MacDiarmada Society Fermanagh To Hold ‘Sunset Commemoration’ In Kiltyclogher

Details of a 1916 Societies Commemorative event in Co. Leitrim tomorrow.

The Sean MacDiarmada Society Fermanagh are hosting a ‘Sunset Commemoration’ to their namesake, 1916 Leader Sean MacDiarmada, on Thursday 12th May at his homestead in Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim.

Sean MacDiarmada, born in Corranmore, Kiltyclogher – only a stone’s throw from County Fermanagh as the crow flies – was pivotal in the organising of the 1916 Easter Rising and a close comrade of Tom Clarke.

The occasion is to mark the 100th Anniversary of his execution by the British at Kilmainham Gaol.

A short parade will precede a reneactment of the execution, with an actor playing Sean MacDiarmada there to deliver the same speeches given by Sean throughout Ireland before the Easter Rising.

All are welcome and for more information contact the Sean MacDiarmada Society on their Facebook page or get in touch through this site.

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