From Oppressive Circumstances To Harsh Detention

Steven Katsineris with a letter on the refugee crisis.

Dear Editor, 

Considering the asylum seeker boats have stopped coming and that the few boats that have attempted to come have been stopped, it would be a wise time to revisit the situation of the offshore detention of refugees.

Many of these people fled oppressive circumstances only to be put in conditions of harsh detention on Manus and Nauru islands and have suffered gross mistreatment, including abuse and even rapes. Surely, it is sensible, right and compassionate to now begin to quietly resettle these people in Australia, or in NZ or another suitable and safe country that will have and they wish to go to.

The present harmful and expensive island detention system is untenable and has to come to an end. It is cruel to continue this dire situation indefinitely. Surely they have endured enough sorrow and should be freed. We must find a better solution than this shameful and sordid policy.

We cannot be so heartless as to continue to ignore these people, remain silent and pretend they don’t exist. Let’s share and extend our empathy and kindness beyond our local communities to fellow humans who are suffering and do more to help them.

Together we can make a difference to these refugees plight.

Steven Katsineris.

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