Suspicious Death

Derry justice campaigner, Daniel Bradley, writes a letter to the Derry and Strabane councillors, about the death of John Brady in PSNI custody.

Let me express my anger and disgust to the Strabane and Derry councils, about a man who dies in Strand road police station.

You would have known this man, John Brady, who has have been accused of being in the Real IRA. Whether or not he was involved, this council should have called for an inquiry immediately and also should have brought an independent body to look at this case. Also to look at those who visited him last. The ombudsman is keeping tight lipped and the cameras and statements appear to be going missing. The family is in despair.

You were voted in by the people, so you must act for the people and act for the truth. In the past things were allowed to be covered up but you tell us that we are in a new era, a new peace process. Then tell us this why can't the inquest of this man be given the truth? Why is all the information being withheld and why all the cloak and dagger?

So to all those councillors and MLA's it is time for all of you to ask the questions and find out the truth, because it would be impossible for him to hang himself in the cell, especially when police take laces, belts and any other material off you. It is also time for you to visit the scene where he died and ask yourself was it possible?

Daniel Bradley

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