We Should No Longer Contribute To Our Own Oppression

Sean Mallory muses on the Northern elections and other matters. Sean Mallory is a  Tyrone republican.

"We will no longer contribute to our own oppression" Alabama prison labour strike.

Meteorological weather patterns continue to baffle the citizens of the British State of Northern Ireland and leave them more red-faced than the combined attire of 3 of the 4 riders of the DUP apocalypse.

Having sought refuge in the Titanic quarter from the hounding of Belfast’s international paparazzi, - Joanne Bunting, Emma Little-Pengelly (nice inclusive touch on her family name’s loyalist past and particularly their votes) and Paula Bradley, after their election success, the DUP MLAs all paraded their achievement while attired in red.

The 4th rider, Pestilence herself, Ladyboy Foster chose a blue and white outfit for the photographic occasion and thus complemented and sealed the true colours of the British State’s Union Jack in Ireland. Was this just a purely co-incidental occurrence or was it pre-ordained?

Foster and the DUP, having hyped the siege mentality and the insecurity of the unionist voter way beyond the treatment realms of Prozac and towards apoplectic fury, to the possibility of a filthy ‘Taig’ being in charge at Stormont, secured their 38 seats to ensure that she retains the Office of First Minister and not that vile disgusting croppy called McGuinness. 

Her only regret was that her dead daddy was not there to see her crowned OFM, an office often lauded as the envy of the Western World ... really?

No mention of the bus load of her school chums caught in the booby trap explosion for that matter either. Family is family after all!

But no matter, now that the Union has once again been saved from the abyss by the bigotry and racism of Unionism, Foster is ready to settle down and make this great country (that is technically not actually a country) even greater. Whether that entails working on equal terms with the Taigs and croppies is anyone’s guess but considering her derogatory reference to McGuinness and her TV body language during her election campaign debates, those would makes this not bloody likely.

Election results that still sees the voter turnout continue to fall, but not by as much as envisaged, which somehow we are expected to take comfort in that and to rest easy that not our democracy but British democracy is alive and kicking. 

All of the main parties witnessed varying degrees of voter fallout that saw their overall support base decrease. An election that threw up some new heads, removed some politically old ones, and unfortunately returned the regular empty ones.

The biggest surprise of this election was the continual rise of the independents and smaller parties such as People Before Profit. 

Under the guise of Fosters success, The DUP carried out a putsch against one of the remaining ‘old misogynist guard’ of the DUP – W McCrea and Co, by allowing a contender to McCrea’s son Ian, Keith Buchannon, to run in opposition. The DUP said goodbye to McCrea and more particularly to 40 years of hard family toil in bigotry and sectarianism within public office. But left the public in no doubt that they were still well stocked with such qualities.

Ian, son of that old gospel crooner William and not the rapper Will.I.Am, understandably felt aggrieved. His father, who once advocated singing gospels songs while hanging out of the side of a moving train, to which Nearer MY God To Thee would seem to be the most appropriate hymn to sing on such occasions, may have to re-shuffle his busy touring schedule to comfort his son’s political demise by advising ‘no surrender’ and to take it like an Ulster Man or more precisely, a Mid-Ulster man! Should be good advice considering how many elections William has won and lost! 

SF lost one seat out of their previous total of 29 but their quota was sufficient to return them to continue on where they allowed the Tories to leave off. Unlike the DUP, SF received their most severe ticking off from the electorate with a direct kick in the scrotum in full public view for their continued ‘profit before people’ policy. The electing of Gerry Carroll of People Before Profit, with the extra-ordinary single highest vote count, sent seismic tremors through the West Belfast SF cabal. The aftershock of such political discontent was being played down as just some supporters venting their frustration at certain party policies and according to one SF pundit that I had the misfortune to bump in to and deeply regretted immediately having left my Beats headphones at home .... a protest vote so to speak, and one which SF needs to accommodate and understand ... and this banality continued on for some time until my head fell off...and then continued on some more! 

Carroll having been joined by an aging Wolfy Smith from Derry, admonished SF and the SDLP for their neglect of the peoples of West Belfast and then apparently gave his surplus votes to Alex Attwood ... of the SDLP! Now there is a person who cares for the people! But after the trolling of Wolfy by SF it would be hard to expect Carroll to give it to SF. Although this type of action does not bode well for Carroll and hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst his fledgling electorate.... they didn’t vote for the SDLP Gerry, they voted for you!

The SDLP suffered a few losses that many initially perceived may detract from the party’s intellectual political gene pool but when after careful consideration and contemplation of those that have failed in their election bid one can’t help but to slide them in with the ‘empty heads’. Empty heads or not, SDLP Comandante Eastwood may discover that cracking the party whip in Stormont in the future may not just carry the same force as it once did.

Unionist Alliance remained steady with 8 MLAs ... that’s about all you can really say about them to be honest.

Below the British border, a coalition government has been formed. Consisting of a plethora of independents but mostly composed of two age old sworn political enemies who it would seem have been infected with Paisley syndrome. A bacterial infection that renders the carrier prone to the hypocrisy of ‘never, never, how much? - well ok then’. Kenny having received the backing of FF and a few others, has been returned to take the seat of Taoiseach much to the joy of the vast majority of Irish people who voted against him. It is expected that the coalition will ensure that economic austerity and cuts continue as initially envisaged.

Across the water, Corbyn’s troubles only deepened with his party’s showing in the local elections. Blair in his first election as leader of the party in 1995 polled 46% of the vote and was hailed for this achievement, Cameron in his first election as leader of the party in 2006 polled 41% of the vote and like Blair was also hailed for this achievement, whereas, Corbyn in his first election as leader of the party in 2016 polled 47% - an absolute disaster as proclaimed by the anti-Corbyn media which is just about all of them!

And so, as these British election results empower British Unionism in Ireland to continue to perpetuate, to inject and to imbed their sectarian and racial ideologies into Irish society, and thus allow it to continue to spiral on to new platforms of division. Platforms, which are carefully concealed by the cosmetics and clichés of PR and fully endorsed by the same anti-Corbyn media, let us concern ourselves no more about these local British elections. 

Nor let us concern ourselves with these inaugural coalitions built on deception and treachery, or these disastrous party gains by Britain’s Labour Party, no, let us look forward to Brexit and consider, by our collaboration, when we vote in pre-ordained political systems with pre-ordained rules, are we like the state penitentiary prisoners in Alabama, only contributing to our own oppression?


  1. An excellent read which lifts the spirits must be good. It's a good job there are some heads that aren't empty. If one sits back and looks how can it be taken seriously?

  2. Sean
    The biggest oppressors of the catholic peoples of the north at the moment are the dissos who seem to be kneecapping and murdering your community at will, yet not a word from you?
    Oh and making fun of a woman because of her lack of beauty makes you look like a sad wanker.

  3. Peter,

    what lack of beauty?

    She looks fine to me, not that my opinion has any bearing on matters one way or the other.

    His use of the term ladyboy seriously undermines what is otherwise a funny piece. Often this type of observation is more damning to the observer than the observed.

  4. AM
    The perceived lack of beauty from the author. Or maybe he likes ladyboys, each to their own.
    Using the term to attack Foster really does undermine his argument.

  5. Sean Mallory Says


    I use the term ‘Ladyboy ‘ in reference to Foster, not because of her looks....after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but because of her leadership of a party that is distinctly and inherently misogynistic...she has to behave like a man in a woman's body....hence Ladyboy...just like Thatcher and the Conservatives.

  6. Sean
    I'll take your word for it but I still think it bad form.
    Would still love to know why you never mention the tide of violence and oppression being doled out to the catholic communities in the north by the alphabet soup of IRAs.

  7. That was indeed a good read. Politics globally is rotten and we merely elect self serving little vermin to rob us and make our lives more difficult. Crazy stuff. Malaya has a leader who has salted off an estimated billion dollars from public/government money and no one seems able to do zilch. Is it any wonder the leader of... was it Algeria or Nigeria... just laughed off Cmaeron and the Queens comments about corruption? Next time on the news Cameron was defending same leader. Birds of a feather. Talking of birds. Arlene Aint no ladyboy. She wiped the floor with ALex Maskey on TV without even speaking some time ago. Nagh, Arlene is all man. Christiano Renaldo, now THAT is a ladyboy. Spends more time checking if he is on the big screen during a game than playing said game. Absolutely in love .... self love.

    I don't think there's much to get excited about or offended by DUP/Unionism these days. They are comfortable in their own slow demise. 46% of viters elected to stay at home and not vote at all. It is what it is. I think the majority of people are comfortable with the situation both sides of the border. A Brexit would maybe cause ripples, then again maybe not. Who really cares. I love the 'alphabet-soup' IRAs jibe. It is so true. But lets be honest here, like ISIS they are UK funded and directed. The reptile fund hasn't gone away you know.

  8. Peter makes a good point, why don't you provide some of your witty commentary on the actions of those who took out the take out driver the other night Sean?

    Perhaps soft targets are more your style?

  9. Oh dear, unionists/loyalists making jibes about 'soft-targets'. Nuff-said'.

  10. OK that made me laugh Larry!


  11. I recall a recent uproar somewhere about a cartoon of Hilary Clinton strutting a large pair of balls. It was an unique, brave and realistic comment.

  12. Steve Ricardos
    laugh/cry ... hard to call these days... just cry laughing.

  13. Larry,

    I feckin hate the loyalists just as much, they were nothing but a bunch of gangsters and hoods who held their own communities in fear of them too. They saturated the working class areas with drugs and swanned about in fancy cars never doing a days graft in their lives, before topping up their perma-tans in Magaluf. They were never away from the bars either. Once arrested they claimed they were political prisoners when half of the cunts could barely read and write. Their real enemy was the very class system they swore allegiance to! The whole things fucked!

  14. Stev Ricardos

    Your take on Loyalists is matched perfectly by my own parents take or republican paramilitaries. 'shower of bastards who'd do anything but take a job' my darling 'mothers' favourite insight. Whilst I don't agree with her and after doing a BA an MA and 1 year into a PHD (on hold until December due to fatigue) in Irish History and Politics, attempting to lay the ghost of the troubles to rest and make something positive out of it all for myself, I am no longer open to her visits. It is a long time since 1998 and some people are just nasty by nature. However, there are no shortage of similar minded people in the RC community and SF are on a very large portion of a borrowed vote. West Belfast proved that in the election of PBP.

  15. Larry,

    But what hope have the 'PUL' community got? The DUP with all the insane fuckers in that ship? The UUP who are just the DUP 'lite'? I try to stay in touch but its hard when you are on the outside looking in, and see the madness for what it is. Good for you recognising that fatigue was setting in, could hardly blame ye!

    Hopefully the PBP get more traction.

  16. Steve

    That loyalists dominated the drugs market was probably quid pro quo arrangment for collusion. I imagine that the Brits also found it useful that they couldn't read or write and so things were kept that way for generations.

  17. Steve Ricardos

    It is perhaps the besieged mindset instilled in generations from birth that gives loyalism the ugly complexion it has. But then again nationalists are hardly beautiful in the eye of a nordy Prod beholder. As Jack Nicholson said in the departed in reference to lawful and unlawful violence, 'look at it this way, when yer looking down the barrel of a gun, what's the difference'?

    It is perhaps more than a tad hypocritical of me but Billy Hutchinson being eliminated and the middle class vote for Aliance is heartening. Also, if the flegs are left at home and PBP get cross community dole-ite working class support I will be cheering them on.

    SF getting worried, just got a message from a family member of the party from 'poolside USA' on holiday that he's reading the Quill and we are being very hard on them lol I said we're huffing coz we can't get visas. go-go PBP