St. Patrick’s Day A Resounding Success For Republicans In NYCc

The 1916 Societies a brief update from  New York 1916 Societies on recent happenings ‘stateside’.

It has been an exciting and rewarding month of March for the New York 1916 Societies in Manhattan.

1916 Societies form up at St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Woodlawn, NYC.

We were invited to march in five separate 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parades throughout the boroughs of New York under our own 1916 Societies-NY banner.

Having only been established since December of 2015, we were quite pleased by the warm reception we received from the Irish-American community in general toward our One Ireland One Vote Campaign.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the various Irish organizations and AOH Divisions who welcomed us with open arms to join them in these St. Patrick’s Day Parades. We thank all the members of the 1916 Societies-NY who took part in the marches, handed out brochures and solicited signatures for the One Ireland One Vote petitions signed at these many parades and venues.

The New York Societies feel we are off to a good start and are committed to achieving a 32-county all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity. We would like to wish everyone here and in Ireland a very Happy Easter.

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