The Mystery Of The Journalist, The Top Cop And A Drunken Tryst In A Liverpool Hotel

Ed Moloney @ The Broken Elbow writes about claims of In flagrante delicto that have been swirling around the internet for a number of days.
I am shocked dear reader, shocked.

I have just received a couple of emails from sources in Belfast containing copies of a Twitter feed from an outraged woman alleging that one of Belfast’s best known – strike that – notorious female journalists has been having an affair with her husband that has resulted in the break up of her marriage.

The Twitter feed shows photographs of the journalist, a message which includes the journalist’s phone number and copies of an hotel booking form for an establishment in Liverpool. One photo shows the journalist lying on her/their hotel bed, apparently drunk.

I am told that the betrayed wife found these messages on her husband’s smart phone. Not so smart. Delete buttons have a purpose.

Both correspondents tell me that the cheating husband in question is a very senior officer in the PSNI whose speciality, not unlike his alleged lover, is Northern Ireland’s troubled past.

One correspondent tells me that a Deputy Chief Constable from Cambridgeshire has been asked to investigate the matter, adding that Fleet Street’s best – strike that – worst are hot on the trail.

Naturally I am appalled by these claims – and it must be stressed these are claims only, notwithstanding what can be seen and read in the Twitter messages.

If anyone can shed light and truth on these shocking allegations please send your thoughts to Otherwise I am sure there are newspaper editors in Belfast as well as senior officers in the PSNI who would also like to hear from you.


  1. mmmmm, now we are more aware that the old allegations of collusion are most likely true!

  2. Forget about spooks in suits and the sordid details about being photographed squiffy... Has the NUJ said anything?