Sack Those Who Misuse Positions

Daniel Bradley shares copy of emails he sent to David Ford and Barra McGrory in which he raised the issue of about prosecutorial impropriety. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner.

Dear Mr Ford and Mr McGrory,

You would be well aware that I have sent both of you an email on the 24th February and neither of you answered within 21 days.

I would still be grateful for an answer on what actions will be taken on these people who took it upon themselves to misuse their positions and the law. Would you please make sure that this is also passed on to Mr McGrory’s office? I have informed my barrister and solicitor about both emails.

Yours sincerely
Daniel Bradley
Innocence Truth and Justice
PS     Todays date is 29/03/2016 I look forward to your reply

Wed, 24 Feb 2016

To Barra McGrory and David Ford

On the 24th and 25th May 2016 I will be taking the PSNI and the DPP for malicious prosecution. The reason I am writing to both of you is that certain people in both the police and the prosecution service deliberately misused their positions. Especially Mr Burnside whom at that time was and maybe still is in a high position next to Mr McGrory. I have evidence that Mr Burnside made a phone call to the Derry office then made a phone call to me confirming that the DPP went into Strand Road and received three DVDs to produce in court.

On the day of the court the DPP produced a DVD and deliberately lied to the judge saying that they could not get into it. I immediately asked for a copy and took it to a computer shop, where they were able to open it and see clearly the contents. I then produced the contents in court and then at this stage both the police and the prosecution pulled the case.

So, after this case is over I hope yourselves will do the only decent thing and sack those who were involved in misusing their positions to do such a malicious and deceitful act to dishonour my name. I can also assure that this wouldn't be the first time between them, the police and the prosecution have misused the law.

As you can see I have written to the commissioner and met with her on the 22nd Feb. Today’s date 24th February 2016, leaves plenty of time for this matter to be investigated and I will also be allowing the commissioner to see this email confirming that I have informed you of this matter and where it is at.

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