Sheffield ASH Doesn’t Like My Anti-Islamist Stance

Maryam Namazie with further insight into the continuing erosion of the willingness within the university culture to defend autonomous thinking. Maryam Namazie blogs @ Nothing Is Sacred.

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A student at Sheffield University messaged the University’s Atheists, Secularists and Humanists Society suggesting that they invite me to speak there.

The message the student received is below.

Let me just say that I didn’t realise one could be too “hard” on the Islamist movement. Far be it for me to upset the Islamic Circle and interfaith wheeling and dealings. It can’t be easy having to listen to ex-Muslims talk about their right to apostasy. I wonder if the Sheffield ASH realises that it was the Goldsmiths ISOC brothers who tried to disrupt and intimidate my talk and not the other way around?

Moreover, I didn’t realise opposing Sam Harris’ views on profiling of Muslims as well as defending open borders for those fleeing persecution (including of course many Muslims) does a pariah make.

But live and learn.

After having written to the Student Group – here is their further response and mine:


  1. This is Judicial discrimination against our religion. FSM is as real as Yahweh, Allah and the rest of them and is much less violent. No cries from us to behead all judges so that we might show that Pastafarianism is a peaceful religion.

  2. Its not all bad: after all if people are to respond negatively then it is only right that they have their way, but ASH should be cut some slack because it is acting responsibly and has been in contact with the Islamic Society for their permission on what is allowed to be discussed. What could possibly be wrong with that?