Derry City Second Class

Thomas Dixie Elliot recently took a drive and shared his observations. Dixie Elliot is a Derry artist.

We were on the road between Coleraine and Ballymena over the bank holiday and what I saw was clear evidence that in spite of all the waffle of 'Standing up for Derry' and 'Better with Sinn Féin', Derry remains a second class city.

Shortly after Ballymoney a new duel carriageway is cutting a swathe through the landscape; large sections of which are at an advanced stage and I saw that at least one road bridge over the new duel carriageway was almost complete with the support columns of other bridges being erected.

It bypasses the Frosses and Cloughmills and continues in various stages of completion to the existing duel carriageway which bypasses Ballymena and continues on to connect with the M2 Motorway and on to Belfast.

I'm not an expert but from what I saw I expect this duel carriageway to be completed within the next two or three years thus connecting Coleraine to Belfast with sections of motorway and duel carriageway on the whole route.

Meanwhile on the road from Derry to Belfast they appear to have only dug their way through a hill at the Castledawson Roundabout.

It's bad enough that, despite the decades of listening to the hollow promises from politicians regarding a road upgrade between Derry and Belfast, we still are no further down that road - forgive the pun - but in Stormont we now have a so called joint leader from Derry who has sat back and watched all this happening under our noses.

The SDLP must also take it's share of blame given I've heard no questions being asked by that party as to why Coleraine and Ballymena has almost a completed duel carriageway to Belfast while Derry continues to wait in hope.

Don't take my word for it take a drive up and see for yourselves.

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  1. Sure they shut down History and Politics at Magee campus and not a blip from any MLAs worth talking about. Anderson had a photo op outside the main campus building then went and hid with the rest of them. Delighted to see People b4 Pwoffit doing so well in Derry and W. Belfast, inspiring. Really hope that is just the start of change. Billy Hutchinson 'eliminated' coz prods don't vote for terrorists, they got the RUC for that shit. Fleg protests maybe back fired!