Trumped Out

More from Frank O'Brien on Donald Trump, the front runner in the Republican Party selection race to contest the US presidency. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

To see the lunacy that is the Donald Trump phenomenon, one need only let go of their mind, letting it spill out all over the floor, since supporting Trump is like shooting oneself in the head, and not just the foot. The fascist stick or ad-libbing that he comes out with makes him a natural at making even little W. look like a light weight in comparison.

To be Donald Trump is never having to say that you are sorry, even when you say the most racist stuff imaginable, causing rioting even at your own rallies. Arresting people or having them arrested on Trumped Up charges will be the next craze right after you are stomped in a real Nazi blackshirt way. Seeing on how he has little to go on, on coming up with a real foreign policy, except trying to make Mexico build a Berlin style wall, one need not do too much thinking at all, mimicking their favorite political pinata doll.

With his brains literally dribbling all over the floor at these rallies, maybe we could bring back the sort of hair brained idiocy that Adolf used to spout off about, mesmerizing his audience into a mindless trance, spewing out whatever comes to his mind at any given time. This goof ball could possibly win, yet thankfully there are more than just stupid white people out there, some who realize that Trump is merely a figure head on which to hang any number of politically incorrect stuff. To go for Trump is to go comatose, being lame in the brain, and being on intellectual life support, barely being able to tie your own shoes. Waking up after voting for Trump would be like having slept with the ugliest person at the bar, and wanting to chew your arm off to get away from them.

If you're Mexican Trump would supply you with a mop, and then after doing a good job he'd say his usual, "You're fired." If you're Muslim you'd automatically be under suspicion from Trump as being a terrorist, even if you merely a poor migrant running from the insanity in Syria, Libya or elsewhere. He plays no favorites if you get on his wrong side, merely saying in response, "Get him outta here!"

Donald might be the soberest president we'd ever have, though he's always so hyped up that you'd think he was hiding some nose candy up his sleeve. There are a million reasons why Trump appeals to his crowds, giving them his own brand of pep talk, riling them up into a frenzy, allowing them to vent their anger, basically targeting any minority or gender that is on his latest hit list. No freeloaders allowed on his ship, since you'd have to be working for The Donald as his apprentice, just as likely to wind up fired like so many of his unfortunate plebes who were sacrificed for ratings.

There is very little substantive value to Trump's speeches, his rolling out the American flag, pretending to be our great patriotic savior. Who cares if he pretended to be a liberal years ago, or that he acts like he doesn't know who David Duke is? He'd whore himself out to almost anyone if it meant he'd get into office, which is where he feels he should be, having earned it from all of his amazing come backs. Naturally he was big stuff back in the yuppie age of Reagan, swindling his way through millions, surviving long enough to get out of debt, back into his cushy billionaire's seat.

Today when people are longing for the days of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, others are having their 2nd Reagan revolution, lining their pockets while mothers and their children line up at the homeless shelter. Can you imagine his dead rat hair moving around while he'd make his speeches to the nation? Il Douche would run the show, since that's what it'd be for him, another grand TV show with his hiring and firing folks left and right. Hell Putin said he'd love to work with him, so it definitely would be the devil you know. Fascist political parties, especially one in France, have given him their thumbs up, and now David Duke and the KKK have thrown in their hats with him.

His mother's mistake was not in having smothered him once he fell out of the womb, or selling him to some gypsy band. He does have some beautiful daughters, and handsome sons, but they can't even take out the stains in their father's rug on the head. Hey, let's go bomb the shit outta somebody he'd say, and the crowd would go wild, like a bunch of drunken frat boys out on the town.

I don't know about you, but I'm a hippie at heart, and a bit of a beatnik, so I'm uncomfortable with a bull being in the china shop. His idea of fun is probably going out and bashing some gay people, followed up by robbing a homeless man. A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove would be what you'd get if you crossed Trump with the Oval Office, everything all red, white and black and blue.

The torment is seeing his meteoric rise to the top of the heap, knowing what a total ass he really is, in-spite of whatever his supporters may think he really represents. Now his background could include a Lolita since he used to pal around with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein. Imagine both him, Clinton and Alan Dershowitz carrying on out on Epstein's private island deflowering some poor, unfortunate young girls, all while coked up on some premo cocaine. His family values fall out the window in the face of his bff'ing around with a degenerate like Epstein, showing himself to be Nero rather than Caesar.

The Washington round circle was into all that degenerate stuff as far back as the Franklin Scandal, when a chubby up and comer in the Republican Party was soliciting politicians with young men, and drugs, blackmailing them to get a suspended or short sentence. The bad FBI was sent out to Omaha, Nebraska instead of the good FBI, these being the same guys who covered up the OKC bombing, cleaning and sweeping every thing under the proverbial rug, which may now be The Donald's hair piece. Blasting him is the only way of bringing him down a peg right now, his popularity having skyrocketed amongst the hill billies and red necks.

He literally devours anything or anyone that gets in his way, throwing out base sorts of jokes to pounce on his enemies, much reminding me of Nixon back in the 60s and 70s. That he is corrupt is a given though his supporters probably don't care as long as he throws out his one liners. The guy probably sold his soul to the devil so he could be the Anti-Christ, rebuilding Solomon's temple and going there with the Spear of Christ. It's long been rumored that some rich guy stole it to ascend the throne of being in charge of the New World Order. So we should just trust in him and not in God or Allah? Yeah, right!

The more you peel at this onion the more you'll cry if you help send him on high, giving him the chance to nuke the Palestinians and Daesh. Our only alternative is to vote for a third party candidates, who we need to bone up on if we are to defeat both Hillary and Trump. Much too much hype follows Trump wherever he goes, so somebody needs to let the air out of his balloons. Sure, buy into the stick, and lalla palooza, WWF kind of violent public spectacle that is Trump. and you'll lose your soul like he has. Or you can change the world by simply googling the names of the other presidential candidates, making them the front runners, and not some clown with a bad hair piece. I'm begging ya out there, look really long and hard before you back the next Hitler or Mussolini.

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  1. Really enjoyed that read. I think what the rest of the world loved and enjoyed most about the USA for decades post WW2 was the Hollywood movies. (and rock n roll). The entertainment factor. With reality TV star Trump likely to move into the Whitehouse it seems that what the rest of the world saw as mere entertainment is about to actually become USA 'reality'. It has been going that direction for some time. Michael J. Fox in Back to The Future when told the by Doc what the year was and that Ronald Reagan was President hilariously asked, 'Who's Vice President, Bubbles?' I don't think the comparison with Mussollini and Hitler are inacurate. There is a distinct possibility that with this off the cuff entertainer at the wheel, the winter of 2017 could be a wee nuclear one.