Securocrats Of The Panopticon

Frank O'Brien uses the Foucauldian concept of the Panopticon to explain US society. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

We now live here in the USA in what was dubbed a long time ago as a Panopticon, which is a prison of total surveillance. There is enough evidence from the literal insane like behavior and convictions of various Trump supporters to observe that we are living in a glorified insane asylum at times, with this Panopticon being at the center of this whole tapestry of insanity, and it gives one pause to wonder, knowing of all the high tech behavioral modification scientific advances, whether a lot of it is actually being orchestrated from the top down.

Some of it, if not all of it, has been explained as coming from dissatisfaction with the government, the Beltway in Washington being seen as a power unto itself, that doesn't ever listen to the desires of the public at large. True, some, if not all of the tide of dissatisfaction is coming from a genuine grassroots level from those who have taken the brunt of the 2008 economic collapse, which still reverberates today except that it is only effecting those who are on the lower economic level, and the middle. According to Bernie Sanders, over half of America is living literally from pay check to pay check, with these yearly salaries being well below the true level of poverty.

We live in a debt based economy, and world as well, with the trend now steering us all towards a cashless society, where paper money is to be consigned to the trash can of history. Ever since the false flag of 9/11, America has slowly developed into a quasi-police state, reminiscent of the Third Reich in that a certain section of society is constantly under surveillance by Big Brother, namely the poor unfortunate Muslim population, even though obviously being done under false pretenses. The rest of us are all under Big Brother's observation too, knowing this from the revelations of Edward Snowden, all of it being illegal under the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and all of it being this Panopticon.

Our current society has been described by Prof. Noam Chomsky as a plutocracy, or governing of the whole by an elite few, which has also been described as a kakistocracy, or a government made up of the very worst, basically psychopaths and sociopaths, basically making the US a giant asylum, with the patients being in charge. The patients in this instance are the super rich and their stooges who are bought and sold like some kind of monopoly game gone mad, having become a real world game rather than a fictional game. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the likely winner to be of the current presidential race for the White House, has taken in an unprecedented amount of Super PAC[Political Action Committee] money to pay for her campaign, all stemming from the Citizens United ruling from the US Supreme Court. The Democratic Party has for the longest time now been the party that mostly helps out Wall Street, and corporations, letting them run rough shod over the rest of us, and without any oversight or consequences when it causes disasters like the 2008 real estate bubble burst.

Too many people put the blame on the Republican Party, since it is more the party of the rich, and conservative, even though this is not completely true, given that the Democrats out do the Republicans in catering to the banks, corporations and the rich. With mind bending technology that has been perfected from old CIA programs like MKUltra, it is now possible to control a target population through the manipulation of ELF[Extremely Low Frequency] waves, perhaps aided and abetted by chemicals introduced into our water, along with things like genetically modified foods. At least over half of America is on a regiment of pyschotropic drugs for various psychological disorders, so this leaves room for all kinds of manipulation, and one wonders whether many of these people might actually be sick from all the GMO foods that they eat, along with the environmental pollution around them, besides other toxins that are the result of poor governmental enforcement of rules governing the corporations that produce a lot of pollution. Chemtrails and the governmental program behind it are other culprits in the poisoning of the American public, and the people of other neighboring countries, like Mexico.

It is deliberate poisoning, but also there has been admissions that some of it is due to the government conducting black operations against its own people, such as trying to find the perfect combinations that could help pacify, and manipulate the general population. With our economy heading again towards a collapse, one that will make 2008 look like child's play, we are in a dilemma that can only be solved by drastic action on the part of the public, where the public takes back their country from the 1% who so far have consolidated their grip on the wheels of power. Bernie Sanders is unlikely to win the Democratic nomination since Hillary is well in place with her amount of support so far, but Sanders has had enough grassroots support that Hillary has had to adopt a certain amount of the agenda that Sanders represents. Trump represents the greater number of Republicans who are sick and tired of politics as usual, which they blame for their woes, and they are rebelling by supporting his candidacy.

How much of it is because of neurological manipulation by highly sophisticated mind control technology? Obviously given the events of the last 8 years, not much would need to be done to make the public mad, though there is this spiral of silence which stems from the public's paranoia from knowing that they are under constant surveillance. They therefore instead choose or opt to channel their opposition to the government by way of supporting the likes of Trump, Sanders and Hillary. Hillary, the one experts say will win if pitted against Trump, is completely in the pocket of industry, Wall Street and the military.industrial/intelligence complex.

To really shake things up, and to begin dismantling the mechanizations of our surveillance society, more radical political action is needed, much like that suggested by former New York Times reporter, Chris Hedges. Hedges I believe would suggest supporting the other political parties who are disenfranchised by our two party system, even though there are these other legitimate parties that are alive and well, but just don't get any attention in the press. How can any one know about these political parties unless they are made aware of them by our supposed 4th Estate, which is now null and void, having been hijacked by the Wall Street tycoons, and other corporations, and monopolies, who literally run our entire country.

Occupy Wall Street had the correct idea in using civil disobedience to oppose the illegitimate power structure that has held us down for decades, and I would add a few other tactics in fighting the Establishment and the "MAN," as the hippies used to call it too. The militarized police are a definite danger to the well being of any protester, even those who are following the pacifist model of political opposition. Their actions are what eventually defeated and broke up the remarkable actions of the Occupy Wall Street movement, yet if we all got out on the streets, we could overwhelm these goose stepping storm troopers, who are used to enforce the status quo. We must always remember that it was our disastrous foreign policies which led to the extremist radicalization of most of the terrorists out there in the world, even though I firmly believe, like Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett, that a lot of the terrorist attacks, like in France and Belgium, are products of state sponsored terrorism, ala GLADIO B.

If you haven't learned about the original NATO led GLADIO secret program, you need to do your home work, for it is the only way of beginning to understand the wilderness of mirrors that truly is the cause of our so-called, and perpetual War on Terrorism. All you need do is to ask yourself who has benefited most in the post 9/11 world, which it turns out is the same securocrats that supposedly flubbed the dub on 9/11, namely the military/industrial/intelligence complex, that Eisenhower warned us about before he left office.

They have acquired so much power from the money made on arms sales to foreign countries, along with domestic expansion, such as the militarization of our police, turning them into paramilitary forces meant to keep political opposition down. Dark money from the underground economy, best demonstrated by the CIA's consistent control of the drug trade, which they have no doubt made trillions off of, is part of what is used to fund covert, "off the books" black operations and psychological operations, aimed partly against the American public. The Panama Papers, though likely the result of efforts by billionaire, George Soros, to cause dissension against a specifically targeted class of people, is also is a semi-sophisticated psyop meant to conquer and divide both our country, and other countries like Iceland, Russia and Pakistan. You have to literally look at things from a multi-layered view in order to fully understand what is going on, and what is causing it all.

The DEA which has from various whistleblowers been shown to have participated with the CIA in illegal drug running, is now hypocritically cracking down on doctors who write proscriptions for pain killers, even though it has only been a minority who have abused the system in place. Patients like myself, who legitimately need pain killers in order to combat severe chronic pain[in my case from degenerative discs, scoliosis, two herniated discs and arthritis throughout the spine] wind up suffering horribly, when we could in fact be working if only our pain was back to being under a doctor's management. This hypocrisy is endemic in our culture, much to where most people aren't even aware of the complexity surrounding and causing their unjustifiable misery. All they know is that they are tired of paying for the sins of the few, and wanting there to be a change in the system so that they are truly represented in the government, rather than it being the domain only of the corporations, banks and billionaires. Any mind control technology used to wage a war for the hearts and minds of Americans is failing miserable, insofar as it isn't stopping the phenomenal grassroots support we are seeing with Trump and Sanders. Perhaps like the recent false flag attacks in France and Belgium, maybe it is the desire of the 1% that we go further to the Right and Left, thereby falsely demonstrating the also false paradigm of there being a this illegitimate dichotomy. It is a reality that in the last 20 years, that the very rich have been having under ground housing built at a remarkable rate, as if they were preparing for a End of Days scenario.

Could they be trying to get us so riled up that we will start to go after each other, reminiscent of some of the rhetoric of Trump, who proposes building a Berlin style wall along the border with Mexico, and to treat all Muslims with suspicion. Even the huge influx of refugees to Europe seems to be by design, since it conveniently is causing a swing to the Right politically, remaking Europe into a more fascist style much like it was during WWII. I smell George H. W, Bush's New World Order here, which is represented by the globalists who desire that the United Nations be the center of a world government, yet I also sense that there is enough support for sovereignty that it would take a monumental effort or event to turn it all around in favor of a world government. Many who in the past have been labeled conspiracy theorists are now seen as genuine, and not so much as nutters, much of it do to all their predictions which have been coming true, such as the drive to microchip everyone, besides the many false flag attacks that started out with things like the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, which preceded 9/11 by 6 whole years. Not so surprisingly people en masse began to wake up just before and after 2012, which the Mayans predicted would be a harbinger of change, or the beginning of the end of our civilization.

However you look at it, a large enough number of people have opened their eyes wide enough to begin to see the true reality going on around them, not being tricked any more by the corporate mainstream media. It has been a seismic enough shift that we now have a healthy number of adherents to the alternative[ALT] news media, so that a good number of people now support shows like "The Corbett Report," making it possible for people like James Corbett to earn their living from that which they create for the rest of us to digest. This is a desire of mine too, since I have come to enjoy completely the efforts I make in order to educate others, reorienting them to a realistic understanding of the world around them.

As the old saying goes, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen," yet it is quite the opposite, in that we need to bare the heat, bravely enough so that we can best combat the nefarious efforts of the 1%, who we now all know have these off shore accounts with trillions of dollars hidden away to avoid taxes, and the eyes of certain groups. These off shore accounts are also the result of corrupt politicians in other countries, like India, where the money stashed away has come from bribes, and sweet heart deals with corporations, who have bribed their way to being able to exploit the natural resources of sovereign countries.

The reason we really went to Afghanistan was the heroin, and the reason we really went to Iraq was for the oil, and control of it. The reason for these alarmist false flag attacks, orchestrated by NATO through their GLADIO B operation, is to keep us wanting to keep the expansion of our military, and police, and even expanding them more, besides giving away even more of our civil and human rights. We obviously have had the wool pulled over our eyes, since we completely seem to fall in line with whatever politicians have thought up to supposedly secure us from the terrorists, even though it is all exactly like the script is to the movie, "V for Vendetta," where the real terrorists are actually those in power. Any of the unseen blow-back that has been real terrorism comes from the genocide inflicted on places like Iraq, and from the absolute brutality shown to the people in places like Iraq, and the unspeakable tortures inflicted upon supposed terrorist suspects held in custody.

If only we changed our foreign policy so that we pulled our military out of places like Iraq and Afghanistan, owned up to our war crimes, and apologized sincerely for them, providing reparations for the said crimes, we might actually begin a process that eventually made us truly the country we have thought ourselves to be. There is also the incredible need to address the rampant racism that we sometimes see coming from the likes of Trump, along with Islamophobia, and ethnocentrism, all coming from the mouth of a megalomaniac, who unfortunately has garnered incredible support for himself. Then you have the well tailored Hillary Clinton who in all actuality is nothing but a shill for Wall Street, banks, corporations and billionaires, which Trump is also himself. Are these the choices you really, really want, or are you wanting someone even better who could actually bring about changes that would truly benefit you, your family and friends.

I think the answer to all the above is yes, but in order to get to the promised land that Martin Luther King spoke about, we can only realize it if we begin to support the candidates out there, who are libertarian, and independent, and not getting their campaign finances paid for by Wall Street. In order to fight terrorism, we have to have real social justice, universal harmony and relationships with each other that are of equal parity. In order to stop terrorism, and radicalization, we must become radicalized in our own way, by beginning a dialogue about the underlying societal problems that makes life a misery for so many in the world. This economic misery is made even worse by bigotry, bias and racism, which is the worst kind of hate that can cripple a people, much to the point to where they eventually lash out at others, many who likely would be innocents like themselves. Crushing this hate will take more than instituted politically correct speech and behavior, since promoting PC[politically correct] hasn't gotten rid of racism, and bigotry, but has instead driven many of the ignorant to fascist like behavior and support for neo-Nazi political parties.

I can now speak for the poor, homeless and disenfranchised better than I could when living my former upper middle class life, since I've experienced the miseries of homelessness, and the grinding poverty that eats away at the very soul inside of us. I once supported physical force even for here in America to help realize a better homeland, but I now more adhere to going about it through civil disobedience, protesting, occupying and just speaking out, and educating others, especially the upper classes who, even though they might be smart, might not know what it is really like being at the very bottom. Ignorance is bliss, or so goes the old saying, and what better could describe the insanity going on right now in our very midst.

If we can just learn to appreciate one another, with our also learning to understand Islam better, besides the cultures of Blacks, Latinos and Asians, we can begin to learn to love each other, and not be blaming each other for problems which every one of us is actually responsible for. We have propped up an illegitimate regime here at home for way too long, even embodied in our first black president who it turns out has been beholden to those at the very top. A billionaire like Trump, who spews hate speech, is obviously not the answer to our woes, since he no doubt would provide mainly for his own class rather than the middle class, which is to say that there is almost no middle class left any more any way.

To realize hope and change, like Obama claimed to represent, we need to go off the grid so to say, looking instead at the smaller political parties, or possibly, supporting Bernie Sanders as a transition to a better system, which would include the other political parties who never get any coverage in the mainstream. Those elites who were actually behind 9/11, and now the conveniently timed French and Belgium attacks, need to be excised from our world, their wealth divide up amongst those who have had little to nothing. By neutering these power elites, we also need to make it so that their is transparency rather than the much, and all to often used national security, which has covered up the many sickening truths behind the awful events going on in our shared world.

We still need police, but they have to be made aware that they are here to protect and serve all of us, emphasis being made on the to serve part. Our military needs to be downsized radically so that our tax money starts going more towards education, social service programs, Social Security Disability and basically to programs that we the people can benefit from. Since the rich and powerful have had a free ride for decades, throwing their wealth into untouchable off shore tax dodging havens, they should be the only ones taxed for at least a few decades, if not taking almost all their money away from them. This should be our focus, and not our supporting a trumped up billionaire, who doesn't really give two jots about you, your family and friends. Big Brother has to be brought under the control of the people, since it has been the other way around for way too long. He must only be allowed to spy on those who are legitimate criminals, terrorists and others of ill repute in society. Again our main emphasis is needing to be the wiping out of poverty, homelessness and the hate that exists towards these unfortunates in our society. There is the need to protect ourselves, but not to the ridiculous extent that has existed, with our arms industry benefiting way too much from the perpetual war encouraged by the criminals at the top. Once we swiftly kick them out of power, we can then better reassess what dangers there really are to us from terrorism. The whole economy must be done over, since free market capitalism has only brought misery, and systemic poverty to at least over half of the world.

Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, Libertarians and those other political categories that are out there, need to sit down to work out a system, and economy that benefits everyone, and not just a select few. Unions are needed more than ever, but also they need to be kept out of the clutches of organized crime, which gave them a bad name decades ago. Cops need to go after the more traditional crimes, rather than wasting their resources and man power enforcing the long ago failed War on Drugs. We need to legalize most drugs, though it being done as responsibly as possible, with regulation, oversight and enforcement so that it doesn't cause a free-for-all. We need to set up as many drug rehabilitation centers as possible to meet the demand there is for the true addicts that are out here, mainly putting the emphasis for recovery on traditional and proven programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. More money needs to go towards education if we are to be able to properly compete with the burgeoning economies of the former Third World countries, and whatever economic model is agreed upon for being the new standard, it must not disenfranchise these countries that have otherwise been finally getting on their feet.

With the people being in charge finally in the home of Uncle Sam, we could finally be a good example of what a democracy should look like, rather than the murderous bullying jerks we have been since 9/11. Our so-called empire must be ended, much like the former British empire had to divest itself of its ill gotten gains. So very much needs to be done in order to rid ourselves of this illegitimate regime here, besides the other ones in the world. Let us begin the journey together, not being separate from each other, but all inclusive, loving and respecting one another.


  1. There was some chemtrail warning all over the back of Galway rail station a while back, its replaced 'Ní Síocháin go Saoirse' both literally and figuratively in the minds of people, and its a sad thought.

  2. Another odd article by Frank. Starts off with some interesting observations then meanders into the paranoid world of the conspiracy nut.

    Chemtrails, manipulating your own populace through LF radiowaves coupled with GM food?

    ....and I am away to buy stock in tinfoil and patent my own hat design.

    I could pick holes in the theories all day long but I've a big zit needing popped.

  3. "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible."

    Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1953) p. 50

    looks like it worked here.

  4. Grouch, I wouldnt advise people to remember my comments on here, but your comment doesnt stand up to scrutiny as I regularly (to the point of being a bore) critique power, I want a rump state that guards borders and prevents monopolies, very little else. If you want to be consistent,you would be better served showing me a State that dispenses the fruits of others labour but doesnt use/seek power to peek in its citizens private lives.

    PS do you remember the chemtrail graffiti mentioned?

  5. "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible."

    Given the widespread social discord and unrest around the world against governments, I would say they failed spectacularly if that was their true intent!

  6. The rantings of a lunatic. I hope Frank O'Brien is writing these things in jest. If not he should seek psychiatric help and stay off the conspiracy sites. Sad.