an oul van again lol.

  22. Peter

    They voted to leave and will most likely do so -I know there are millions signing a petition to have a re-run -that might happen but it is problematic -if things are reversed then millions of Leave might then sign a petition and where does that get us? So far sterling has been taking a nose dive and I expect it to recover but the 'leaves' got what they wanted and have been ill-prepared for it and they have no plan on the way forward -the UK is adrift right now. But the UK will soon no longer offer access to the EU market which is why many international companies and banks invest in the UK -they will simply shift house to another member state that suits their purpose. The UK is also a large exporter -there are obstacles for non-EU countries importing into the EU -and other Member States have a say on produce coming in that they themselves supply within the EU -take the meat industry as just one example -UK farmers will feel the pinch because a huge part of their marker will be gone -or at least radically reduced -and correspond that with other member states wanting to expand into what was the UK corner in that market --I see no sensible reason why the UK self harmed as it has done they, as they say, cut of their noses to spite their face.

    I have no idea what will happen the UK good or bad I am just commenting on the fact that a majority in six county Ulster have voted and that vote cannot be written off just because it upsets the unionist narrative -the real point here is not that anyone has run away with things but unionists just don't like the possibility that we might be right and they are wrong -but I do know that a lot of unionist businesses do cross border business and if not the 26 Counties then the EU might put restrictions on that trade because it is from outside the EU.

    Until things settle down might I suggest you watch an old Brit movie "Passport to Pimlico".

  23. Christy,

    The EU is not likely to cut off its nose to spite its face, the UK is still a large market to trade with.

    The Unionists are wedded to London, not Brussels. The 'attractiveness' of belonging to an 'united Ireland' that will now be on the very edges geographically and politically of a huge bureaucratic messy European Union, were Irish issues are not even in the top 17 (soon to be further down when Turkey joins) are somewhat less appealing than you may imagine. In the short term, there will be a land border between the UK and EU and I for one am interested to see how this plays out with migrants.

    It's messy as far as the separation will go, but the referendum on Europe is a far different beast than a border poll.

    I don't actually give two f*cks either way, but the EU was asphyxiating under its own weight. The old past masters of Colonialism, the UK saw this and thought 'No thanks'.

    Besides, if that c*nt Cameron and his ilk want to stay 'in' something I would want out!!

  24. Larry,

    The orchestrated and systematic betrayal of Corbyn by the Blairite New Labour rotten Tories in the Labour colours is because the Chilcot Report/whitewash on Iraq is due out in a fortnight. The Blair rump left in Westminster do NOT want Corbyn as Labour leader when it is debated in Parliament. He has said he will apologise for the war in Iraq and has called for Blair to be charged at the Hague. I hope he sacks them all and that those who voted brexit in labour strongholds elect new casndidates in the upcoming election in 5 or 6 months. They really need sorting out. Bastards."

    Dear jebus I agree with ye agin!

  25. Steve Ricardos

    Some craic if there's a border poll and the Free State opts to rejoin the Commonwealth. The EU only permitted Irish entry if the UK applied first in 1973. Sure if nothing else the Brexit has tazered a depressing and dull political world back into life/chaos again. Enjoy the show!!
    I see the 1916 societies are unhappy with SF calling for a border poll. Saw the headline and thought ffs don't even read that.... we want our 1918 election reinstated is the name of that wee game. More chance of a revote on the Brexit. zzzzzzzzzzz

  26. Christy
    And yet again you are getting ahead of yourself! The UK is not adrift "right now" as it is still in the EU and will be for years yet. It will probably still be in the single market even after brexit. Today the German car industry is calling for a special trade deal with the UK (reported in the Mail). The EU is fucked. There is 20-25% unemployment throughout the Med region and when the TTIP deal is released there will be uproar. Just a few years ago nationalists were complaining about EU austerity now we have the same people lauding the EU as the promised land. Get real. The EU has been stagnating for years and without major changes will continue to stagnate. The UK has taken a gamble, maybe it will pay off maybe not, but we need to wait and see. You have been caught up in the initial hullabaloo and are getting away ahead of yourself.
    Also you are stating that unionists voted leave and nationalists voted remain but the UUP were for remain and the dissos were for leave. Not so black and white as you portray.

  27. Steve

    You make a lot of good points that I do not disagree with, but one, "The Unionists are wedded to London, not Brussels." We have seen in the past (particularly in 1974 or post-anglo Irish Agreement) unionists have no problem considering a divorce for an independent NI if they think its in their interests. Both the Brits and Dublin were sufficiently concerned about that scenario. All it takes is sufficient number of unionists, and not a swing en-mass, to add to the existing nationalist vote for a real game changer.

    And yes the UK is a large market to trade with outside of the EU but so is the rest of the world -there are more restrictions on member states trading with non-EU countries than with other Eu members.

  28. Christy,

    Still, there is no way the Unionists parties will ask for border poll. It goes back to the same point I made about OIOV, why would the Unionists voluntarily vote to make themselves a minority in a United Ireland?

    Peter is right, the markets will wobble but they will settle down again. All the volatility we see in the stock markets right now is due to hedge funds and predator capitalists trying to make a quick buck. Eventually it will even out to another growth of wanton capitalism albeit outside the EU, before another 'bust'.

    The political climate is not the same as the 70's or 80's, there's no Bloody Sunday or Hunger Strikes to enrage the nationalist/community, and I don't feel here on this forum a want to return to war or else I, coming from Unionist community wouldn't be here exchanging ideas and trying to learn across the divide.

    As always, the dust needs to settle. But one point that really pissed me off in this was the UK tory bastard government claiming 'nobody has a plan for life after a yes brexit vote'

    They do and they are just bitter. The faceless career Civil Servants would have prepared them and the infrastructure behind it. If they really didn't then they are not fit for Government and should be first against the wall!

  29. Peter

    I'd say a whole nation in a state of perplexed confusion and no clear leadership on what to do next is pretty much rudderless and adrift. What I have seen of Farage and Johnson since the win is that they are pretty much like a pair of rabbits trapped in car headlights -like "ops, what have we done!". I think you could maybe write their speeches right now "The UK has taken a gamble, maybe it will pay off maybe not, but we need to wait and see." I don't think the rest of the EU will be that patient.

    I am not getting ahead of myself at all I am just very amused by the stupidity of the whole debacle. But I take your point on the dissident/uup factor. I'd say the Brits are doing what the Brits do best -trying to come up with a formulae of words to undermine the will of the people by persuading the people what they really meant by the vote wasn't to leave the EU but something else.

  30. Edna Kenny at Hollyrood tomorrow. The Irsh and Scottish getting their heads together on the EU positives. Little Britian of England and Wales coming rite up.