Scripted Scapegoating And How Terrorism Is Hijacked

More political commentary from Frank O'Brien challenging the dominant narrative. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

Ever since 9/11 Muslims have been scapegoated as if to give reason to the all too horrible incursions, invasions, bombings and targeted killings that have gone on in response to it, and the many other questionable "terrorist" acts supposedly perpetrated by Islamic extremists.

Belgium again is like the Paris attacks, where blame is being assigned without any real investigation into the what, where and whys. We are supposed to believe the official narrative, even though there is plenty of leaked information that America/NATO were the ones who built up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and still support them through Western proxies like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Just as there is plenty of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, not having been perpetrated by Al Qaeda, there is every reason to believe that Western interests were behind the two Paris attacks, besides the recent one in Brussels, Belgium. The "Corbett Report" and "" have had some of the best coverage of these attacks, giving remarkably good information that counters the official narrative given to us by the corporate mainstream press.

It is not too hard to sell information to the Western populace, since most don't even know what the true reality is going on behind the scenes, and don't even bother to research it themselves. The Western people are very much like sheep in so many ways, being asleep while being fed their daily dose of malarkey by the corporate controlled media. They also are like lemmings in that they will follow you off a cliff before first finding out whether you are full of BS, or are boldfaced lying to them. So many people here in America, and in Europe, took for granted the story spun to them about 9/11, and still are going by what the mainstream press is dishing out about the French and Belgium attacks. The smarter ones question anything that is given to them by the duplicitous shills in the media, going instead to the ALT press to listen to saner voices, who themselves have given up on the word of those who sleep with the government, and spin their lies with a smile.

After doing research into who is really behind Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, especially the podcast done by "The Corbett Report," and watching and listening to the media from other than Western countries, one comes away, if they're smart, not believing how foolish they've been in buying the garbage that they normally have been getting from the corporate run CNN, MSNBC and FOX news. Even the British press has more often reported the truth than the American ones, who are all too cozy with their government minders. One in particular, Journeyman Pictures, has been at the forefront of the truth telling pack, giving a truly different perspective to the network pundits. The latter have given a voice to the Muslim people, besides their wise leaders like Imran Khan, bridging that gap between cultures.

We in the West don't think much, accepting instead whatever is spoon fed to us by our media, marching goose step with the likes of fascists like Donald Trump. Our observations are based upon fallacies that are accepted at face value, rather than on any thoughtful and intellectual reflections, or say rigorous research done on our part. Sure, there have been fanatical and radical mullahs, who have poisoned a lot of young minds in the Muslim world, but it isn't such a hard sell when members of your family have been massacred, or gravely injured by Western bombs or bullets.

To expect no response from invasions, renditions and torture, done by Western officials, military and intelligence personnel, is ludicrous to the extreme, basically reflecting how brain washed the Western mind has become. The only real way of fighting terrorism is to not do the awful things we do, or rather, that we allow to be done in our name by our militaries and intelligence agencies, besides greedy financial groups like the World Band and International Monetary Fund. Our governments will go into a sovereign country like Iraq, overthrowing the leader, even if he is a dictator, claiming that it was done in the name of fighting terrorism, and in bringing so-called democracy. All it really did was kill a lot of innocent civilians, over a million last count, and brought fractious relations between Shiites and Sunnis.

There was actually a shadowy CIA operative, retired Col. James Steele, sent by Washington to train Iraqi death squads, meant to put down opposition to the pro-Western government put in place by Uncle Sam. More insidious is how American and European corporations have profited off the misery inflicted by the 2003 Iraq invasion, taking oil that is rightfully the property of the Iraqi people, and selling it as if it were their own. Private Western security companies have made millions, if not billions, from securing the ill-gotten booty from Iraq, and Afghanistan, with opium production having gone sky high while American and European forces have occupied the latter.

The saying goes, "It's all about the oil and the drugs dummy," which encapsulates the real reason why Western forces have raped and pillaged the Middle East and Near East, all while the oligarchs in the West enjoy their stolen goodies. NATO long ago was a state sponsor of false flag terrorism, its code name having been GLADIO, with the official explanation having been that it was meant as a stay behind structure meant to destabilize things if their old enemy, the Soviet Union, had invaded and occupied Europe. Nowadays there is the much talked about GLADIO B which manipulates, and even creates false flag Islamic terrorism, all meant to keep the perpetual War on Terrorism going smoothly.

Again most Westerners are ignorant of what really their governments are doing, and what their hidden agendas are involving the so-called War on Terror. Uncle Sam did and still does meddle in the affairs of Latin and South American countries, putting in leaders who are favorable to them, propping them up by instituting death squads who dispose of any opposition or resistance. There are these parallels with the latter in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Ukraine, where Western governments pretend to be there to bring democracy, and freedom, while they really are paving the way for profits to be made. How they do it doesn't seem to bother them, even if their public face pretends to be the do-gooder, and the other Janus faced SOB is doing unspeakable evil.

The reality is that these neocolonialist, imperialistic and globalist goofs are just as bad as any perceived or made-up terrorists, if not worse, since they pretend to be doing good while they are really doing incredibly evil things. Now they are blaming terrorism on refugees from the Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan and other Middle Eastern hot spots, who have only come to Europe because of the mess that the West has made of it. Predictably fascism is on the rise in Europe, and is embodied in the American presidential candidate Donald Trump, which might actually be what the plan was to begin with when the Western powers first started on their perpetual war on supposed terrorists.

This is all too reminiscent of post WWI Germany, and Italy, with the corporate support there was of the Nazi Brownshirts and Mussolini's Blackshirts, and the new scapegoats are Muslims, rather than the Jews. This is why I describe it all as being scripted, since this was successful before, so the Powers That Shouldn't Be might very well be playing out this same exact scenario, hoping to get their long hoped for New World Order. Cause a mess, offer a solution, or cause and effect, with the gullible masses accepting it all blindly rather than seeing what truly is going on.

While the old Soviet Union was doing nefarious things back during the old Cold War, the Russians now are actually the good guys more than any secret jack booted Western politician, and fat cat. Even the infamous Chinese who were behind the Tiananmen Square massacre come out smelling like roses when compared to the treacherous Western psychopaths and sociopaths of today. When and if the Western people do wake up from their ignorant slumber, one could only hope that they will turn on their masters. Meanwhile we have to endure the all too predictable drama playing out in front of our eyes, knowing full well that it is all a deception, which used to be known as the Big Lie.

Could there ever be any forgiveness for such monumental blunders as the ones we are seeing, and have seen since 9/11? Probably not I think, but you can be damn sure that the oligarchs, and their dutiful political puppets might very well be the ones directing any of the chaos that will stem from it. Problem, reaction, solution will continue to be the mantra if, and as long as we allow our leaders, and the puppet masters, to pull one over on us.

Meanwhile we must do our utmost to protect the refugees in Europe, besides Muslims in our native countries, even if that comes down to armed conflict, since things look like they will obviously only be getting worse. Go to my FaceBook page, No War With Iran, in the meantime, and spread the word about what the real truth is, thereby hopefully changing the minds of an all too gullible Western populace. As always, it is up to you.

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