A Misjustice

A letter from Daniel Bradley critical of the North's Public Prosecution Service. Daniel Bradley is a justice campaigner from Derry.

Because I come from a republican family and have always sought my brother's informer, the RUC, Special Branch, MI5 and the Prosecutor's office made my life very difficult from the 70's. Forty years on they are still at it.

Through the years I have learned to protect myself from these so called justice people. In October 1973, a barrister for the Crown attacked my father and called him a liar, saying that my brother was not tortured. He produced two back and white photographs to the jury which did not show any bruises or marks on my brother's face. This barrister knew there were other photographs which he deliberately withheld and said that there were no more.

Hopefully in the very near future when my brother's new inquest comes up all this will come out.

Five years ago police and prosecution deliberately interfered with witnesses on a threat to kill case, and I was arrested, but after years of spending time learning the law and challenging the system it has paid off.

Today I was in court at a hearing of a civil case that I have taken against the police and the PPS. This case has taken three years to get to where we are at and they are still messing with the evidence and again I will be challenging the main PPS people on their malicious attack and their devious tricks upon myself. We all must stand firm on the truth and bring to light what these people do behind closed doors.

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